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Mon 20 Nov 06 - "Hoping For The Worst"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Hoping For The Worst"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 20 nov 06 - Episode # 4321)

On the beach, Cassie & Macca talk about Cassie move to the city with Macca for his great new job. Cassie is under, as things have settled down in the bay (people accepting them etc). Cassie insists must have time to think about this.

At the van park house, Sally & Alf laugh about the strip poker that Tilly & co were involved in, although Alf suggest that it wouldn’t have been so hilarious of he walked in on Tilly & Belle getting naked.

Cassie enters, just as alf bails from the room to do something else. Cassie starts helping Sally with a banner of some kind (for the Xmas pageant maybe?) When Cassie brings up the subject that she is think bout going to the city permanently with Macca, she is SHOCKED when Sally says that she FORBIDS it !!!

Cassie sooooo can’t believe that Sally has said this – and wonders why. Sally insists that whilst Cassie is in the bay she can keep an eye on her, and be there when everything eventually falls apart with Macca. Cassie doesn’t take too kindly to that -= she accuses Sally as lying to her this whole time, before Cassie storms out of the house.

Cassie heads straight for the mansion – and tells Macca exactly what Sally has said. Cassie is way in shock over what’s happened (or being the somewhat annoying person that she is).

Meanwhile, Sally is beating herself up verbally about this – but Alf thinks that she needed to tell Cassie what she thought is best for Cassie.

Soon after, Macca comes over to the van park house, and tries to reason with Sally, i.e. try to make her she that he has changed/IS good enough for Cassie. Sally holds firm to her thoughts about this relationship.

Next day, Sally is walking on the beach when she spots Cassie sitting on the sand. Sally sits beside her.

Cassie explains that she is sooooo alienated here in the bay (totally out of the old group of Tilly, Ric & Co) and that she feels VERY alone when Macca is away.

Sally wonders if there’s anything that she can say to change Cassie’s mind. Cassie (a bit teary) says that there isn’t. Both are a tad teary as they hug. (Note – part of me sooooo wants Cassie to leave, and then WAY come back with her tail between her legs so to speak)

At Leah’, Peter & Amanda try to explain their relationship to the likes of Drew, Dan & Leah but they don’t want to know.

Indeed, Drew bails from the house. Peter goes after him and catches up near the beach, but he gets nowhere with Drew.

When Peter returns to Leah’s, Dan “suggest” that Peter should pack his bags and go. He also has a go at Peter for having an affair with Amanda whilst Dan/Amanda were married.

When Dan returns to Leah’s place (after try to look for Drew), he is VERY pleased that Peter has indeed packed his bags and gone. Dan can’t believe that Peter could be so comtempoyuous of Drew (although he expects this kind of thing from Amanda).

Peter enters the mansion with bags in hand. He tells Amanda that he hopes that he’ hasn’t lost Drew forever.

Later that day, Peter enters Leah’s. He wants to speak to Drew, but after Dan has a go at Peter, Dan tells Peter that Drew hasn’t been seen for ages. Peter insists on helping look for Drew – Dan isn’t keen, but eventually agrees.

As Dan drives his car (as he & Peter search), Dan has even more shots about Peter for all of this – and Dan kinda violently changes the car’s direction after a suggestion from Peter.

When Peter & Dan unsuccessfully return to Leah’s place, Leah has a go at Peter for allowing this (Peter/Amanda) to happen. She thinks that Peter definitely should had made Drew his top priority.

Meanwhile, Drew “bunks” down for the night at a bus stop.

Next morn, Macca finds him, and indeed, wakes Drew. He offers to give Drew a lift, but he doesn’t accept, and walks the other way.

Peter is at the mansion talking to Amanda about all that has happen when Macca enters. After hearing that they are concerned about Drew’s whereabouts, Macca menton that he saw Drew at the bus stop.

Drew is walking all the side of the road when Peter pulls up beside him. Peter insists that Drew should stop, but he keep walking. Peter stops the carts, and gets out and tries to talk to Drew, whom keeps on walking/. When Peter insists that Drew should stop & Talk, Drew REALLY gets fed up – he KING hits Peter in the face.

Drew then suggests that Peter should be such a “girl” about it – as Peter hasn’t moved since he hit the ground. Drew approaches, and turns Peter’s head – there is (of course) blood coming from Peter’s ear !!!! (end of ep)


Drew tells Leah & Dan what’s happened to Peter, whilst Rocco & anther gang mbr are out to bust Johnny etc

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally's blue & white blouse

SILVER – Sally's black spaghetti strap top/black (with white multi triangle pattern) tube top

BRONZE – Cassie's hot pink singlet top/white (multi colour pattern) bikini top/purple shorts combo


Amanda's white spaghetti strap top/leopard print scarf

Amanda’s shimmery silvery cropped jacket/purple top combo

Drew's black (with white stripes at the elbows) jacket

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