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You Can Have Her, I Have Him...

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Story Title: You Can Have Her, I Have Him...

Type of Story: Oneshot

Genre: Romance

Main Characters: Drew, Ric

Rating: T/A

Warnings: SC, A

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Drew wants to find someone that his father won't take away from him.

A bad title. Oh well. Here it is!

Dedicated to Emmassi, I did it by her request.

Feeling the anger stirring inside him, Drew threw the glass beer bottle on the floor, smashing it into pieces. He wished that the broken pieces were his father; he wished that something bad would happen to him for once, he wanted him to be in pain. After Amanda had done all that to him, humiliated him, hurt him, everything, then his father goes and gets with her!? The one person who screws everyone around, who has screwed everyone in his family, and his father insists she’s changed and they’re in love. Despicable.

Drew stomped down the side of the road in anger, slamming his feet down one after the other. Suddenly, an old silver car is driving slowly beside him; the window rolled down to reveal the blonde man, his father. “Oh, God damnit!” Drew yelled in anger as Peter tried to talk. “Don’t you get it!? I HATE you!” he yelled again. Peter tried to begin a little speech about how he and Amanda belonged together, but Drew had none of it. He had just begun to trust him, and then he does that?

Peter jumped out of his car, trying to stop Drew, who continues to walk down the road. Feeling the hand on his shoulder, Drew loses control of all of it, and whirls around, his fist slamming hard into Peters face. Furious, Drew walks away again, although Peter lay on the ground, dead still. Without a single look back, Drew kept walking, he didn’t have one more care in the world left for “that guy back there”. Drew would never admit they were related.

Out of love, Drew’s attitude changed rapidly over the days since he had punched out his own father. He was full of anger, and he refused to do the right thing and get on with his life. This time, it was different. No WAY Amanda would sit like a ***** all day, with her perfect house, trying to be perfect, and forgiven even if she murdered someone. No, she was going to pay. She had no idea.

Drew wanted Belle back at times like these. He knew she would’ve plotted against Amanda with him, together they’d make her pay. But Peter and Amanda would for sure figure out some way to ruin his life again. Drew wanted someone who hated Amanda, but wouldn’t get involved with her, and would love him, not his father, and would rather have sex with him, not his father.

It suddenly hit Drew, the perfect plan. Not only would his father never steal the new lover, but it would shock Peter enough of being a father to a gay guy. He could also steal any guy from any girl, if he pulled out the seduction charm. But who? The guy needed to be someone that would make Amanda look like a saint, someone who could act nice, but play evil, but would care for Drew deep down. Some one that Drew would be able to convince to love him and someone who would never bother to think of having sex with Peter.

He thought of Belle and Lucas, a happy couple. Oh, Lucas was SO gullible; he’d easily be able to steal him away from Belle. But remembering all he and Belle had been through, all Belle on her own had been through, it wouldn’t be fair.

Going to the Diner for some hopeful inspiration, Drew bumped into perfect Matilda Harriet Jane Hunter. She wasn’t watching where she was going, and was carrying drinks which spilled everywhere, all over her precious red top. It dripped down Drew’s t-shirt as well, but no one cared, they cared about Perfect Mattie’s poor top getting a faded stain, and her perfect family, her perfect friends, and perfect boyfriend rushed to her rescue.

Leaving without bothering to say a word, Drew went back on to the beach for thought. He couldn’t bare to look into her ugly eyes any longer. That bit** ought to have something taken from her once in awhile...like a boyfriend.

Without bothering to realize Ric hated every square centimeter of his guts, Drew got up to leave happily, planning his seducing plan, knowing, just knowing, that it HAD to go right this time.

School the next day was distracting. Now being the brightest student, Drew found it hard enough as it was to concentrate, but having Ric beside him made it extra hard. Staring at his nose and into his eyes, oh, his eyes! Drew shook his head. This was supposed to be a game, to somehow hurt his father, he wasn’t supposed to fall for Ric. They hardly had anything in common, and they had mutual dislike for each other. Why was it he was becoming attracted to Ric?

Out by the lockers, Drew saw an incident that made his emotions take over. Some loser guys pushed Ric back and forth, and Drew heard every word. “You’re Dad, aye? You’re a murderer, you know that Dalby!?” they shouted at him, laughing as they did it. Ric tried fighting them off, but there were three of them, making it hard for him to fight one, while the other one came from behind.

Anger inside him, an emotion he’d been feeling a lot lately, Drew headed over to him, helping Ric bash them and push them away. One of them punching Ric in the nose, leading to blood rushing out, Drew pushed them back to their lockers, leading Ric round the corner, away from the crowd.

Ric reluctantly let Drew clean the blood off him, and they were centimeters apart as they stood close together, Drew wiping the cloth back and forth on his face. Drew suddenly made his move, and taken by shock, for moments Drew and Ric just stood there, as Drew kissed Ric, before Ric suddenly kissed him back, sharing the passion. The bullies from moments before suddenly came around the corner, to see how bad Ric really was, and what they were doing.

Laughing hysterically, they boys called the other students to crowd around the new lovers who were kissing passionately in the middle of the deserted hallway. The teenagers, ingrigued, came around to see what the special announcement was for. The word got around in moments. Unsure of what it all meant, Ric stood in shock for a minute, but wanting privacy with Drew, he led him out of school grounds, hiding away where no one could get them into a dark, deserted cave.

“What was that!?” Ric exclaimed as soon as they were alone in the quiet cave. Ric’s words echoed on the wall, and Drew took a step closer to him, pushing him down to make him sit on the floor, and took a seat beside him. “Which bit? Well, the first thing was a kiss, and the second thing was a crowd of stupid kids who are so bored with their own little lives they have to dig into other people’s business.”

Ric gave a little laugh, but Drew kept talking. “Your Dad was a loser, too?” Drew asked him, rolling his eyes at the sound of the word father. “Yeah. I hated him. He bashed me and all. My life would’ve been heaps better without him, the bastard.” Ric replied, Drew taking in the information. “So’s mine. He told me to keep away from Amanda so he could have her. He’s a jerk. I trusted him and all. I guess that’s one thing we’ve got in common” Drew said. He and Ric never used to get along, and now they were both having mutual thoughts about starting a relationship together.

Both turning their heads towards the other person, Drew and Ric both realized all that they had in common. They were both impulsive at times, they both lashed out when their anger was too much to bear, their father’s were both bastards, according to the boys, they’d both dated Belle, the list was long and on going, yet they had never noticed it at all. Wrapping their arms around eachother, neither bothered to care they were skipping school. One thing on both minds, and that was that they both knew what the other one wanted to do, and what they, themselves wanted to do. And they did it.

Right there and then, in the middle of the cave, Drew and Ric started their new lives together. Not caring what anyone would think, as they were in love. Perhaps this is how Peter and Amanda felt, Drew thought, but that didn’t make it easier. No, but he had Ric now, his father was a jerk, he would never steal Ric away from him, Amanda would pay, and Peter would be hit right where he hurt.

The next day, the jeers and insults from their peers were on the top of the scale, but Ric and Drew walked through the middle of the hallways, trying to find each other. Meeting in the middle, a crowd crowded around them. To satisfy the onlookers, they shared a passionate kiss in the middle of the circle, pushed the losers off, and, hand in hand, they walked off together, to their next class as now known as the gay couple of Summer Bay. And they loved it.


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