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Thurs, Nov 15 06 - "Saying Just That LITTLE Bit Too Much"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Saying Just That LITTLE Bit Too Much"

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, Nov 15 06 - Episode # 4319)

Jack is way in pain as we tries to get back in his chair. Sam just happens to visit the house (on her day off) to check on her patient. She hears Jack writhing in pain – she helped him back into his wheelchair.

Sam insists that this isn’t the end of the world – but Jack shouldn’t be gett8ng too far ahead of himself.

When Tony & Beth get home and Jack tells that what happen, both are way overprotective. Both indicate that they will cancel their plans for today and stay with Jack. He doesn’t take to kindly to being babied – and Sam way sees this. She tells Tony & Beth that she & Jack are going to doing some recovery work outside today. This seems to ease both Tony & Beth’s minds.

Soon after, Jack &* Sam are near the boat wharfs having a picnic, when Rory is dropped off by someone.

Rory & Jack instantly get into the “secret men's business” of video games, whilst Sam goes to get an ice-cream for them all.

When Sam is off doing that, Jack asks Rory about his & Sam’s past. Rory indicates that Sam’s last b/f yelled at her often. Rory then REALLY clams up – and goes back to playing his video game, ignoring Jack’s questions.

When Sam returns, Jack tells her why Rory is reacting, and Sam is also cagey about what’s occurred in the past.

When they return to the hunter house, Jack enquires some more about both Rory’s & Sam’s reaction to his questions. Jack insists that he can help her, no matter the situation, but Sam firmly insist “NO ONE can help me, Jack”.

When Sam is outside talking to Rory, she insists that he mustn’t make a slip up like that (telling Jack about past again).

Soon after, Sam returns to the hunter house, where she tells Jack that she’s just had an influx of new clients at the hospital, and she now doesn’t have time to do his home physio sessions anymore. She tells him that she can refer him to a number of VERY good physiotherapists.

Jack can’t believe what he is hering. He thinks it definitely is all about what Rory said, but Sam insists that he just drop it.

After Sam bails, you can see that Jack is WAY anguished at all this.

At Amanda’s mansion, Cassie is concerned about Macca whose just had only 3 hrs sleep after a 15 hr driving day. Macca however voices his concerns about Amanda – and whit’s happened with Belle.

After Cassie bails, Amanda talks to Macca about Peter, i.e. “why is it that the only man who makes me happy, I can’t have?”

Soon after, Amanda expresses her concerns when Macca tells her that he’

S just got a phone call about another (short this time) driving job today.

Meanwhile, at Leah’s place, Leah can see that Peter is way distracted (when he drops that mil take out of fridge). Leah jokes that its’ because of this new mystery woman that Peter is seeing.

Soon after, Amanda and Peter encounter each other near the beach. They chit chat for a bit, and neither is clearly wanting to talk to the other about felling for the other, but when they walk away, Amanda way looks back at Peter.

Belle is in the diner when Cassie approaches. Cassie tells Belle that she shouldn’t be such a baby about all this, especially since Belle didn’t go to see Amanda in hospital (think electrocution).

Indeed, Belle decides to go visit Amanda, and things are going well for a bit, before Amanda suggest that its good that Belle has forgiven her (for Drew/Amanda) now. Belle can’t believe that Amanda can seriously think that things ARE that simple, and Belle leaves the mansion in disgust.

Meanwhile, at Leah’s place, Peter grapples his thoughts of taking some of TJOSE painkiller, but he IS strong, and washes them all down the sink.

Peter then goes to the police station, and offer to help Constable Lara Fitzgerald. She says that he would be doing her a big favour if he took the complete police report to Amanda’s place (so Amanda can claim the insurance).

Peter arrives at the mansion, and finds Amanda in tears. He way tries to comfort her, and Amanda way thanks him for listening to all her woes. Peter insists that it’s that least that he could do, given all the help that she gave him with he was going cold turkey.

The two then has another moment, and that’s where Amanda looks all awkward & a tad guilty.

Peter then bails, but he doesn’t yet far before he realises that he just can’t stop thins. He re enters that mansion – and he & Amanda WAAAAAAAY pash !!!!!!! (end of ep)


Leah REALLY thinks that there’s something doing on between Peter & Amanda – after both (separately) say that they watched the classic movie Casablanca

Also, sounds like Tilly & Belle are up to something with the boys (Ric & Luke)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s shimmery silvery cropped jacket/purple top combo

SILVER – Sam’s grey & black horizontal striped button up long sleeve wide collar top/red (just below that knee) tight shorts combo

BRONZE – Rory’s light blue t shirt


Leah’s orange low cut singlet top

Beth’s maroon spaghetti strap top/white see though blouse combo

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