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Thurs 2 Nov 06 - Episode # 4309

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Tilly Is NOT Beth"

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 2 Nov 06 - Episode # 4309)

Beth is NOT impressed when Ric & Alf bring Tilly home with a blood nose !!! Beth suggests that Ric should just go.

Next morning, Ric arrives bright & early to the hunter house, and tries to apologize, but Beth insists that if Ric can’t look after Tilly on the one night that he promised ….

As Ric bails, Tony looks on with a rather knowing look on his face.

When Tilly is awake, Beth confronts her about last night, Beth insists that Tilly should never see Ric again. Beth is furious – as is Tilly, who insists that Beth can’t stoop her (seeing Ric).

As Tilly bails to her room, Tony once more bitted his tongue.

Soon after, Tony confronts Beth about all this. Beth insists that she is just trying to protect Tilly. Things get worse when Beth goes to look for Tilly, and she is NOT in the room.

Beth charges over to the van park house, where Tilly is of course, talk to Ric. Beth wants to drag her home – and ALf concurs with Beth.

When they return to the hunter house, Tilly is still sooooooo annoyed, whilst Beth insists to Tony that she IS doing the right thing.

Soon after, Tony & Beth are talking on the beach. Tony suggests to Beth that there’s GOT to be something deep behind all this (treatment of Ric/Tilly). Beth then opens up. She tells Tony that the connection between Ric & Tilly is just sooooo similar to the one for her with her first hubby Jack. Beth is worried that, whilst Robbie, Scott, Kit etc are out seeing the world, she doesn’t want Tilly too be married young and have a string of kids like Beth did. Beth admits that she not regrets her life, but not want same thing for Tilly.

Beth (hunter house) talks to Tilly & Ric (with Tony looking on). Tilly etc assure Beth they that soooo not plan to rush into marriage etc.

Ric insist that he will waaay treat Tilly right, but Beth jokes that he isn’t doing that right now, i.e. “isn’t there some movie you should be taking my daughter too” etc. Tilly & Ric bail, and Beth (with BIG smile on her face) looks at the framed pic of all her kids (the one wit the Mum Rocks banner).

It’s late at night when Peter enters Leah’s place. He quickly takes some of his pills (as he appears to be way agitated). He then is by a window, and I get the felling that the reflection that we see of him is supposed to be like when a person looks in the mirror, and not like what they see.

At diner, Colleen ropes the likes of Drew, and then Belle, into helping out with the XMas pageant. Drew & Belle both want the last muffin, and Colleen suggests they be Xmas-y and share, but Belle decides t bail (and says that Drew can have, as she doesn’t care).

At Leah’s, Drew & Peter talk about how both Drew & Belle got roped into pageant meeting. Drew picks up piece of papar on the floor. Peter sees this, and indicates that he had been looking for that, as it’s an overdue bill. However, when Drew leaves the room, we can clearly see that it’s a script for medication.

Near the beach, Aw encounters Belle. Amanda is hoping that they can at leat be friends, but Belle rebukes her. Belle ends the little chat by saying that “I don’t have a mother!”

At surf club, Colleen puts the likes of Dan, Leah, Alf, herself, Drew, Belle & others (read extras) in to pairs to thinks of ideas for the Xmas pageant.

Alf isn’t so keen initially on being Santa, whilst although things start off rather icy between Belle & Belle, things start to melt between them (thanks to the common ground that they BOTH hate Amanda).

Peter arrives at Amanda’s mansion. He talks to her about how bad his addiction is, and how he not want the likes of Drew, Dan etc to how his little secret (about said drugs).

Amanda suggests that Peter, if he wnats to, could move int9o the mansion, and Amanda can help him beat to this. Amanda insists that she has caused enough pain in the world, and wants t help. She asks Peter to consider her offer. (end of ep)


Ash & Martha go on a romantic date, but Tony (and Alf) are way wary of Ash

It’s A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth's royal blue satin top (with matching night gown)

SILVER – tilly's turqoise widse collar t shirt

BRONZE – Tilly's white (red loveheart) PJs


Collen's royal blue (V XMas) blouse

Bels''s pink butterfly motif singlet top

Amanda's black top/white frilly blouse combo

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