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Say Goodbye

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Topic Title – Say Goodbye

Topic Description – Jack and Matha fic, seeing as they're the best people on the show.

Type of story: one-shot

Rating: G (general audience)

Main Characters: Jack and Martha :)

Genre: Is Death one? Sad fic, maybe could be Romance

Warnings: none really apart from it being very soppy :P

Is Story being proof read: nope

Summary: A death within the family causes alot of heartache, see how it affects both the spouse and child of the deceased. :)

Heres a Jack and Martha fic

"No!" I yelled at the doctor "You're wrong!" I paused looking around the room, "Jack. It's not true, you're fine! Don't listen to them"

"It's ok Martha. We both know they're not wrong. Come here" As he embraced me I inhaled his beautiful scent and the tears slid down my cheeks.

How could this happen to him? To us? "what did we do wrong?" I sobbed into Jack's T-shirt.

"Hey" he pulled apart from me and looked deep into my eyes, "we did nothing, ok? Nothing! Don't you go blaming yourself, you couldn't have done anything more to help this than I could."

"I know but it's just so…."

"Shhhh, it's ok, I'm here" he rocked me back and forth reassuring me. I couldn't help feeling guilty, he had just found out he wasn't going to be here for much longer yet he was comforting me, it should be the other way around.

"I'm sorry" I sniffled as I pulled away from his strong arms, wiping my wet face. "Are you ok?" I asked him looking up at his face.

"Yeah, as long as you are, and you have nothing to be sorry for."

"I love you" I whispered to him as he held me close one more time.


3 Weeks later

"Jack!" I called into the bedroom excitedly, "Jack! I have the best news EVER!" I talked to him as I walked down the hallway towards our bedroom. "Jack, I'm pregnant!" I exclaimed as I entered our bedroom.

"Jack?" something was wrong I could tell. He didn't look peaceful and sleeping, his face looked twisted and painful.

"Jack? Jack please" I jumped onto the bed and shook him gently. My eyes brimmed with tears as I realised what was going on but I refused to believe it.

"No Jack! Not now! Please not now! You didn't get to hear my news, I didn't get to tell you." I hugged him tighter than I had ever done before as I sobbed into his still-warm chest.


I remember laying with jack for hours as it seemed, just talking to him. Talking to him as if everything was ok, like he was just sleeping and would wake up at any time. I pretended that he hadn't gone and that I could feel his heart beating as I lay my head on his chest, I pretended I could feel his warm breath on my cheek as he slept. It didn't seem right. Why couldn't he have just hung on one more minute? One more minute and he could have felt the greatest joy, but he didn't. he left and I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

I've carried him with me for years now. Our daughter has grown, she started school last year and she is beautiful. I see traces in Jack all over her and I just know how much they would have adored each other if they had the chance. She has asked me many times about her daddy and I tell her all I can about him, every detail. I made a promise to myself and Jack that day, I promised that I would never forget him, and I would make sure our child knew him and loved him as much as I did. Nothing in the world could stop me from keeping that promise.


"Come on Olivia!" I called upstairs to my daughter, "It's time to go and see daddy."

"Yippe!" I watched Olivia bound down the stairs excitedly, "Can I show him what I made today?"

"Sure, lets go."


I sat on a solitary bench in the cemetery, watching my daughter talk to Jack, she always loved coming here, I think she feels close to him.

"And today we went to the beach with Mrs Rigby, she's the art teacher and she's really funny. We built sandcastles and paddled in the sea daddy! It was so fun! I told Becky and Gracie that if you could have been there with us you would have been wouldn't you? They asked me why you weren't there to pick me up at home time but I explained how you moved away to heaven. One day daddy, I can come to your house in heaven and speak to you properly ok? I can sleepover if mummy lets me too! And then maybe mummy will want to stay over as well and we can all live together in your new house. I cant wait daddy! Well I've got to go now, but ill come back tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that! Mummy gets really sad here doesn't she? Maybe she doesn't want you to have moved away to heaven? I think she wants to come and live with you so I'll ask her when we can. I'll see you soon daddy. Bye"


I then walk towards my daughter and watch as she waves to the tombstone.

"Go and wait over on that bench a min Liv, I want a word with daddy"

She runs off to the bench as I kneel down on the grass next to Jack. "She's clever for a little-un isn't she!" I laugh, "she knows exactly what I think about your new house in heaven! I thought that was a good way to explain it to her, you know a way she would understand. I hope you don't mind." As I stood up I lay one white lily onto the ground. "I love you Jack, always and forever".

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A poem to accompany the fic:

I sat beside and watched you,

The day that it was through,

The love that's never ending,

The day that made me blue.

I often sit and wonder,

At the window sill,

Why you ever left me,

And how this hole will fill.

I had so much more to tell you,

So much more to say,

How could you ever leave me there?

Why did you go away?

If youd have just stayed

For one more day at least

You would know what I had to tell you

And your time with me increased

To stay for just to see her

Our beautiful little girl

You would have loved her so much you know?

Her face, her smile and her twirl.

She’d have been so lucky to have you

And all the love youd give

Youd smother in all your love

And would have given her so much, had you had the chance to live

Thers some things that only

A father can give to you

Our daughter has missed that chance

And now she will be blue.

She knows youre right beside her

Wherever she may go

And wherever her life will take her

She knows your sure to follow

So whenever she is lonely

I told her to look inside her heart

There shes sure to find you

Never will you part.


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