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Tues 24 Oct 06 - "At Least You Won’t Starve”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "At Least You Won’t Starve”

(Screened in Australia on Tues 24 Oct 06 - Episode # 4297)

Opening Credits - Robbie & Tasha are gone, and now, Martha is hitting a ball (with cricket bat) to the awaiting Jack & Kimmy – Kimmy catches (memories of Kelly, Travis & Stevo from credits of the mid 90s)

Johnny & the gang burst into Amanda’s place. She is way scared as they ail her up and start robbing the place.

At Leah’s, Peter suggest that he & Drew should talk about things (Amanda etc) whist plying card, but Drew has already arranged to go out with mates.

As the gang continue the nab all of Amanda’s expensive possessions, she is able to grab her phone (as they are in other rooms).

She dings Drew but Peter hears said phone (as Drew leave it behind). Peter sees that Amanda has tried to call Drew. Peter is annoyed so bails to confront Amanda.

At diner, Alf talks to Leah &^ Dan bout Peter’s miraculous rtn, whilst Sally encounters Brad, and invited him over for dinner at her place. He accepts.

Johnny asked Amanda where her jewellery is – she insists that its in bedroom. Johnny is suspicious that Aw is hiding something – and finds the mobile down that side of chair she is sit on.

Soon after, Peter arrives at mansion; ands Johnny suggest to Amanda that she get rid of him. Peter isn’t taking no for answer – and comes inside – where he too is bailed up by gang – they lock Amanda & Peter in her pantry before bail.

Amanda is way stressed – as she isn’t expected Macca home tonight – big date with Cassie.

Johnny tell his gang that they can’t flaunt their newfound wealth – and insists that next part of plan if the get Rocco in the van park house, as he will be less suspicious to people if he is lie with Sally.

At said van park house, Sally & Brad enjoyed a nice meal together.

Brad tells Sally that he is worried that she might get VERY hurt of she helps Rocco – as when he try to help a person break free from gang, said gang attached him – and Brad shows Sally the scars from the burns (near the wait) that inflict on him

Later, Sally tells Brad that he must be a softie as he read MANY bed tome stories to Little Pippa before she went to sleep.

As Brad bails, Rocco arrives – asks to stay, but Sally syas that, ibi current climate, bad idea.

Rocco tells his bro this – and Johnny clearly has plan as to how Sally will change her mind.

At mansion, Peter is getting more & more stressed. Eventually lets on, after looking for aspirin in the pantry!!!, that he needs to takes medication for injuries sustained during the explosion.

When Dan &^ Leah arrive home, they are surprised that PO & Drew are both out – but they enjoy the alone time (and get a bit frisky).

It’s late at night, and Peter & Aw are now both sit on floor of pantry. Amanda insists that she is bad perron who can’t change. Peter insists that she must learn form mistakes, and is she does, people of bay will give her a chance.

Peter can see that Amanda is way cold so he suggests they cuddle up (for the body warmth thing).

Next day, Leah & Dan comment to Drew about how much fin that he must have had spednigding the night out with Peter last nigt. When Drew tells that he not know where Peter is, Dan is concerned.

Drew sees the missed call from Amanda – and they thinks that Peter must have gone over there/. Dan gets no answer when rings Amanda.

Drew & Dan head over to Amanda’s place – langue room is a mess. They call out to Amanda – who. Along with Peter, call out theta they are in pantry.

Drew & Dan are rather surprised at what has occurred – after the let Peter & Amanda out.

Brad is walk near diner when he sees Rocco’s battered body. Brad rushes to help.

Soon after, Sally & Brad are tending to Rocco’ facial wounds intye diner flat. Sally insists that Rocco must come and live with her.

When Sally etc out of the room, Rocco rings his bro – and says that he is in. Johnny is pleased. (end of ep)


All can see that Ash & Martha are getting closer

Will Rocco dob on his bro when police find something belong to Johnny at a crime scene?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally's red V neck helter top

SILVER – Martha's red bikini top/denim ??? (skirt, shorts, jeans) fom new credits pick

BRONZE – Little Pippa's pink long sleeve jumper


Leah's white (with littel red motifs) PJ top

Jack's orange (with wite cirlce mortif) t shirt

Rocco's white boardshorts

Dan's apple green T shirt

Drew's black (with orange & gereen circular motif) t shirt

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