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Thurs 9 Nov 06 -"WAAAAAY Too Close"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "WAAAAAY Too Close"

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 9 Oct 06 - Episode # 4314)

Note 1 – ep 4313 HAD opening credits, but 4314 did not

Note 2 – Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual

Colleen is waaaaaaaaay trying to organise this Xmas pageant of hers, and she’s not that impressed when only a handful of ppl turn up a planing meeting. She then proceeds to answer rather well thoughts out questions (form the likes of Beth who wondered how she could make costumes without knowing who was actually IN the pageant) like Beth was asking her tro find the Holy Grail.

Colleen, later, made a comment to Tony & Beth about knowing that they’d been at Noah’s that afternoon (rather than doing the things she wants done for the pageant). Btw, because so few ppl (ash, Martha, Tony, Beth) turned up at that earlier meeting, she assigned that workloads of the ppl who had the sense not to turn up to the ones that did.

Morag arrives back in own, and Alf tell her about recent events, incl. Martha hooking up with Ash. When Morag encounters him for the 1st time, she asks if they’ve encountered before. Ash denies.

Soon after, ash gives Martha a beautiful (and pricey looking) necklace, and when Martha shows moa rag, the later is even more curious.

Morag discovers that Ash was involved in an internal police investigation agist him – but when she confronts him with this info, ash insists that a superior officer was that one responsible (and has tried to shift the blame onto ash).

Morag’s suspicions, despite ash’s explanations, are further aroused wen Martha sees that the necklace has initials on it. Ash insists that he got it form a pawnbroker – and he even goes (off screen) to said pawnbroker ash rtns with the receipt. Alf apologises heartily, whilst Morag is more reversed with her apology.

At the hospital, Martha goes off about Morag etc to jack.

However, Morag’s suspicions seem that be well & truly concerned when, at the police station, ash gets a mobile call form a person with names sorrenti. Ash assures this person (whejhn alone in the interview room that nobody knows anything about what ash etc has planed.

At the hospital, Rachel is frustrated when there is currently there is no foster family to take cars of baby joe.

She then shocks kimmy, when she arrives at the bachelor pad with little Joe. Rachel insists that she couldn’t stand that thought of the baby going into crisis care, and being passed that sever al families. Kimmy is clearly not so keen that Rachel has bought the bub home with her.

Things get more inters tying when Rachel is called back urgently to the hospital (as the registrar that was working that shift went home sick etc).

After Rachel goes, kimmy had trouble keeping the baby form crying. Indded, the bub is still crying when Rachel returns – but once back in his arms, little Joe is quiet once more.

Kimmy goes to the diner, when he tells Tony & Beth that he is V concerned that Rachel is getting WAY too bonded with little Joe.

These thought of kimmy's are reinforced by the lat scene of the ep, in which Rachel is waaaaaaaaaaaaay mothering baby Joe (end of ep)


Looks like Jack & Sam are get way closer, whilst how will Kimmy react when Rachel say she want to adopt baby Joe

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Martha’s aqua V-neck halter-top

SILVER – Beth’s black (with yellow wavy motifs) long skirt/light blue wide collar long sleeve top combo

BRONZE – Alf’s V SBH girls uniform looking (in terms of colour/pattern) button up shirt


Rachel’s burgundy long sleeve button up shirt/denim vest

Colleen’s gold blouse red top/red long pants combo

Tony’s black (with multi coloured bands across the bust) polo shirt

Morag’s mustard-y blouse

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