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Topic Title – Heartbreaker

Topic Description – A one shot about Peter And Clare

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: G

Main Characters: Peter Baker And Clare Brody

Genre: Drama/ Romance and Heartache


Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Peter Baker leaves the City back to Summer Bay but is leaving the City the biggest mistake of his life?


“Pete, please I know that we can work this out,” Claire yelled as she watched Pete throw his backs into his boot of the car.

Pete turned back to look at Claire before opening the door and sitting in the car, as he started the engine.

Claire raced over to the car door,

“Pete please don’t do this, I love you,” she said as tears streamed down her face.

No matter what Claire did, the more she yelled and begged, the more determined Pete was just to run. He was hurt, just wanted to get away as fast as he could.

Claire began to pull at the door it was useless. Pete started the engine as he watched Claire beg for his forgiveness. Claire fell to the ground in tears as Pete drove down the road.

Pete drove out of the street before he let his emotions take over him, as he started to pull over to the side off the road, he burst into tears and slamming his hand on the dashboard of the car.

Claire slowly picked herself up from the grass verge where she walked back inside to an empty house, she sat in Pete’s chair as she looked over at their wedding photos.

Pete wiped his eyes as he decided the best thing to do was to see family, drive to Summer Bay to sort his head out, it would be the best thing to do he thought to himself. He started his engine and prepared himself for the 2-hour drive back to Summer Bay.

Claire slowly picked her self up off the sofa as she gently placed the wedding photo in her hand, bring it back with her as she sat back on the sofa.

1 hour and a quarter had passed, he was nearly in Summer Bay. His head was in a mess. All he could think about was how betrayed he was feeling, the pain of telling Dan the truth let alone the thoughts of his marriage on the rocks well almost over.

Pete looked to the side as he glimpsed “Welcome to Summer Bay” sign, He took a deep breath as he drove past the Dinner, and just as he thought no one had saw him he was waved to stop by Leah who was standing by the side of the road.

“Pete, Wow your back, what are you doing here?” she asked excitedly

“Just thought I would pop by for a visit,” he said trying not to let slip that he was deeply upset.

“Ok, does Dan know you are here?”

“I was just going to pop by your place now”

“He should be there if not give him a ring on his mobile”

“Thanks” whilst holding back his emotions

Leah stepped away from the car as she saw Pete drive towards the house, she knew that something was wrong, she decided to go into work and take the rest of the day off and head back to the house to make sure everything is ok.

Pete pulled into the drive way as he looked around at his old home, the good times in his life. He knew that whatever problems he had, he could sort out in Summer Bay.

He turned off the engine as he sat back in his car looking forward at the back fence of the house. He took a deep breath as he slowly opened the car door and pushed it shut before walking towards the back door,

“Hello” he said as he knocked on the door before hearing

“It’s not, is it?” Dan said as he raced into the kitchen giving his brother a warm loving big hug.

“What are you doing here?” Dan said still hugging his brother.

Pete just looked at Dan as he pulled away from the hug, “What’s up?” Dan asked, as he knew Pete looked upset.

“Pete” Dan said as he watched Pete walk towards his and Claire’s wedding photo which was placed at the side of Dan and Leah’s wedding photo.

As Pete looked at the photo he felt anger building up inside off him,

“Pete please tell me what’s wrong”

He turned and placed the photo in Dan’s hand as he paced to the other part of the living room. “Pete” Dan said as he was really starting to get worried.

Dan put the photo down and walked over to Pete placing his hand on his brother’s shoulder as he said,

“Is it Claire?”

Pete stayed facing the wall…

Dan didn’t know what to do, Pete wasn’t talking, and he turned up out of the blue, staring at his wedding photo. Dan was worried about Pete. He was not the Pete he knew all those months ago.

Pete suddenly turned to his brother and looked at him before bursting into tears, Dan wrapped his arms around his brother as he cried in his arms.

Pete pulled away and wiped his tears from his face as he walked towards the sofa, sitting down, waiting for Dan’s questions to begin.

Dan let Pete calm down before he decided to walk over to find out what the matter was. He walked to the sofa, slowly sitting down next to Pete who was agitated and very upset.

Pete took his hands from his head and looked up at Dan before saying

“It’s over”

Dan looked stunned at his brother, he knew that something massive must have happened, it had only been 2 months since they got married. They were in love….

“You can’t be serious” Dan blurted out.

Pete shot up looking at Dan in anger as he said, “Do you think I would be here crying my heart out if I wasn’t serious?” Peter yelled

“I’m sorry mate it came out wrong please tell me what’s going on I might be able to help!”

What Dan had just said made Pete feel even worse, he can’t believe that his own wife wouldn’t tell him the truth let alone Dan asking me if he was being serious.

“Please mate I’m sorry”

Pete looked over at his brother as he said, “She got rid of our baby”

Dan looked stunned, all he could do was say “I’m sorry”

Leah entered the room just as Pete told Dan about the baby, she immediately ran over to comfort Pete who cried in her arms.

Pete sat down with Leah comforting him as he began to explain…

“It all started a 1 week ago, she was acting strange around me, and we used to be so connected… We always would kiss each other goodbye and text each other every hour. But last week she was in another world, in her own little mind. I tried asking her what the problem was she denied she had a problem but I knew something was wrong. I thought I had done something wrong. Then 2 days ago she told me she was going to her mums for the day, I was working all day so I thought me being at work and her going away would, well sort her troubles out, whatever was wrong with her anyway. As I was in my office, I receive a phone call from Louise, her mum asking me if I had received her birthday card for next week. I asked her why couldn’t she give it to Claire today. She had no idea what she was talking about. I tried phoning Claire but her phone was off, I started to get worried but I decided to wait until I got her and confront her….”

Pete started to feel the tears build up as he was just about to tell the most painful part of his explanation, he could see Dan and Leah looking at him curious to what was about to come out of his mouth.

“I returned later that night from work expecting her to be home but she wasn’t. I tried her mobile and eventually she picked up saying she would be home soon. I paced up and down the house trying not to think of the worst, I thought maybe she doesn’t love me no more and she has found someone else… I was so far off the mark I couldn’t believe it. She came home all-distant still. I kept asking her and she just changed the subject, she told me she went shopping with her sister and decided to go to her mums for her birthday instead. I still wasn’t convinced but I didn’t want to cause another argument so I kept quite. Last night was ok, I was working late so I came in and went straight sleep. But I woke up early and went to cook breakfast when I fell over her bag that was at the bottom of the stairs, as I collected the things off the floor and went to put the things back when I came across a appointment card for an abortion clinic”

Dan and Leah didn’t know what to say expect comfort him. They were stunned.

“As I stood up with the appointment card in my hand I was shocked to see that it was the day she said she went shopping with her sister, I nearly fell over in shock, I had no idea she was pregnant let alone got rid off the baby. That’s if it was mine I thought to myself. Claire woke up a little later to find me holding the card in my hand, I just looked up at her as I said ‘Tell me this is not what I think it is?’. She just looked at me as she said ‘sorry’. At that point I knew that she had done the only thing that could make my life fall to pieces. After that I raced upstairs and packed my bags before going to my car and coming here, I didn’t know what else to do, I’m sorry” Pete said as he burst into tears.

As Leah hugged Pete in comfort their was a knock at the door, Dan walked over to the door, stood at the door was Claire who said

“Is he here?”

“I don’t know how you have the nerve to show up here” Dan shot at her.

“Please Dan I need to speak to him” she replied hoping to see Pete but she knew more then likely Pete would never speak to her again.

Just as Claire was about to leave Pete walked over to the door as he said, “I think we better go for a walk” before leaving a stunned Dan and Leah.

Pete and Claire walked towards the beach where Pete sat waiting for Claire to talk.

“Pete I no you can never forgive me but I want you to no I will always, always love you”

“Claire you no that after Drew went to live with his mum I wanted to be a dad and start a family with you, how could you do this?”

“Pete I’m not ready to start a family, it was for the best!”

“What the best for you” he yelled at her as he started to walk away.

Claire stood up as she grabbed Pete back but he just pulled away from her as he said, “I hate you!”

Claire followed him to the side of the road as she said “Please Pete don’t do this” begging for his forgiveness.

Pete stopped by the side of the road as Dan and Leah watched from a distance.

“Claire I can’t even bare to look at you, I never, never want to see you again,” he shouted

Pete turned away from her and headed in the other direction not looking back.

As Claire raced after Pete, she started to run after him not realising a car was driving full speed behind her, as she ran further towards Pete, crying and shouting for him she was hit from behind, the car hit her that hard she flew up in the air and came crashing to the ground.

Pete heard the bang and as he turns he saw Claire lying lifeless on the floor as the car that hit her drove away at full speed.

Pete raced over to her as he shouted,


Dan and Leah ran over to Pete, who was frantically trying to bring Claire round,

“Please Claire wake up!” Pete yelled as he tried to bring her back.

“Please, Please I love you” Peter shouted as he tried to feel for a pulse

Claire suddenly opened her eyes,

“Claire you’re going to be ok!” Pete said as he held Claire’s hand

She squeezed his hand as she said,

“Pete I’m so sorry, I love you” before slowly closing her eyes and letting go of Pete’s hand.

Pete fell back as he watched Claire lye lifeless in front of him.


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