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Tues 7 Nov 06 - "Smooth Criminal"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Smooth Criminal"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 7 Oct 06 - Episode # 4312)

Peter (beach) is approached by L. he tells her that he HAS met a girl that he is find of, but there are too many complications. Leah thinks that Peter should go ahead and takes the ricks (especially with what he has been through.

Ryan & Dan arrives at the mansion, and thereiis no response when knock on door. They check pool are – Amanda not her. Dan looks through lounge window – sess Amanda lying motionless on floor. Ryan grabs spare key – and whilst Dan tries to revive Amanda (with CPR), Ryan rings the ambulance service.

When the ambulance dudes arrive, they are able to get Amanda’s heart tarted again.

Meanwhile, Ric & Luke [outside diner] are talk about how much easier like would be if Tilly & Belle could get along – but both girls aren’t that keen.

Just as Drew approaches Luke and co, Irene tells Belle that there had been an accident – and Amanda is ain hospital. Belle doesn’t carte – but Drew is interested.

Indeed, when the nurses say that people can go into Amanda’s room, Drew is among the he like of Leah, Dan, Ryan & Peter.

When thy’ are in the room, there’s clearly an unease between Amanda & Peter, whilst Amanda also says that the lamp thing was all her fault.

Later, Peter enters Amanda’s room alone, and they talk about what’s happened. Both agree that they’ve always have feeling for each other, and they couldn’t go further with them before (because of Aw marriage to Dan), and they can’t again now (because Peter not want to ruin things with Drew).

At the van park house, Sally still isn’t keen on Brad taking thing into his own hands about Johnny. As this chat continues, Rocco bails –and he meets up with Johnny & the gang. Johnny wants Rocco to sell more drags – and steal more things from the van park house, even if its cash.

Later, at said van park house, Ric is try to convince Tilly to get along with Belle, whilst you can see Rocco is pay attn when Alf & Sally are talk about internet banking.

Late that night, Rocco accesses the comp that Alf was working on earlier – and appear to transfertr from money from one acct to another.

Next day, at SBH, Tilly tries to strike up a conversation with Belle, who ignores Tilly, and Tilly gives up on the idea.

Meanwhile, Rocco seesl some more drugs, and is worried when the police arrive, after a tip off about drugs. Indeed, the police find drugs ain the locker of a guy with surname of Potter (that Rocco sell drugs too).

Rocco bails from school, and is way worried when he encounters Johnny near diner. However, Johnny insists all is under control.

Back at school, Potter tells police & Brad that he has no idea how drugs got in her locker etc.

Later, Rocco approaches his bro, just as Potter bails from talk to Johnny. Rocco’s brother assures Rocco that all is going according to plan – and that all that, Johnny insists, that Rocco needs to know.

Soon after, as haper is ending his shift at police station, Potter enters, and says that he is going to tell that who sell him drugs.

The police arrive at SBH – looking for Brad, and Brad, Sally & Rocco are SHOCKED when the police want to charge Brad with the sale of illegal drugs !!!! (end of ep)


The police think that Brad is WAY guilty – and a previous offence doesn’t help.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly’s white see though spaghetti strap top/pink (with whits spots) halter bikini top combo

SILVER – Belle’s black (with gold Rip Curl logo) singlet top/white board shorts combo

BRONZE – Leah’s apricot spaghetti strap top


Amanda’s leopard print halter top

Luke’s yellow (VERY urban motif) t shirt/light blue board shoots combo

Ryan’s white (with blue writing) polo shirt

Rocco’s light blue (Quicksilver) sleeveless shirt

Sally’s back (with pin stipes) suit jacket

Peter’s earthy brown shorts

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