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Sleeping Dreams

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Story Title: Sleeping Dreams

Story description: Drama

Type of story: One shot - Poem

Main Characters: Josie

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read: yes/ no by who?

Any warnings:

Summary: Josie has met someone else but realises she still loves Jesse, who broke her heart on their wedding day.

Apologies to Cat3 for pinching your absolutely brilliant thread title from General Chat, but it gave me an idea for a poem. :P

Josie has met someone else but realises she still loves Jesse, who broke her heart on their wedding day...


And thousands of stars

and silver moonlight

and a velvet sky

and a perfect night

I'm warm in your arms

and safe in your smile

oh, I'll play the game

for a little while

but deep in my heart

where sleeping dreams dwell

there's a part of me

I've hidden so well

it's bruised and it's torn

and shattered with fears

still looking for love

still scarred by the tears

wish I could tell you

what no words can say

don't mean to hurt us

but I'll walk away

dreams that I cherished

always hoped would last

memories haunt me

of a love long past

and I gave you all

but I can't give me

for this broken heart

must always roam free

best if I go now

I'll leave you to sleep

silence and shadows

and secrets I'll keep

time to move on now

I'm closing the door

gave me all your love

but I needed more

needed my true love

tho he broke my heart

I can't forget him

and so we must part

I'll laugh with sunlight

I'll dance with the rain

night has the darkness

for hiding my pain

daylight is stirring

the breeze on my face

whispers and kisses

and fingers like lace

wanted to love you

I thought that I should

wanted to love you

if only I could

but morning stole by

with yellow sunbeams

and I woke once more

to my sleeping dreams


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