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Wed 8 Nov 06 - "Nothing Left To Lose"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Nothing Left To Loose"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 8 Nov 06 - Episode # 4313)

Just after Belle & Luke enter the diner, Cassie & Tilly (who were sitting with Ric) bail. Although Cassie bails for her own reasons (she was about to anyway), Luke & Ric are annoyed that Belle & Tilly can’t be even in the same room together.

When Ric & Luke are alone, they begin to plan for a way to get the girls (Belle & Tilly) tho be civil to each other.

Soon after, as Belle & Luke are walk on the sandy tracks tween the main beach of the other side of the headland, he suggest that they should go on a r0omantic picnic this arvo.

Meanwhile, at van park house, Ric suggest some thing to Tilly – and the girls (without knowledge of the boys plan) agree to go to picnic.

Later, Belle & Ric are having their picnic on the big sand dine as that base of the cliff the lighthouse is on, and they are having a good time, until Tilly & Ric arrive.

Both girls aren’t keen on the idea on the 4 being in to one spot – and the guys decides to bail to get some coffees for the diner.

Whilst Luke & Ric at diner, Colleen tries to tell them a story about what people got up to at the spot known back then as “kissing point”, but the boys aren’t keen to listen.

Meanwhile, things are icy between Tilly & Belle, until they BOTH agree that the boys are dumb for thinking a plan like this (become friends when left alone together) would work.

When the boys rtn to the picnic spot, Tilly & Belle launch into a verbal war – and Luke & Ric have to restrain them as they start a food fight.

The girls laugh – as they think that the boys were LAME to try to get them to be friends this way.

However soon after, at diner, Tilly & Belle head to the bathroom (?) together, and Ric thinks (*based on way that the girls are acting) that they HAVE bonded – even if that bonding was to gain revenge on the “silly” boys !!!

Brad is at the police station, and he insists that he hasn’t done this (sold drugs to Potter).

The police (off screen) search Brad’s home and his office at work. There’s no sign of the drugs, but in a search of the boot of his station wagon/estate. The police find a decent quantity of drugs.

Back at the police station, Brad insists that Johnny &* his gang planted the drugs – but when police approach Johnny & gang, Johnny tells them that Brad manhandled him recently at the diner (and shows the police some bruises on his arm).

Back at the police station, McGrath is NOT impressed that Brad not tell him about the clash with Johnny – and things get worse when McGrath is informed that Brad has a criminal record. Brad insists that yrs ago, the police found drugs on him that weer planted by a “friend” when police raided a party.

Soon after, Morag is by Brad’s side (the police suggests the Bat Brad should get a lawyer), but even after McGrath suggest that Brad is free to go, for now, Morag has to “muzzle” Brad's comments against the police’s inaction against Johnny.

Later, when back at the van park house, Brad tells Sally & co that he needs to go for a walk – and he, off course, encounter Johnny. The gang leader taunts Brad a little (about drug sales), but then Johnny mentions that Emily would be spinning in her grave, unless she was of course in on it (the drug selling). Brad garbs Johnny – but doesn’t hit hit him, although you can see that Johnny has got the reaction he wanted.

When Brad return to the van park house, Sally & Morag are most annoyed that Brad reacted that way he did (knowing that that’s what Johnny wanted). The police arrive – and slap an AVO on Brad.

Soon after, when Brad & Morag are at police station, and Morag is way protesting that they are harassing an innocent man, Sally enters – and tells that that she’s just had the education department rang, and Brad has been suspended from the position of school principal (pending the court case).

Later, after Brad pack up his things at the school, and talks to Sally for a bit, he is in a classroom (after Sally has bailed) when Johnny approaches him. Brad says that that AVO was a VERY nice touch.

Brad then adds that what Johnny has done is ALL a big mistake, as Brad now has NOTHING to loose. Johnny looks clearly affected when Brad insists that “You better watch your back” (end of ep)


As Martha gets ever closer to ASH, Morag is on his case (as he’s WAY hiding something).

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly’s dark blue (with block of brown at the bottom) short skirt/sky blue (with orange summer-y motifs) bikini top combo

SILVER – Tilly's teal V neck top

BRONZE – Luke's light purple board shorts


Belle's red & blue (starry motifs) bikini top/dark blue short shorts

Belle's red (whier butterfly motif) top

Brad's maroon tie

Ric's dark green t shirt/green & white board shorts

Colleen's red (floral) dress

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