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Fri 24 Nov 06 - Ash Isn’t The Only “Police" Officer

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Ash Isn’t The Only “Police" Officer Who Is a Theif"

(Screened in Australia on Fri 24 NOv 06 - Episode # 4325)

At the hunter house, KYLIE (the physio who had been using the alias of Sam) tells Jack everything about her life. She says that her hubby isn’t in jail for embezzling like she said. He’s in there as, to pay for all the possible treatments for Kyle’s 1-st child, his company was simply a front for some major drug running.

Kylie says that she started to suspect something wasn’t right so she followed him one day -= and saw him kill a man in cold blood during a drug deal.

When the case went to court, Kylie was the only witness against her hubby – and he was sent to jail for life. However, Kylie says that her hubby Shane has powerful friends, and that she & Rory was been on the move every 6 months or so – at the slightest hint that her hubby’s associates have located her.

Jack suggests witness protection, but Kylie insists that everyone can be bought (thoughts of how Peter being in witness protection was leaked). Jack then suggests that the local police can take care of her – but Kylie doesn't want them involved.

Jack then says that, if she stays baysdie, then HE will take care of her. Tears well in Kylie’s eyes as this man she’s only known for a short time in SOOOO committed to protect her.

They kiss – but even then Kylie is concerned about things. She doesn’t want Rory to get attached to Jack in case they have to run again. Jack insists that Kylie isn’t the only one with trusting someone again (after his recent marriage failure), but he IS glad that Kylie has agreed to stay in the bay.

Jack then goes to the bucks party (she below)

Next day, Jack & Kylie encounter each other in the hospital car park. Jack is pleased that Kylie didn’t do a runner overnight.

He is also pleased when she accepted his invitation to kimmy & Rachel’s wedding – jack says that he spoke to Rachel who is all too happy to have Kylie there.

After Jack enters to hunter house, he tells Beth & poartic Tony that things are munch better in his world now.

At Noah’s, Kimmy shows the other guys at the bucks night the wedding rings, which are just like Rachel’s late mum’s wed rings. Kimmy then gives said rings to Brad to take care of.

As things really get underway at the bucks arty, the girls at are also having way fun at the hen’s party. Well. All except for Martha who is having a bit of a difficult time (given the proximity of this wedding to her own marriage breakdown).

Indeed, when Martha & Morag are alone in kitchen, Martha expresses that she WAY knows what Rachel I s feeling right now, and that she is saddened by the break up, but knows that it’s the right thing, esp. with ash is her life. Martha is off course annoyed that Morag continues to be way sceptical of ash.

Back at Noah’s, a stripper by the name of Constable Bambi arrives - and whilst she does her thing, Rachel tells the girls (incl. Leah, Beth, sally, Morag. Martha etc) that it was SHE who ordered the stripper !!!!!

Speaking of whom, when Bambi has bailed, Kimmy accuses (jokingly) various guys (the likes of brad, Alf, Dan, rich etc) of arranging the entertainment.

However things get serious when Brad says that there is NO sign of the rings where he put them (in jacket pocket).

Rachel (van park house) suggest that the girls should see what Bambi & the boys are up to – but when Rachel & the girls arrive, the boys are all (in a straight line) combing the floor of Noah’s for the missing rings. Naturally, the boys say that they were playing a buck’s party game.

Rachel & the girls wonder if there’s been any uninvited guest to the party – which is when kimmy clues up that it was Rachel who ordered Constable Bambi.

Jack arrives (form his break through chat with Kylie) and wonders why the girls are here.

The guys try their best to look for the rings whilst the girls are there – but the girls eventually bail, as they can see that they are cramping the boys’ style.

When they are gone, jack is bought up to speed about what’s happened – and the boys all now suspect that Bambi has “borrowed” the rings – as she bought her bag next to Brad’s jacket when she arrived.

Kimmy is way stressing – wondering about how to fix this.

Next morn, Rachel (bachelor pad) is keen to see the rings, but kimmy insists that that would vibe bad luck (like groom for wed dress before wedding).

Kimmy then insists that he has some brief errands to run – and the just arrived brad helps allay the fears of Rachel, who is just about to take a relaxing bath.

After her bath, Rachel is stressed that kimmy isn’t back yet – esp. when a woman form the adoption ppl delivers baby Joe to the house.

Soon after, Rachel is beaming (because of baby Joe) as she talks to the likes of Leah & sally about today & the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, kimmy phones brad – the already 3 hr round trip to the jewellers who esp. made things had takes longer than expect6ed. Kimmy says that Brad will have to bring his wedding clothes etc to the church and kimmy will get changed there.

However, things get further complicated when the mobile connection dies, and seconds later, so too does kimmy car (couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy) – in the middle of nowhere !!!! (end of ep)


In the final week for 2006, Kimmy & Rachel tie the knot, Cassie farewells the bay (good riddance to bad rubbish) and someone is left for dead !!!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Martha’s red (white little blue country/farm motifs) dress

SILVER – Sally’s black (with white polka dots all over) plunge v neck dress

BRONZE – Leah’s canary yellow v shape straps dress


Beth’s dark blue satin night shirt & gown

Beth’s turquoise spaghetti strap top

Brad’s light purple button up shirt/dark jacket combo

Constable Bambi’s black bra/black fish net stockings/dark blue hot pants combo

Dan’s black (wavy pattern button up shirt

Jack’s red Mustang (the horse, not the car) motif shirt

Jack’s white (with nautical motifs) long sleeve top

Leah’s red spaghetti strap dress

Rachel’s black (with white lining) satin night shirt

Rachel’s brown spaghetti strap dress

Rachel’s dreamy blue (pre bath) night gown

Rachel’s red spaghetti strap dress

Ric’s dark blue button up shirt

Sally’s red crossover top

Kylie's light pink polo shirt/red jeans combo

Kylie's mauve polo shirt

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