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Thurs 23 Nov 06 - "Underwhelming"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Underwhelming"

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 23 nov 06 - Episode # 4324)

Note – for whatever reason, this ep HAD opening credits

Kimmy is having breakfast (hunter house) with the likes of Tony, Beth & Jack. Whilst Jack is worried about Sam, Kimmy is concerned about his & Rachel’s chances in trying to adopt baby Joe.

When Kimmy returns to the bachelor pad, he is surprised to find Rachel cleaning the oven. She insists that she had to start somewhere – just in case adoption people come to the house to discuss tings.

Moments later, Kimmy answers the phone. When off he tells Rachel that a person named Leslie (who Kimmy assumes will be female) from the adoption people is coming to the house o talk to them about their application to adopt baby Joe.

Both are stressed – especially as they have no kind of morning tea for the person coming.

Whilst Rachel cleans up the house as much as she can, Kimmy goes to Noah's to get some milk, morning tea etc.

When Kimmy arrives at the surf club, Alf is, unbeknownst to he & Kimmy, serving the adoption agency guy (that we saw in the preview for this ep).

Whilst Leslie waits for his sandwich (he doesn’t likes muffins) Kimmy of course orders some muffins for morning tea. Kimmy also talks to Alf about how he hopes that this (adoption) might turn around the recent bad times (i.e. Hyde on a manslaughter charge, Tara’s allegations against Kimmy). Naturally, the adoption agency dude listens on with great interest.

After Kimmy returns to the bachelor pad, he & Rachel talk about the meeting with the adoption agency perron that is soon to happen.

When Lesley DOES arrive, Kimmy answers the door, and is quite surprised that Leslie is not only male, but that guy that was at Noah's earlier.

Leslie muchly grills Rachel & Kimmy about their situation (jobs, finances, assets, his age, the chat that Kimmy had with Alf etc). It also doesn’t exactly help when Alf brings over a decent amount of beer whilst the assessment is taking place.

Indeed, Leslie doesn’t sound as though he will recommend Rachel & Kimmy for the adoption.

However, as the adoption agency guy is bout to bail, Kimmy makes what I suppose you could call an impassioned speech (probably what was intended) about how no one will love baby Joe more than Kimmy & Rachel. (note – it may be my indifference to the all looks and nothing else “style” of Chris H, but I sooo wasn’t moved be his speech – he should take lessons for the likes of Nicole Dickson, memories of a sublimely impassioned speech to a social worker in the show’s movie length debut all those years ago).

Anyway, Kimmy & Rachel are naturally stressed about the situation – this stress is relieved when Leslie says that he was impressed by Rachel & Kimmy and will rubber stamp that 1-st process on the way to the soon to be married couple's road to adopting baby Joe.

Naturally, the likes of Irene, Beth, Tony etc are ecstatic when Rachel & Kimmy tell then the news during some pre hens/bucks night drinks.

Jack & Sam are (off course) bought together once more when Jack goes to the hospital for latest physio session, and Sam had agreed to takes care of the patents today of another Dr who is not at work.

Jack wants to talk about Sam’s situation, but she doesn’t – and insists that they keep any chatter to being about his recovery. Sam then has a moment when she slips – Jack grabs her arm to stop her from falling, but Sam WAY flinches. She tells Jack that she can’t do this physio session, and she quickly bails from the room.

Later, Jack & Tony at near the surf club. As Tony heads into the club, Jack watches Rory and several other kids do their nipper (junior surf life saving) training. When the training is done, Jack speaks to Rory, but Rory doesn’t tell Jack anything. Indeed, Rory barely speak a word to Jack at all. Rory is then called away by the woman who is caring for him whilst Sam is at work.

Soon after, at hunter house, Sam arrives and confronts Jack. She insists that he should stay away from her AND Rory.

Later, Jack is looking on his computer to see if he can find Sam’s husband’s name amongst those people who are in prison. As he searches, he tells Beth & Tony his suspicions.

Jack goes to the hospital, where he is told by one of the nurses to Sam has just resigned. Jack is able to talk to her as she is still in the car park. He says that he couldn’t find Sam’s husband amongst the people in prison. Sam (with Rory in the passenger seat of car) insists that she has to leave – and that Jack should things alone.

At the bachelor pad, where some pre bucks/hens party celebrations are taking place, Jack tells Tony & Beth about what’s happened. He also says that he won’t be attending Kimmy’s buck’s night (too much on his mind).

When Jack returns to the hunter house, he finds a crying Sam siting at the doorstep. She tells him that she DOES need help, and the reason why Jack couldn’t find her hubby’s name amongst the prisoners is that his (and her) surname is DEEKS !!! (end of ep)


Kimmy has his bucks night – looks like there’s the customary stripper involved (memories of Psycho Sarah at Noah's bucks party)

What’s the deal about Sam and her ex ???

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Jack’s green (with the large letters A Z in light pink on the front) t shirt

SILVER – Beth’s turquoise spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Sam’s light pink polo shirt/red jeans combo


Beth’s orangey brown (with black lacy cross motif) plunge v neck top

Irene’s brown (with white swirls) top

Kimmy’s grey & blue board shorts/white (with a monument motif) t shirt combo

Leslie’s blue denim shirt/drak blue suit

Rachel’s red knitted long sleeve jacket/black assymetric skirt combo

Rory’s yellow t shirt

Rory’s carer’s white blouse/dark skirt combo

Tony’s light red button up (dress) shirt

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