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Thurs 26 Oct 06 - "Tilly Is WAY Better Than Barbie”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Tilly Is WAY Better Than Barbie”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 26 Oct 06 - Episode # 4304)

Note – during one of ads breaks in this ep, it said (with a promo image of Martha on screen) “whilst you watch H&A, (channel) 7 News is watching Brisbane”

Ric arrives at hunter house – and he and Tilly bails seconds later. Beth tells Tony that she is way concerned about Ric being older that Tilly. Tony thinks things will be OK.

Near diner, Tilly is concerned by Beth’s reactions today.

Tilly & Ric than wonder how far advanced that Luke/Belle are in their relationship. Seconds later, Tilly & Ric see Belle/Luke WAY pashing.

After said kisses, Belle & Luke joke about themselves being in toothpaste & breath freshener commercials.

At diner, Ric goes to counter to pay for the food that he & Tilly have just had, Ric not take enough money with him so asks Tilly to get change out of his wallet. As she does so, finds (I think) a condom,

Tilly then tells Robbie that she has forgotten something that she had to do today – so she can’t hang out with him today.

At the hospital, Sam tries to get Jack to stand with the aid of a walking type frame. Tony is there too. Both way encourage Jack – and whilst she tries as much as he can, Jack way sits back o the bed after not that much of an attempt.

Near the surf club, Tilly & Belle encounter each other. Belle is keen to be friends with Tilly – in spite of the b/f swap. Tilly throws it back in her face – by suggesting that the only reason that Luke is with Belle is so he can sleep with her.

Belle responds by saying that Tilly not have to worry about such things – as she is SOOOO way uptight.

At diner, Belle is way evasive and she & Luke are talking. Tilly enters, and sees Ric, but insists not way to eat here (when she also sees Luke/Belle.

Ric tells Tilly that he has a romatic night planned for them – and to meet him at 6pm

At hospital, Luke talks to Jack about the Belle’s evasiveness. Jack is way agitated – and insists that he not care of Luke’s petty girl problems, especially in light of his marriage break up.

At hunter house, Tilly is gets waaaaaaaaay glam ready for her big night with Ric. When she hears someone else in the room, Tilly puts on a jacket.

Beth approaches Tilly – she tells Tilly that she is worried about Ric being older. Tilly hopes that this isn’t a talk about how babies are made.

Tilly also insists that she is spending the night over at friends Emma’s place.

When Tilly bails from the house, she bitches the jacket – meaning she’s now just wearing the LBD that she had on prior to hearing noises earlier.

At hospital, Tony talks to Jack, who doesn’t are about anything (incl. rehab) anymore more, now that he & Martha are over.

Near beach, Belle (in light of what Tilly said) break up with Luke. She does this after she wanted to spend some alone time today (I not hang out with him)

Tony & Rachel approach Sam – they ware WAY worry about Jack.

Sam takes Jack (in wheelchair) for a bit of an outing. They go outside – and she shows Jack some wheelchair bound people playing basketball. Sam insists that those people have no chance to regain the use of their legs, yet are getting on with life.

She also suggests that Jack should waaaaaaaaaaaaaay loose the pity act.

Tilly enters Diner, and Belle makes a catty comment to her (about Tilly being just like Barbie –waiting for her Ken)

Belle goes into kitchen – where she tells Irene that she & Luke are over.

Belle then literally runs into Cassie – who then tries to talk to Belle. Belle insists that they are NOT going to be friends.

In hospital, Jack thanks Rachel, Sam, Tony & Beth for not letting him wallow in self pity.

At diner, Cassie tries to talk to Belle, but a comment about Belle being more (sexually) experienced is taken the wrong way by Belle, who flees from the diner.

Irene goes after her. Belle is worried that she is considered as the town bike. Irene WAYS hugs Belle – after Belle says that she is way worried that guys only go out with her because they think she is easy.

Meanwhile, its night time now, and Tilly arrives at the Blaxland wharf. The wharf * the boat are way candlelit.

As she climbs on board, Tilly looks way concerned about things –but then she way surprises Ric hen she WAY starts to remove his shirt, and says “I want to be with you, Ric” (end of ep)


Beth discovers about Tilly/Ric night together – thanks to Colleen. Beth wants to split them up.

Lee is back in town – she WAY needs Luke’s help

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's pink spaghetti strap top/white knee length skirt combo

SILVER – Cassie's royal blue sleeveless jacket

BRONZE – Beth's light blue top/orange skirt combo

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