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Tues, Nov 14 06 -"Rainbow Warrior"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Rainbow Warrior"

(Screened in Australia on Tues, Nov 14 06 - Episode # 4317)

At the bachelor pad, Rachel tells Kimmy (having just got off phone) that baby Joe seems to have settled in well with his crisis care family, whilst Kimmy just tries to go on with life (despite being clearly affected when he found Joe’s hospital armband on the floor of the bachelor pad).

Irene encounters Kimmy at the surf club. He tells hers about baby Joe being taken away by DOCS earlier that he thought (because of what he said to %Ra). Ire insists that he should still tell Rachel how he felt (i.e. that he wanted to take a chance with baby Joe)

Later, Rachel tries to select dessert for tonight, hn she & Kimmy talk about their wedding arrangements. Rachel gets that idea that Irene knows something about Kimmy that she isn’t letting on about. Irene “suggests” that Rachel should talk to Kimmy about baby Joe.

Indeed, when Rachel confronts Kimmy about it, he says that he did say anything about his feelings towards Joe is he thought that the bub was out of their hands. Rachel insists that Kimmy should have told her his feelings, and not let a technicality ruin what they could have with baby Joe.

Kimmy expresses his fear of loosing yet another child after getting close, but Rachel insists that this is different, as he won’t have to go throughput alone this time, as Kimmy has Rachel now.

Rachel insists that its not too late to contact DOCS, to get Joe backs, as both admit that the baby waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay got to them both.

Soon after, Rachel gets off the phone. She excitedly tells Kimmy that DOCS suggested that it should be relatively eerier to arrange that they (Rachel/Kimmy) can take care of bub again, but they’ll have to fill out paperwork etc for the actual adoption

As Brad searches the farm house for evidence against the gang, Martha encounters Ash at the diner. she is annoyed at Morag’s treatment of Ash. She is also annoyed that Ash (like Jack) have to work long hours.

Brad (farmhouse) is at a loss at the stolen goods – until he sees a ladder in the house, and when he uses in the climb into the ceiling, he finds all the expensive jewellery etc that the gang stole from Amanda.

Meanwhile, ear surf club, Morag sees (in the distance) Ash taking to Johnny. When ash is done talking to him, and Johnny has bailed, Morag confronts Ash. Morag is sceptical about why Ash was talking to Johnny, and she assures Ash that she is interested in ridding the bay of ALL troublemakers.

As Brad is about to bail (having collect all the stolen goods in a big bag), Johnny returns to the house. He sees the ladder, but has to bails again quickly when one of the gang members outside hastens him.

When Brad return to the van park house, Sally & Morag are most annoyed at him. Morag also insists that they can’t take goods to police as the way that Brad attained them would be inadmissible in court. Brad wonders, what if he said that he found them in the bush. Sally & Morag are sceptical – but don’t object.

Brad (with Sally & Morag) go to police station, and shows’tells than that he found that bag full of stolen goods in bushes at a perk that is known hang out of Johnny’s gang. Brad suggests that the gang hid goods there whilst police were raid the farmhouse.

McGrath orders that the stolen goods be taken to forensics for fingerprints.

Soon after, Johnny is bought in police station for questioning. When McGrath asks him about the stolen goods, Johnny insists that drug dealer Brad is obviously try to set him up – but mid interview, McGrath is handed fingerprint results – Johnny’s are ALL over the goods.

BRAD & Morag then talk to McGrath (at forint desk of police station). They are annoyed that this proof against Johnny doesn’t as yet affect the drugs allegation etc against Brad.

Soon after, when Brad & co return t the van park house, they bring Martha up to speed about what has happened.

Morag, and particularly Sally, expressed that concerns to Brad about his actions today. Indeed, a VERY sullen Sally insists that she isn’t sure is she can trust Brad again.

Morag then gets a rather shocking phone call. The stolen goods the Brad recovered have gone missing in transit between the Bay & the city.

When Morag, Brad & Sally go to the police station, Brad is forlorn that the fingerprint proof isn’t enough – the courts need to have the actual goods in their possession for the court case.

Morag then recalls when she saw Ash talk to Johnny earlier today –and the look on her face suggest that she thinks that either Ash & Johnny have cut a deal, or Ash has “pocketed” the stolen goods himself - given his alleged history. (end of ep)


Martha learns the whole shocking truth about Ash

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Morag's multi coloured (incl. gold) coat

SILVER – Kimmy's white (with fluro green motifs) boardshorts

BRONZE – Rachel's bright orange blouse


Martha's green wide collar top

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