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Fri 27 Oct 06 - "Tilly ‘Fesses Up”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Tilly ‘Fesses Up”

(Screened in Australia on Fri 27 Oct 06 - Episode # 4305)

Note –Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

Macca is on the hunt for work. He asks Irene (diner) & Kimmy (gym) without luck. Rachel at leat suggests tat she might be able to score him a job as an orderly at the hospital.

Later, Macca gets a phone call. Sound like a job opportunity – but he insist that the will have to think bout it.

Macca lies to Cassie when he sys that the call was another knock back form a job application.

Later, Macca tells Cassie that he’s been offered a job with the firms that he drove trucks with earlier this year. He insists that he won’t go back on the drugs this time.

Cassie says that she way trust Macca –and think he should take the job. Macca thanks Cassie fir this.

Ric thinks that Tilly is coming on too strong (Blaxland) so he pulls back. She insists that she saw the condom and thought that this is why he invites her here. Ric insists that he just want some time alone – and never wants Tilly to feel pressured like that.

They decides to just talk for a while – and then Tilly tells him that she told Beth that she is spend night at Emma’s, s they agreed spend the night on the boat.

Next morn, Tilly awakes, and then Ric does. Tilly realises that it’s later than the tem she said that she’d be home. Before Tilly flees the boat, Ric way kisses her – and all of this is seen by Colleen (on her morning walk no doubt).

When Tilly gets home, she tells Beth & Tony see had great time at Emma’s.

Later, Beth is in diner and after Luke comes in to look for Belle (see below) a comment from Irene leads colleen to tell Beth about Ric & Tilly on Blaxland this morn.

Beth approaches Ric (who is also in finer), he tells her that colleen is correct. Beth is furious – and bails. Alf enters just as this happens.

When Beth gets home, she WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY goes off at Tilly for lying to her, and even thinking about sleeping with Ric. Tilly is also angry (that Beth is treat her like a child) and she bails form the room in a huff.

At van park house, Alf speaks to Ric – who, after a bit, agrees that perhaps Alf & Beth have a point.

Later, Ric & Tilly talk. Tilly seems initially annoyed that Ric thinks that she perhaps cool things for a bit, until they BOTH are ready, but Tilly does come around to Ric’s (and Beth’s etc) point of view).

Cassie approaches Belle, and insists that Belle isn’t the bad (town bike) person that she thinks she is.

Meanwhile, Luke is at a loss as to why Belle breaks p with him. When Tilly arrives home (from her night ion Blaxland) she is kinda surprised when she hears that Luke & belle are over. She then looks more than a tad guilty.

Later, Tilly talks to Luke. She admits that because ‘you know how Belle pushes my buttons”, that Tilly got angry and suggested to Belle that Luke is only with belle to bed her.

With this knowledge, Luke approaches belle – tells her that he soooo doesn’t think of her (or any girl) that way/ belle is way pleased that she & Luke and back on track.

She even tells this to Irene in the diner – before (of course) another obstacles gets in the path.

When Luke arrives home, a heavily pregnant LEE !!!! is at his doorstep. She insists that she is in a LOT of trouble and waaaaaaaaaaaay needs help !!! (end of ep)


Just as Sally & Brad look top be getting incredibly close, he has a car accident !!!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth’s royal blue satin plunge V neck dress

SILVER – Tilly’s spaghetti strap little black dress

BRONZE – Cassie’s white (with blue dots) bikini top/yellow spaghetti strap top/white boardshorts combo


Ric’s aqua polo shirt

Tilly’s V “tribal” (brown/white) halter-top & skirt

Irene’s red (sparkly motif) top

Belle’s black (with blue floral? motif) top

Colleen’s blue (with red, yellow etc block pattern) blouse

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