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Fighting For Her Heart

Guest freakybuffy

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Story description: Jack and Martha getting together.

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha

BTTB rating: G

does story include spoilers: no

Is story being proof read:no

Any warnings: romance, comedy, drama and has some small scenes of Violence.

summary: On New Years Eve jack spots Martha in a crowded room and falls in love and he’s not the only one. Martha agrees to go on a date with Ben, whilst Jack tried to win her heart.

I’ve been reading everyone else’s and decided to give it go!

It’s my first attempt so it might not be that good

As the New Years Eve masked ball arrives, Tony, jack and Lucas arrive at Noah’s greeted by Beth. As Beth introduces them to everyone jack slips away and heads to the bar. As he’s waiting to be served he looks around and sees Martha at the other end of the bar. They both can’t stop looking at each other, but unsure of what the other person looks like they get served and walks away to meet up with their friends and family once again. Throughout the night, in turn they have a sneaky look at each other. As the countdown started and everyone was pairing off. They once again tried to find each other but had no joy.

It was about 3ish and most people had already gone home, apart from Alf, Martha and Beth. Martha was cleaning the tops of the tables when she heard a voice saying “do you want a hand tiding up?” it was Jack, hoping Martha would answer. She turns around and sees him looking back at her. They both smile. As she was about to say please, Alf steps in and says “don’t be daft your guest get your self home”. Jack and Martha’s eyes meet once more and with such a disappointing look said “ok, but only if your sure! I will see you all tomorrow. Thanks for a great night bye!” everyone 1 replied “bye” has he left Noah's, Martha walked over to Alf. With a very inquisitive look, but not trying to sound to desperate “so who’s that?” Beth turnaround with a huge grin and laughing whiles she said” and why do you want to know so much... fancy him?” Martha’s face became so red she couldn’t speak; all she could do was run out leaving Alf and Beth who were both laughing hysterically.

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Here's a little bit more

New Years Day morning Tony and Lucas were already at the table serving breakfast, jack walked in wearing nothing but a pair of pj bottoms, rubbing his head. Lucas said softly “rough night? I’ve got no sympathy for you” Tony laughs “that’s only because your not old enough yet” as they both started to laugh, jack gives out I huge moan “CAN YOU NOT TALK SO LOUD some of us have a headache” as he is about to sit down to eat and with the smell’s the full breakfast, “I can’t cope with this”, he runs to his bedroom gets change then runs out the house “I’m going for a surf to clear my head”

About 1 hour later, Martha is doing her daily run along the beach and jack is having a break. After about five minutes he stand’s up picks up his board, as he turns Martha is about 20 yards away he can’t take his eyes off her. As she's gets closer all he can think to himself “is that her from last night? It is! You idiot why didn’t you go over and talk to her! She's gorgeous” Jack runs near Martha and say’s “hey …you” in such a goofy way, “you idiot” he calls himself once more. Martha is totally unawares of what going on; as she is listening to her I-pod whilst she carries on running. Jacks phone starts to ring “hello, or hi dad what up? Sorry didn’t realise what time it is, I’m on my way home”

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Sorry it’s a bit late, had a crazy weekend!!

After Jack gets cleaned up he sits at the table with, Lucas and Tony. Tony could see that Jack was upset about something and asks “what’s happened?” “Err, sorry dad, nothing, just meet this girl on the beach and it was like I wasn’t even here” Tony replied reassuringly “don’t worry you’ll see her again, after all it is a small town” “thanks dad, anyway what’s for dinner?” all the way though Jack dinner all he can think about her, it was like something had took over his mind, it was driving him crazy.

Once the table had been cleared and to washing up had been done, Tony tap Jack on the back and whispered “go to her and ask her out”. “Dad I wish I could, but I don’t know any thing about her, not even her name” “that’s why you became a copper, isn’t it? You’ll figure it out! What time does your first shift start? ” “I start at 6 why? What time is it?” Jack replied very inquisitively “god you better get a move on, don’t want to be late on your first day”

After work, Jack and a few colleagues have some drinks at Noah’s to welcome him to the area. They all sit down on the large sofa’s nears the far wall. Jack sits with his back to the bar, as all his new mates, joke on about how fit the barmaid is Jack turns around to see Martha Stood their laughing at one of Alf lame jokes. Jack once again cant take his eyes off her “what do you all want? I’ll get the first round in”. “Just 4 beers will do mate” Jack stands next to bar waiting to be served, when she finally asks “what can I get you?” Jack just stands their unable to speak, “err hum” there’s a pause which only lasted I few second but felt like a life time “will have 5 beers please” Martha hand him the bottles and Jack sits back down “I think you crashed and burned there mate” the groups started to laugh. Martha look over at the group and rolled her eyes. All Jack could do was put in face in his hands with embarrassment.

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next chaper!

Towards the end of the night Jack finally pluck up the courage to ask her out. He walked over to the bar, as he started to speak she look over at his table and saw his friends were watching and laughing “listen I really like you... Do you fancy…”Martha broke into his sentence “Look... Jack is it? You and your mates better fine some else to make a fool of, coz it’s not going to be me” and walked away. An upset Jack leaves Noah's and heads home.

The bell for last orders rings and slowly people start to leave. As Martha is collecting glasses from the tables, she bumps into a hot young lad call Ben. I fireman from the city visiting his sister in summer bay, just before Alf kicks him out, Martha and Ben arrange a date after tomorrows shift.

When Jack finally arrives home Tony is up waiting for him “so how did it go?” “Dad I really don’t want to talk about it! So just leave it please” replied Jack. Before Tony could reply “I’ve just ruined everything! She's never going to talk to me again, I’m going to bed. See you in the morning… night”. Tony tried his best to but a smile back on his sons face by saying “Never say never. I don’t know what happened but just talk to her it will work itself out. See you in the morning” but didn’t seemed to work.

After a sleepless night, with the events of that evening still fresh in his mind. Jack decides to go and talk to her alone before work. Spending hours rehearsing the conversation over and over again. He knew that he wouldn’t mess it up again, the next day he raced to Noah’s and Martha was sitting all alone, but unknowing to Jack, she was waiting for her date with Ben. Jack sits down next to her and stared to real off what he’d rehearsed last night “look I’m not like that, I can see how you came to that conclusion, but I’m not, that sort for person. I really like you. Please let me buy you a drink” Martha looked at Jack “I’m sorry, err I’m already on a date with someone I meet last night” a disappointed Jack stand up and leaves “I’ve got to go to work anyway, So I will see you around”

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Next chapter

sorry it’s a bit short but wrapping Christmas presents, so I haven’t had much chance to write much.

Later that night Ben is walking Martha home after their date, they face each other and move in closer for a kiss, but something stop her and they carry on walking. She sees Jack walking along the beach and realises see feel the same way. By the time they get about ½ mile from where she lives Ben tries to kiss her again, she once more a step back and carries on walking. Jack notices Martha walking along the moonlit beach. He tries not to watch but can’t help himself; the next thing he sees is Ben pulling her back and a Martha starts to shout for help then a struggle takes place. At this point Jack is running towards then. Martha manages to get Ben off her arm and runs away closely followed by Jack

As Jack runs after Martha he shouts her name, but she continues to run. When he gets close enough to grab her he does. Martha turns around and hit him in the face, there’s a bit of a struggle and they both fall to the ground. They both look into each others eyes and share their first kiss. In this moment everything seems to stop, but it’s only for a moment. Martha quickly pulls away looks into his eyes and says “I’m so sorry” before he could say anything she ran off into the night. Jack leads forward slightly not thinking about the pain, he touches his eye then has lips and smiles. As Jack wonders home, he’s unable to think of anything but Martha, “god I hope she's ok! Did she mean it? does she feel the same way!” he thought to himself.

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next chapter

Jack arrived home Tony was at the table doing some work “my god Jack what the hell happen to you? here sit down I’ll get you something from the freezer” “dad I’m fine really you don’t need to worry about me, just ran into a domestic after work, it just got a bit out of hand that’s all” “ok put this on, it will feel loads better” “dad I’m tied I’m just going to go to bed see you in the morning”

The next morning Jack still had a smile from ear to ear “god what’s up with you? It’s not right to be that happy so earlyin the morning” “well dad it just a nice summers day that all! Besides it’s not a crime”. “There’s more to this than meet the eye, you haven’t told me how it went last night, have you sorted it out with that lass yet?”. “Think so anyway better go work”

As Jack walks into the police station peter started to laugh “what the hell happened to you?” “I wish people would stop asking me that, did anyone report an assault charge last night” nobody answered “don’t all answer at once will you” fitzy replied “did someone get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning! I was in all night nobody reported anything, why has something happened?” “no it’s alright, an I doing what I did yesterday” peter said “please if you don’t mind, I’m off out but will call if I need anything” as Jack sit at his desk and starts filling out his paper work, he’s only got 1 thing on his mind, Martha. Jack look around to see who’s watching, then looks on the computer to find out some details about her. The search takes about 10 minutes as all he knows is that she’s called Martha and lives in Summer Bay. As soon as Jack finds her number, he decides to call, but hangs up before he could finish dialling. As he puts the phone down, Martha walks in crying saying “Jack I’m so sorry, please forgive, I thought you were him following me, it took me a while to realise that it was you and by that time it was to late. Please forgive me I’m so sorry” by this time tears were rolling down her face. Jack looks at her, wipes a tear from her check, and then places his arms around her “don’t worry about it, I’m just clad your ok” Jack sat Martha down and got a drink and some tissues, “we will talk when you feel up to it” once Martha had stop crying, Jack sits down next to her “I want you to report this! I can file an assault charge and bring him in for questioning you will never have to see him again.” “I’m not interested, I just want to forget about it. The only reason I came down here was to apologize to you please don’t make me do this” as Martha said this, she started to cry again. Jack pulls her into his chest and hugs her once more and says softly in her ear “if you’re sure that what you want to do! I will drop it” they both gaze at each other “thank you” she replied “better let you get back to work will see you later” “ok then, but if you need anything, call me ok! Bye” Martha looked at him, kissed him on the check, just before she got up and walked to the door.

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Nxt Chapter!

After work Jack decides to see if he can find Martha but instead he finds Ben. Unable to control his rage Jack walks over towards Ben and pins him to the wall and shouts “if you ever touch her again you will have me to answer to” luckily for Ben Tony see what’s going on and pulls Jack away. Tony looks at Ben “you’d better get out for here and you” turning his head toward Jack “what the hell was al that about?” “Just leave it dad” Tony’s getting more and more annoyed “now you listen to me, what if he reports his, you’re a copper you could lose your job. Was it worth it?” “You don’t understand!” “Well tell me so I can understand” they both sat down on a bench, when Jack started to speck. “Remember that lass I told you about the other day” Tony nodded “well she went on a date with him last night and as they walk home he tried to force himself on her. Anyway I’ve had her crying to me, for most of the day” Tony said “so that how you got the black eye?” “Yes and no, as she ran off I followed, she thought I was him! It was an accident, but Martha said that she just wanted to forget about it. That’s why I went over just to scare him little that’s all” Tony look at Jack “please promise me you won’t do anything like this again” Jack couldn’t promise anything “I will see you at home” leaving a worried Tony sitting by himself.

A few days later Martha bumps into Jack at the dinner “hey, I’ve been meaning to call! Umm I’m just about to order wanna join me?” Jack smiles “I would love to” as he sits down “so what have you been up to?” “Nothing much, just working. After everything that happened last week I’m just glade everything’s quieted down a bit.” Jack quietly laughs “I bet how you are feeling now?” Martha smiles” what are you going to order? I’m having the burger and chips, with a strawberry shake” “sounds good to me better make that 2” whilst on their date they are laughing and joking, like they have known each other for years. Totally unawares of how much time has past “god have you seen the time, I’d better walk you home, it’s getting late” Jack stands up, takes Martha by the hand and leads her out. As he walks her home, all he can think to himself is “what do I do? Do I kiss her, I don’t want to come on to strong” when they approached her place, Jack decided not to kiss her. After the goodbyes Jack slowly pulls away, but Martha grabs him by the arm and pulls him back. They look into each others eyes and smiles Martha moves in closer and kisses him. Time stops both their hearts skips a beat, as they say their final goodbyes, Jack walks away and Martha’s stood at the door way, they can’t control how happy they are unable to take the smiles for thee faces.

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last chapter!

Almost 1 year later and things are still going well for the two of them. Their first anniversary is just a few days away. Jack decides he wants to surprise her with something special, but Martha has hr own surprise for him. Jack goes to see Alf at Noah’s, asking if he can close for the night, also if he can help with part 2 of the surprise, Alf replies “what ever you need! I’m more than happy to help!” after a few days of planning the night has finally arrived. Jack arranges 52 red roses (a rose of each week they have known each other) to arrive at Martha’s place at 6 o’clock, with a note saying meet me at Noah’s at 7:30. When Martha arrives the bar wonders why it so quite, as she enters its pitch black apart from the path of candles on the floor leading to the bar. “What the…”she says to herself as she opens the double doors connecting the two rooms together. Martha gasped “or my god” the bar was filed with heart shaped balloons. As Martha walked in her eyes were drawn to some notes hanging for then which reed will you marry me? Martha is crying at this point. When Jack shows himself, he’s wearing I black suit holding a red ring box and goes down on one knee. As Jack is about to ask the big question, Martha interrupts “before you say anything, there’s something I need to tell you” Jack stand up thinking the worst “I think you’d better sit down for this”. Jack started to panic “what’s wrong? Are you sick, breaking up with me! What?” Martha looks at him and gives a little worried laugh “it’s nothing like that, I just need to tell you something before I answer” Martha take Jack by the hand looks into him eyes and says “I found out a few days ago that I’m 3 months pregnant”. Jack jumps up and starts to hug her “my god that’s brilliant news. I’m going to be a dad” Jack let out this huge sigh of relief “you had me so worried there, so will you marry me?” Martha is crying now more than ever before “of course I will, but only if you’re sure?” They both jumped into each other arms. Jack and Martha have been hugging for a few minutes, Jack slowly pulls away “I’ve for got to give you this” and handed there a large box “please can you put this on?” a confused Martha answer “don’t I look good now like?” Jack laugh “you look gorgeous, but inappropriate for my next surprise” Martha by this point is completely clueless, but as she trusts him with her life, she does it anyway. Jack makes a phone call to Alf “is everything ready… will be there in a minute”

About 15 minutes later Martha walks out in a beautiful long white dress. “Jack, where are you? What’s going on?” Martha looks around unable to find him, leaves to bar and walks towards the beach. When she arrives on the beach, walks over to a group of her friends “have any of seen… ” Alf taps her on the shoulder; Martha turns around “granddad, what’s going on?” Alf hands her some flowers, Martha starts to look around for Jack and see him out of the corner of her eyes “what’s going on? Who’s that stood with Jack… is that who I think it is?” “You tell me?” “That’s the minister who married Leah and Dan, isn’t it?” Alf grins “yes it is and she’ll marry you and Jack, it that’s what you really want?” Martha is beaming “I wanted thought about nothing else for weeks now” “well then, lets go!” Alf and Martha start to walk down the isle. As they arrive at the alter, Alf kisses Martha on the cheek, shakes hands with jack and sits down. Jack and Martha. At this point they are hand in hand whilst taking their vows. As they say their do’s, then pair of them are crying sure so much joy and happiness. As the minister say’s “you may kiss the bride” Jack leans forward and they share their first kiss as man and wife.


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