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Wed, Nov 15 06 - "There Are Some Things That A Teenage Girl Just

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"There Are Some Things That A Teenage Girl Just Doesn’t Need To See"

(Screened in Australia on Wed, Nov 15 06 - Episode # 4318)

Morag (police station) quizzes Ash about what happened with the missing evidence, and Ash takes particularly takes offence at Morag’s allegations that he is in league with Johnny’s gang. Ash suggests that he’ll readily take her to court for defamation, and Morag doesn’t look the least bit worried about this threat.

She returns to the van park house, Morag makes some serious queries on the phone about when/how that missing evidence was taken. When Morag hears that there is the VERY real possibility that Ash could have been involved, she isn’t surprised, but because Martha overhaers her voice this opinion, Martha confronts Morag when she is off the phone.

Indeed, BOTH think that THEIR gut instinct is the correct one, and they have a fierce verbal deal about this.

Meanwhile, Ash is doing his best tho prove Morag right. He is on the phone at the police station, telling whoever (that Rossetti dude perhaps) that he is perfectly placed in the bay, and that no one here really suspects a thing.

After her argument with Morag, Martha encounters Tony in the diner asks about Ash. Tony tells Martha that Ash, in the past, who going out with a girl, and despite getting engaged, ash still kept cheating on her in secret.

Tony continues by saying that because Ash looked up to Tony, he came to Tony about asked for a decent sized loan of money, and when with the wedding day fast approaching, Ash bailed – leaving Tony to tell the now pregnant girl that Ash has done a runner etc.

Armed with this knowledge, Martha confronts Ash (police station) and she initially continues to be VERY mad with Ash because of his pat – but Ash IS able to talk her round (i.e. “I was young at stupid then” etc).

When Morag &Martha see each other at the van park house, Morag can’t believe that Martha is willing to still be with Ash.

Indeed, when Morag encounters Ash at the diner, she continues to express her anti Ash sentiments, and that she insists to rid Bay of troublemakers.

When Sally, Morag & Brad return to the van park house, after they were at the police station (in previous ep), both Morag & particularly Sally voice their annoyance at Brad.

However, when Brad is going for a walk (alone), he encounters Johnny. Brad ignores his taunts for a while (the look on Brad’s angered face is priceless) before Johnny says something about going after Sally, and Brad looses it – he punches Johnny, who now has both a blood nose, and a smile on his face.

When Brad returns to the van park house, Sally talk to him about recent events, and the walk that he’s just been on. Brad naturally says that nothing interesting happen, but off course, the police turn up, and tell Brad (and Sally) that Johnny has made them aware that Brad assaulted him. The policeman says that Johnny won’t be pressing charges though.

When police are gone, Sally WELL & TRULY (both at the van park house and later near the surf club) expresses her dissatisfaction at Brad. She can’t believe that he’s continued to both go against what she & Morag have said, but also that he has continues to lie to her. Indeed, Sally is at a loss at what to do next.

At the hunter house, Martha, Luke, Tilly, Tony, Beth & Jack (in wheelchair) are talking at kitchen table. When Jack moved his wheelchair back a bit, he accidentally knocks Martha’s bag off the chair beside him. Everyone else tries to pick yup the bag, whilst Jack insists that he can do such things by himself – and that he needs to do these things to feel that he is getting better etc.

Later, Jack is on his bed. When he tries to get into his wheelchair, he falls. Luke & Tony hear the commotion and rush into his room. Beth & Tilly do too – but Beth escorts Tilly from the room when she sees that Jack has wet himself.

Much later, Jack is alone at the hunter house. He see that one of his pill bottles in on a shelf in kitchen that is a “tad” too high for him to easily reach. This of course doesn’t stop him from trying to reach it – but when Jack tries to stand briefly on the foot pegs of the whellchair, he (off course) falls over (end of ep)


What will happen after Amanda & Peter kiss? (Amanda looks shocked/regretful)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly’s hot pink (with white polka dots all over) wide collar t shirt/red belt/grey skirt combo

SILVER – Beth’s hot pink & purple long skirt

BRONZE – Sally’s dark blue spaghetti strap top


Beth's sky blue blouse

Martha's choc brown (with an orange band at the waist) halter neck top

Luke's yellow (V urban) t shirt

Brad's black leather jacket

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