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Tues 21 Nov 06 - "Breaking Free ???"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Breaking Free ???"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 21 nov 06 - Episode # 4322)

Rocco is at the surf club. He is helping set up the function at Noah’s tonight. Sally notes that he appears to be distracted but he is able to alley her fears.

Soon after, Rocco overhears Johnny & the gang member who owns that big 4WD Ute talking. The Ute guy isn’t so keen to be the getaway car driver, as the police know all about the car now. Johnny “suggest”, like he did to Rocco, that there is only one way the Ute guy will leave the gang (i.e. in a body bag).

When Johnny walk walks away, Rocco approaches Ute dude. Rocco insists that they should work together to get the plans for the credit union that Johnny has and o go to the police. Ute dude wonders why Rocco stops that police from find them recently – Rocco says that he thought he was alone back then.

Ute dude agrees – but isn’t so keen when Rocco says that he can’t go on the farm house raid tonight – as he is expected at the surf club function.

Later, whilst a VERY uneasy Rocco is at the party at Noah's, Ute dude breaks in the farm house. He gets the building plans from the credit union etc (all with just torchlight). He hears someone approach. So he not so quietly jumps out the window. Johnny hears him – and wonders what’s going on when he sees the building plans etc.

Meanwhile, Rocco leaves the party and waits from Ute dude at the time that they arrange earlier. However, it’s Johnny who arrives – and, coming from behind, gets Rocco initially in a “friendly” headlock.

Johnny tells Rocco that there has been a change of plans. Ute dude has gone way from a while, and won’t be take part in credit union robbery (I got the impression that Ute dude is dead? Or at the VERY least severely injured ???)

By the roadside, Drew tries to get Peter to stir. He is eventually able to, but Peter is VERY groggy. Drew rings for an ambulance.

Soon after, Peter is in a hospital bed. He’s not exactly felling the best after being concussed but he is pleased to see Amanda. However, when Amanda looks in the corridors nearby, Drew is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Leah (at her house) is able to convince Dan to at least quell his anger towards Peter. She does actually get somewhere – and then Drew renters, and tells them about what happen to Peter.

Leah, like she did with Dan, is able to convince Drew not to be so hostile about all of this – so Drew decides to go and see Peter in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Peter & Amanda are talking about their relationship. Amanda tells Peter that she is prepared to walk away from this - as she doesn’t want Peter to loose Drew the way that she lost Belle. Peter though insists that if he’d have to choose between Amanda and Drew, he would pick Amanda.

Naturally, Drew picks THAT moments to enter – and goes off at both of them.

Later, Peter & Amanda are talking at the mansion about twit’s occurred. Both are expecting a tongue lashing when Dan arrives. He says that he won’t give them any grief, but he also insists that he is WAY worried about Drew.

Meanwhile, at the now fully under way party themed night at Noah's, everyone is looking pretty fancy.

Sally approaches Cassie – both are pleased that they seem to have settled their difference after their talk on the beach.

Cassie then makes the announcement to Tilly and co that she is bailing from the bay. All are concerned that she is leaving, but only because they will miss her. Ric however seems more worried that the others (understandable – given his history with Cassie).

Drew then arrives and tells Tilly, Belle etc about his “wonderful” dad.

Soon after, we see that Drew has begun to spice up his soft drinks with some alcohol, Belle approaches him, and she insists that Drew shouldn’t be handling things in this way. All Drew wants to do is mouth off bout P/Amanda.

Drew then bails from the surf club, and Belle follows him. Drew (naturally) finds that someone has left their car keys atop the front tyre of their car. He grabs the keys and gets in the car – and because he can see that Belle has followed, he locks the doors.

Belle pleads with him BOT to drive (given the amount of alcohol that he appears to have consumed) but Drew isn’t listening.

He speeds off – bouncing off some foliage on the surf club side of the road – which makes the boot catch release.

Belle is VERY anguished as Drew speeds off into the night !!! (end of ep)


The police (ie Ash) way ask Rocco for help to bust the gang, whilst the search for Drew is on

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle's black spaghetti strap dress (with wide rich red belt)

SILVER – Irene's sky blue kinda kinda low cut top

BRONZE – Amanda's white (kinda old school) spaghetti strap top/leopard print scarf combo


Dan's dark green "ttotal frontier" polo shirt

Johnny's black leather jacket/black (white white motif) shirt combo

Sally's blue (white floral pattern) crossover top (this wwas the one i thought was a blouse yeterday)

Tilly's red spaghetti strap top

Drew's brown V dressy jacket

Cassie's yellow halter neck dress

Rocco's black (with occasional blue or gold pattern) shirt

Leah's yellow (tropical motifs) singlet top/black spaghetti strap top combo

Rocco's black (with grey on the shoulder) sleevceless shirt/white boardshorts

Luke's bluey/grey (with red vertical stripes) button up shirt

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