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Home And Away Season Finale

Guest Stuart2006

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Topic Title – Home and Away season finale

Topic Description – 2006 cast, T (V/D)

Type of story: oneshot

Rating: T

Main Characters: 2006 characters

Genre: Drama

Warnings: (V/D)

Is Story being proof read: Not sure

Summary: The 2006 season finale, totally different, but with equally much drama!

This Episode is following my Fake Spoilers in the Spoiler Section. They are as Follows....

Home And Away Season Finale

Peter wakes up in Prison and Bangs his hang against the wall. The large brick moved. He tried the others and they also moved.

A hooded figure walks around the bay with a gun in their hand. Tony got up and texted Beth. Hi baby The Bay think You're dead so it's safe to make a quick gettaway. I'm packing the now.

Beth texted back saying Good my body was suposedly taken to the city but was taken to a new life in Sunny Spain.

Meanwhile Colleen opened the diner and then 1 person came in for a cup of tea where was everyone? Eve got up and got her revenge plan ready for action. Meanwhile in the Prison Peter found a way out but never escaped.

Alf opened the Surf Club and Eve came in for a drink. A person with a balaclava run in holding a gun. EVERYBODY YOU'RE IN A HOLD UP PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND GET DOWN ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES NOW!!!! The person also shouted I won't hurt anybody if you don't try to escape. Eve come with me! Eve refused The person stabbed her in the hand with something and took her away in a black van. The person put her in a cage and locked it then drove away.

In the prison

Peter sat watching T.V.

Meanwhile in SB. Everybody was very careful. The police rushed in they checked for DNA but found nothing. Colleen stood up and said I KILLED BETH!!! She was driving me crazy so she went to the house for to get dinner and I run in and shot her. Luckily she is alive and well but is hidden. Colleen run in a car and seen everybody following her. She crashed the car and went into a another car. She got out her car and stood at the edge of the cliff and threatened to jump off. Peter run over and said I never killed Josh It was Colleen. Colleen grabbed Peter and said If you move I will throw you over. Peter quickly undone the headlock and threatened to murder her. Peter put colleen closer to the cliff then he let her go. Colleen said If anyone comes 1 cm closer I will jump over here! Alf rushed to her. She fell over the side but at the bottom she jumped in a car and drove to the city. Jack searched the surf club and found Beth. She said I was given tickets to go to another part of Australia. I never went I sold them and went to sunny spain. I returned and colleen tied me up and tried to kill me. I survived. She then rushed out and I never seen her again. Meanwhile Eve seen a figure lurking around the mansion. Show yourself she shouted. The person turned around. Eve was shocked. It's you…… she shouted and then she was hit over the head with a crowbar. The person rushed her alive body to peters office. Peter was sitting in the office. The person rushed out and peter pressed a button. Police rushed and knock the person down. As Peter ripped the balaclava of he was shocked to see who it was. The person seen peters gun and grabbed it and shot everybody in the room. The person rushed out leaving eves body behind! Outside Alf was standing he was now the guard of the station. He seen the figure running towards the gates. The hooded person quickly jumped on the gate and climbed over. Alf was chasing the person when he seen a pair of stairs then he fell across them. He lay their out cold but alive. The blood was pouring out of his arm. Rachel seen him while she was taking a walk and she run towards him. She called Kim and said QUICK KIM! ALFS FALLEN AT THE BEACH STAIRS! BRING MY DOCTOR BRIEFCASE! I'LL TALK TO HIM WHILE YOU COME! NOW HURRY HE'S LOSING LOADS OF BLOOD!!!!! Kim run to the house pushed the door open and got Rachel's case. He then run to the stairs and seen Rachel. She opened the case and prepared a injection for him. She injected him with it and the blood stopped pouring out him. She got another injection and injected him again with another thing. She said This will make him stay alive until I get him to hospital. Kim called an ambulance while Rachel checked his pulse and Blood pressure. She wrote it down and then noticed a bad bang on his head. She plastered it up. The ambulance arrived but couldn't get the van at the beach near him. Rachel said I will have to Operate here. She operated on him then the ambulance men came to get Alf. At the hospital, Rachel said I had to operate their. DR. Green checked him and said you have just saved a life DR. Great Job! Julie came running through and said He's woke up and wants to see you Rachel. She walked through and he said Thanks Rachel you just saved my life. Thank You!! It's just my job Rachel said.

Meanwhile, The hooded person run to the surf club and Ric pounced on the person and pulled the hood down. It was Sally. She run to the police station to find all officers alive and well. They said we faked it. Sally took eve and drove away with her. Eve said Why? Why did you kidnap me? Sally replied saying You done the same to me last year. How do you think I feel. Now you're going to die. Eve sneaked out of the car and the car was drove over a cliff. Sally survived and said to Alf I never wanted to hurt you but you were in my way. Eve visited Sally and taunted her by saying You still never won………..


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