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Fri, Nov 16 06 - "Clash Of The Titans"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Clash Of The Titans"

(Screened in Australia on Fri, Nov 16 06 - Episode # 4320)

Tilly, Belle, Luke & Ric are in the diner, and Belle is kinda annoyed that Tilly is bored with Belle going on & on about the whole Amanda thing,

Nearby, Irene (whose on the phone with colleen – who has rung about the Xmas pageant progress) suggests that Cassie should join in with Tilly & co, but Cassie think that that would feel weird.

Tilly approaches the counter (where cassia is) and they had a strained conversation about some girl at school shaving all her hair off. Both note that, in the past, they would have already spent hours & hours discussing this.

Tilly goes back to Belle & co – and they decide to go to the beach.

Soon after, just as they are about to bail form the van park house, having got all their beach stuff ready, it starts raining and it’s set-in rain, so they have to look for other things to do. After various board game suggestions, they decides to paly cards – strip poker () of course) to be precise.

The girls loose the 1st hand and the boys take offence to them remove their watches, so the girls ditch teir shoes.

Later, just after the girls have removed their shorts (leaving them both dressed only in bikini top & bottoms), the girls suggests literally all or nothing – next hand, if girls loose, they get naked, but if boys *(currently fully dressed) should lose, dame deal *totally strip off).

Tilly nicely plays the scared one whilst belle is V reassured, and shuffles the cards like she REALLY knows what she is doing.

Off course the girls WIN the next hand, and whilst Belle gets her mobile (complete with camera) both girls chant, “take it off” continuously.

Naturally, just after the boys have just got their boxer shorts down to their ankles, Alf arrived home – and the 2 boys grab the clothes and bolt upstairs. Alf laughs about it all !!! (Note – Alf being involved is a nice touch, as she also saw Martha in the buff after Jack fooled her with his initial lack of ability when they played pool last surf club last year. Also, memories of Morag’s rather priceless look when she saw Martha’s nudie run).

Cassie goes over to the van park house but she gets as she as the side door – she glimpses at the now fully clothed tilly, Luke, belle & Ric have fun, and decides not to go in.

Meanwhile, Macca (mansion) after enduing endless hours of driving gets what sounds like an exciting phone call.

Cassie enters the diner, and she tells Irene that she feels V apart for her old friends now, because of the whole Macca thing. Irene then sys that although she was WAY great friends with a partci girl at school, they’ve not talked in years, i.e. childhood friendships aren’t the be all and end all of things.

Macca then enters. He tells Cassie that he’s got a job offer, but rather than driving its with the logistics side of the transport company, which means a 9 to 5 job. Macca says that the only trouble si that its in the city (note – IF Cassie does bail to be with Macca, I can’t say that I’ll miss her. However, if I heard that Tilly was bailing, I KNOW that I’d DEF be pinning).

Amanda &^peter downstairs (mansion) into the lounge. It so looks like they’ve just slept together. Whilst Amanda is ken to really pursue this relationship, peter insists that that should keep it a secret until they actually know that it will lead to something REALLY serious.

At Leah’s place, Dan gets a phone call form the school, so he can’t takes Ryna back to Amanda’s. Naturally, drew offers to do so – and when he arrives at mansion, as son as the kissing peter & Amanda hear knock on door, peter jumps behind the couch.

When Amanda answers the doors, she is V short with Drew, inist8ing that he should go now that he has bought Ryan back.

Amanda then deals with the Ryan problem by insists that she has big surprise. When Ryan close eyes, Peter bails, but when Ryan opens eyes, he’s NOT impressed when Amanda says that she has bought him some new clothes (ah, the stereotypical difference tween boys & girls).

When peter retunes to Leah’s, he says that he fell asleep at police station after helping Fitzy, but his rather badly buttoned shirt draws comments about his mystery g/f. peter then happens to mention that he’d watch the classic movie Casablanca the previous night.

Soon after, when Amanda takes Ryan to the diner to get some food, Leah comments about feeding ryan at the diner this way. Amanda comments that she is way tried after watching Casablanca lat night. The look of Leah’s face id priceless.

When Leah returns to her house, she (in kitchen alone with peter) confronts him about his not so mystery g/f, Amanda. She insists that its mad for them to get together, given the drew situation. Peter insists that there IS something tween them, and just wanted to keep quiet until they were sure that it’s REALLY the real thing. Leah insist that if peter & Amanda don’t tell drew, they she will.

Peter goes over the mansion, and gives Amanda a heads up about Leah’s ultimatum.

Soon after, as Leah & Dan are preparing for dinner, peter enters with Amanda. Drew enters the room, after hearing Amanda’s voice.

Peter & Amanda then come clean about their - to this point- secret relationship (end of ep)

H&A Memorable Moments

In tween the end of ep and the preview was decently sized tribute to the late great Belinda Emmett, featuring many snippets of Belinda as Rebecca Nash/Fisher during her time in the bay(incl. Bec’s wedding to Travis Nash, and them leaving the bay aboard a old world tall ship


The aftermath of Peter & Amanda telling Drew etc after their relationship;

Sounds like trouble in the lead up to Kimmy & Rachel’s wedding,

Whilst Jack is desperate to help Sam

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle’s aqua board shorts/ black (with white car silhouette) t shirt

SILVER – Amanda’s shimmery silvery cropped jacket/purple top combo

BRONZE – Tilly’s blue (with orange and white dots etc) bikini top & bottoms


Luke’s light blue (white vertical stripes) boxer shorts

Ric’s red (white vertical stripes) boxer shorts

Ric’s blue & brown (horizontal “blocks”) polo shirt

Cassie’s orange (tropical miotifs) singlet top

Belle’s grey black bikini top & bottoms

Dan’s light blue button up shirt/blue faded denim jacket/brown long pants combo

Peter's mustard button up shirt

Tilly’s white spaghetti strap top/dark blue (with pinkish tropical motifs) shorts

Luke’s “dirty pink” t shirt/ dark green board shorts

Ryan’s red Blues Clues t-shirt

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