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Tues 31 Oct 06 - "WAAAY Bonding, And Then ....."

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "WAAAY Bonding, And Then ....."

(Screened in Australia on Tues 31 Oct 06 - Episode # 4307)

By the roadside, Brad is way shaking and nothing the bruises & cuts that he now has. He reaches for his mobile.

At van park house, Alf comments to Sally bout how close that she & Brad appear to be. Sally tells Alf that she not sure she wants to risk the friendship she has wit Brad (for something more).

Brad (roadside) tells Constable Lara Fitzgerald that he definitely thinks that it was Johnny who did this, but Brad is frustrated when Constable Lara Fitzgerald says that without proof ….

Next day, at the diner, Sally is talk to Leah & Alf, and she is told about what happened to Brad last night.

Sally approach Brad (near beach), and although can’t convince him to got to hospital (to have wounds checked out), he agrees to go back to her place. This is after Sally says that she picked up enough from Flynn to take care of those cuts & braises.

At van park house, Sally tends to Brad’s wounds. After takes care of his face, Sally is surprised that Brad is a tad shy when she try to take care of the wounds on his chest (given that she has seen him in the buff that time that he lock himself out of house).

As Sally treats said chest wounds, both get way closer emotionally & physically – but the moment is kinda wrecked when Constable Lara Fitzgerald enters. She tells Brad that Johnny – and his gang all have water tight alibis for lat night. Brad is mot annoyed.

However, soon after, Sally & Brad talk in the living room. Both admit that they are WAAAAAAAAAAAY keen on each other, but are a little concerned about moving on from Flynn & Emily.

Later, Sally watches the video that Flynn did for her before he died. The video reinforces Flynn’s face to face message to Sally that when she finds THE ONE, she should WAY move on. Sally looks relieved – and pleased.

Meanwhile, Brad is at the diner. He is fiddling with his wedding ring. Lee notes that he is WAY smiling – and seems VERY pleased for him.

Belle (diner) is concerned that Luke didn’t call her last night. Luke is then surprised that she doesn’t go mental that he was helping Lee. Belle says that as long as bub isn’t Luke’s ….

At the hospital, Rachel tries to convince Lee that she should try to bond with the bub. Rachel gives an emotional speech about how some woman want to have kids but can’t yet other have unplanned babies thrust upon them. However, Rachel is disheartened when this seems to convince Luke to give the bub up for adoption.

After speak to Rachel in the corridor, Luke & Belle try to us their own experience *(Luke’s mother die when he was VERY young and Belle being adopted out) to try to convince Lee to keep the child.

A nurse bring in the crying bub, and Lee DOES begin to bond especially when she breastfeeds so easliy.

However, that’s when her b/f Dane arrives, and “suggests” that the baby isn’t part of the deal.

When Dane is in the corridor, Luke confronts him, and then Dane confronts Lee about “sicking:” Luke onto him.

Dane then tells Lee that they REALLY need to bail – and one of the people they stole with has been captured by police (and this guy is known to be a bit of a blabber).

Soon after, Rachel, Kimmy, Luke & Belle are keen to speak to Lee again about all this, but when they enter her room, Lee (and Dane) are gone.

A search begins – but it’s discovered that Lee etc lefty there hospital (and weren’t stopped as, at that point, the alarm hadn't been raised).

Rachel is way worried, not for the bub, but for Lee – who could VERY likely suffer a post partem haemorrhage !!!! (end of ep)


Luke & co find a clue to Lee’s whereabouts but will they be able to find her?

It’s A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle's red (gold heart motif) singlet yop/yellow bra combo

SILVER – Lee's pink hospital shirt/light purple (floral motif) night gown

BRONZE – Luke's light green (tropical themed) t shirt


Sally's grey (brown leafy motifs) tube top

Leah's dark purple shimmery top

Rachel's red top/white blouse combo

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