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Fri 10 Nov 06 - "Sceptic Ingrown Toenail"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Sceptic Ingrown Toenail"

(Screened in Australia on Fri 10 Oct 06 - Episode # 4315)

Colleen continues to be a bit of a tyrant when it comes to this Xmas pageant. She ropes many ppl into the latest planning meeting at the vanp park house, incl. Morag & Irene.

When they are all are the van park house, everyone (the likes of Martha, Beth, Tony, Alf) comment on how 2-nd hand all of colleen’s Xmas decorations etc are, esp. the Santa costume that she wants alf to wear. Said costume is now more an orang colour than red – and everyone assembled laugh when alf has a wardrobe malfunction when he bend over (as the Santa costume is V tight on him.

Later, as Martha & co are tying to get something done with the feeble things that colleen has provided, colleen rtns the van park house, with a suitcase in her hand.

She tells everyone that she has to go up north the lancey;’s wife Debbie has an ingrown toenail that’s gone "sceptic" (and Debbie is now in hospital).

Tony & co suggest that that mean the pageant is over, but colleen insists that she has faith in them to go on kinda without her –she is leaving Martha in charge (although colleen will be ringing daily to check on their progress).

Whilst all the pageant nonsense is going on, Tony gets word that his redundancy payout form the education department is a decently size larger that he expect.

Beth makes o comment about perhaps using that money o go on an overseas holidays, but Tony isn’t that keen.

Irene soon after approaches Beth. Irene sense that it wasn’t just a frivolous comments form Beth, who admits that she’s NEVER set foot outside on Australia,

However, when Tony wonders if she has issues with his earlier thoughts (use money to secure his future here in bay), Beth insists that she is cool with what he’s decided (the look on hr face, when he has turned away, indicates other wise).

At the hospital, jack gets word form Rachel & Sam that he can discharge form hospital soon, although he will still have to attend physio session with Sam. Jack tells Beth & Tony that he is way pleased about going home.

Later, Sam enters jack’s hospital room, with her son Rory (note – let’s hope this kid doesn’t go the way of the bay’s other character named Rory, who was eaten by a shark).

Anyway, you can see that things aren’t as they seen as, despite Sam saying that Rory doesn’t "take" to new ppl well, Rory is V friendly with jack. The 2 males (whilst Sam is working) play Rory’s handheld computer games, and you can see that jack & Sam are getting ever closer when they talk when she rtns to jack’s room to collect Rory.

Kimmy expresses his concerns to the likes of Tony at how he is worried that Rachel is getting way to close to baby Joe – and things aren’t helped when that DOCS worker, Miss Bransky, asked Rachel (hospital) if she could look after Joe for a few more days until they find a foster family.

When Rachel tells Kimmy this he’s not so keen – I think the felling that this is that he too has bonded with the child (as he managed to stop the bub from crying).

Rachel is at the bachelor pad when Leah comes to visit. Rachel WAY lays her heart on the line, i.e. she is WAY teary when she tells Leah that she muchly wants to be a mum.

Soon after, Miss Bransky arrives at the bachelor pad, and she comments on how nice a home it is.

Rachel wonders if the social worker has had any success finding a foster family for the bub, but Bransky says that they’ve only been able to, at this point, get a crisis care placement for the bub tonight. Rachel is clearly concerned about Joe being moved about form pillar to post, so, as Bransky is taken Joe put of the house, Rachel stops her - and admits that she’ll take care of Joe until foster family IS found.

Later, Kimmy arrives home, and without seeing Rachel, says that hopes that losing Joe hasn’t hit her too hard. He is then shocked when she enters the main room of the house (form bedrooms) with Joe is her arms. Rachel tells Kimmy that she wants to ADOPT baby Joe !!! (end of ep)


Martha discovers the evil truth about Ash, and what will a kiss tween Peter & Amanda mean?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Colleen’s bright blue top/bright blue (with green leafy motifs) blouse

SILVER – Martha’s rich brown mid thigh length dress

BRONZE – Tony’s green "elf’s" vest/white (with a single blue & red stripe) BONT t-shirt combo


Irene’s green levy motif blouse

Miss Branksy’s rich red blouse

Beth’s yellow (orange butterfly motifs) cross over top

Rory’s royal blue cityscape(?) motif t shirt

Jack’s rich red (stylish grey motif) t-shirt

Rachel’s black spaghetti strap top/light blue see through crop top/grey long skirt combo

Martha’s red V Xmas t-shirt

Leah’s brown spaghetti strap top

Colleen’s royal blue (with white collar) V Xmasy long sleeve jacket

Sam's "dirty green" polo shirt

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