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Wed 22 Nov 06 - "Oooh, I’m Looking For Drew"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Oooh, I’m Looking For Drew"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 22 nov 06 - Episode # 4323)

Note – think of a certain Robert Palmer song (whilst you read the ep title) if you haven’t already

Drew drives erratically – naturally the alcohol is way affecting him.

Tilly, Belle & co are worried about Drew. Morag interrupts their discussion, and sense things aren’t quite rights, but none of the group are willing to say what’s gong on.

Belle then says that she has a plan.

At the mansion, Peter & Amanda are muchly worry about Drew, when Belle (naturally) way bangs hard on the door several times (like she & Amanda have a habit of doing). Belle & the teen group tell Amanda & Peter about what’s happened.

Peter & Amanda immediately start searching for Drew – they find the car (with Drew aboard) by the side of the road. Thankfully, Drew hasn’t been involved in an accident and that Peter & Amanda took the drunk Drew to Peter’s car, Amanda is a tad surprised when Peter says that he doesn’t want the police to know about this.

Next morn, Peter is worried that he has only told the police that he found an abandoned car (the whole false rpt thing). Things get worse when Drew awakes, and he is still so way angry. He bails before even attempering to listen to what Peter & Amanda did for him lat night.

Soon after, at Noah's, Belle tells Tilly, Luke & Ric that Amanda &) found Drew slumped at wheel of the car, and took him to the mansion, although when Ash (on duty) asks Belle & Co if they know anything about a car stolen last night, all deny.

Meanwhile, at mansion, Peter insists tho Amanda that he must confront Drew about all of this. Amanda is muchly sceptical if that will achieve anything, but Peter goes over to Leah’s anyway, and muchly tell Drew that there are things in life hat happen that we don’t like, and we have to accept. That aggressive approach of course went down VERY well.

Soon after, Amanda tries her luck talking to Drew (at Leah’s). Amanda (like Leah) is the voice of reason in all this. She muchly apologises t Drew for all that’s happened – and she truly makes him see that Peter thought long & hard before eventually committing to this relationship with Amanda.

Amanda adds that she thinks that all of Drew’s anger is REALLY about her (not Peter) and that Drew should try to save his relationship with Peter.

After doing some thinking, Drew picks up Peter’s bags and exits the house.

At the mansion, Ryan is VERY pleased that Peter is going to be stay with them at Amanda’s place. Drew then arrives (with the packs that Dan & Leah packed for P). Both Amanda & particularly Peter are surprised when he thanks them for everything (i.e. you can see that Amanda has got through to Drew and that he is kinda ok with what’s happened).

As Alf & co are clean up after the party, Morag isn’t so keen that the just returned to the bay Martha is muchly still with Ash (they’ve been in the city together).

Alf meanwhile wonders where Rocco has got to.

The person that that Alf was enquire enters the van park house, where he gets a text from Johnny – saying “sleep tight little bro”. Rocco smashes the phone by throw it fiercely to the ground.

Next morn, Martha is way on cloud nine about he & ash, so much so that she has made everyone at the van park house (Alf, Morag, Ric) breakfast.

After Martha bails, Alf just know that Morag is still way sceptical of Ash, and Morag says that she way intends to prove that she is right.

Rocco then enters the room, and Alf notes that he is distracted. Ric jokes that this must be about a girl, but Rocco insist that its not.

At the surf club, Ash (when he asked about stolen car) also ask Tilly & Co of they’ve seen a guy who is missing named Tom (the guy I had been calling Ute dude), they all (truthfully) deny.

Ash then approaches Rocco, who also said that he doesn’t know anything about Tom – ash is sceptical of this (as he knows that Tony is part of Johnny’s gang).

Later, Ash returns to the surf club (he’s off duty now). He * the about to finish work Martha are of course way glad that they can spend more with each other.

However, since Rocco is help at Noah's, ash can’t resist ask him again about Tom, but Rocco denies all knowledge.

However, Rocco’s mind is changed on the beach when Johnny insists that they will definitely do more robberies after the credit union one (as you can’t waste a good crew like this).

Later, at the van park house, Ash enters – after Rocco has phoned him. After some emotional blackmail for Ash (i.e. you won’t be able to get free of the gang if you don' help us), Rocco is anguished when he says that he knows about what credit union the gang is gong to hit – but not exactly when. He also says that he doesn’t REALLY know too much about Tom’s disappearance. (end of ep)


What’s Sam hiding from Jack and everyone?

Will Rachel & Kimmy be allowed to baby Joe?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s turquoise “hollywood tape” top/turquoise singlet top combo

SILVER – Martha’s maroon v neck top

BRONZE – Peter’s dark blue button shirt


Tilly's red spaghetti strap DRESS

Tilly's purple shorts/white spaghetti strap top

Ryan’s light green t shirt

Rocco's orange sleeveless top/white board shorts/black Norton cap combo

Ric's light green (with brown horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Morag's black kinda dhimmery long sleeve top

Martha's white/red Noah's hoodie

Martha’s blue denim skirt/white (with gold at the VERY top) singlet top combo

Luke’s yellow “urban motif t shirt

Johnny’s black (with red written motif) top

Belle's black spaghetti strap dress (with wide rich red belt)

Belle’s purple spaghetti strap top

Ash’s light blue button up shirt/drak blue jacket combo

Amanda's light pink hoodie

Amanda’s dark blue (with yellow motif across the bust) night shirt/black satin night gown

Alf's orange check button up shirt

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