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Fri 3 Nov 06 - "Everyone Has History"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Everyone Has History"

(Screened in Australia on Fri 3 Nov 06 - Episode # 4310)

Martha (van park house) is joking about how cool it is that Alf will be Santa in the pageant. She then (as the have just entered) comes acris some flowers that Ash has had delivered. Alf thinks they are a bit too much, whilst Martha is intrigue by the card, in which ash wonders if she is a girl who likes more formal dates or more casual ones. The card also says that ash will pick out Martha for said date at 4pm this arvo.

Later, Martha is all dressed up awaiting ash to arrive. Alf comments on how beautiful she looks. Ash then arrives, with a combo of formal AND casual clothes (see it’s a designer label below).

Soon after, Martha & ash arrive to a V nicely organised picnic table, and once more ash goes with the combined theme – they have fish & chips, but with all the silverware etc of a fancy restaurant.

As they continue to chat, talking about their siblings, Tony looks on with interest as he walks nearby.

Later, Tony & Alf are talking in Noah’s. Tony expresses his concerns about Ash, when he tells ash that Ash has a habit of screwing things up, and then telling everyone then it was the other person’s fault.

Martha & ash waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss (vanp oark house) but they had finished doing so by the tome that Alf arrives. Indeed, ash is just bailing as he does.

Alf voices Tony’s concerns to Martha. She insists that ash has told her bout his past – and then he has now WAY changed.

At the hospital, jack & Tony talk bout Luke, lee & the whole baby debacle. Talk then turns to jack’s recovery. Jack thinks that its going V well – thank to Sam.

Speaking of whom, she enters the room moments later, just as Tony ois bailing. Sam has a wheelchair with her - as she is taking Jack to the pool for his latest session.

When Jack & Sam arrive at the hospital pool are, they joke about how many points Jack will score (with the judges) if he does a V acrobatic dive into the pool.

When they are both in the pool, and Sam is trying to get Jack to take a step or two, she mentions that he will soon be back to swimming as well as he used to before the incident that put him in hospital.

She mentions that right now, her 10 yr old son Rory is in much better condition to what jack is now.

When Jack tries to dig deeper into her history, Sam suggests that they concentrate on getting jack better.

Back in jack’s hospital room, Sam opens up about herself. She says that before Rory, she had another child, a girl who had a rare disease. Sam & her hubby went all over the globe thy to find a cure for their daughter, but in the end she died, AND hubby was sent to prison as he had been paying for all that travel etc by embezzling money for the company he work for. Sam adds that soon after her hubby was put in jail, she discovered she was preggres with Rory.

Sam tells jack that he is the 1-st person that she has told that story (her history) to. She also mentions that because someone is looking after Rory tonight for her, she can stay to keep Jack Company if he wants her to. Jack muchly agrees.

At the mansion, Peter agres to live here whilst he goes cold turkey. Amanda is pleased that she can help him. Peter insists that no n can know that he is here. Amanda is pleased that she can do this, to make up for hurt drew etc.

Peter (Leah’s_ tells Dan *& Leah that he is gong on fishing trip with a few old mates. He wished to speak to draw before he went but if he can’t … Dan comments that drew is more anti Amanda than ever, after talking to be at the pageant meeting.

Outside the surf club, Amanda can’t believe in when she finds that someone has graffiti’s her car windscreen (‘for a good time, call 1800SKANK).

Drew looks on with interest esp. when Amanda tries to remove it. Irene however busts Drew.

At Leah’s, peter can’t wait for drew any longer. He is about to bail when Irene arrives with Drew (and tells that about what drew did). Drew can’t believe that they are all waaaaaaaaaaaay having a go at his for doing that.

Peter enters the mansion, and tells Amanda that he can’t believe that drew did this. He also inists that he now really needs that cold turkey thing to happen, after what drew did today.

Amanda insist that she will try to makes everything all right again, even it takes forever. Preter comments that Amanda never ceases to amaze him - but this time, it’s in a good way.

Later, peter & Amanda are talking, and peter wonders why Amanda let this thing with drew happen. She tell him that drew made her feel loved, which was amazing as she hasn’t loved herself for a long, long time.

Amanda continues by saying that a few years after she supposedly miscarried Belle, she way went of the rails, and one night she was out on a double date with her sister Kellie. Anyway, she was driving too fast on way home – barrel rolled the car, and although Kellie died, Amanda seems to get away with it (injury wise) scott free.

Amanda says that she has been beating herself up ever since, and that she now thinks that she didn’t escape scott free (emotionally).

Peter tell Amanda that she WIL fin love again – and they have an awkward silent moment, which prompts Amanda to bail from the room (end of ep)


It looks like Peter & Amanda are going to get together again,

whilst Morag is waaaaaaaaaaaaay on Ash’s case (he is on the phone saying, “nodbody knows. How stupid do you think that I am”)

It’s A Designer Label

GOLD – Ash’s V formal white shirt & black coat/V casual red board shorts combo

SILVER – Sam’s red & black sports crop top/red long pants combo

BRONZE – Sam’s dark green low cut top/white long pants combo


Leah’s red halter top/black spaghetti strap to combo

Martha’s dark brown halter dress

Martha’s’ gold blouse

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