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Mon 23 Oct 06 - "And Amanda Thought That Drew Is The Biggest Trou

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

"And Amanda Thought That Drew Is The Biggest Trouble In Her Life …"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 23 Oct 06 - Episode # 4296)

In Johnny’s car, Rocco agrees to be gang in the gang. Johnny insists that Rocco must prove himself – and Rocco will find out in coming days how he will do this.

Johnny enters the diner flat and thrashes the place.

Next morn, Peter (Leah’s) is about to take some pills when Dan & Leah approach and suggest that they are gong to take VJ & Ryna to take the beach. Peter says that he’s not ready to answer all the questions bout where he has been etc.

Also Peter is more worried about Drew. He thinks that he shouldn’t have snapped at Drew over the Amanda ting, esp. when Drew enters (after surf) and when Peter asked him how water was, Drew simply says “Wet”.

Sally encountered Rocco near diner (just after he gets a text message). Rocco says that he is way keen to move in- but can’t right now as he is busy.

As Sally walk away, she sees a police car outside diner.

Inside the diner, Ash (in police uniform) is questioning Brad about the diner flat being thrashed. When Ash wonders if Brad was had any trouble him of late, you can see that Brad has thought of someone.

Near the Blaxland wharf, Rocco approached Johnny a7and the gang. They start kicking a soccer ball around.

Ash * another officered arrive in a police car. They wonder Johnny’s whereabouts last night. He says that he was at home – and that Rocco can back up story. When asked by Ash, Rocco concurs with his bro’s version of events.

When the police are gone, Johnny announces that the gang is going to rob the van park house tonight!!! Rocco looks way apprenhcious.

AT the police station, Brad is way annoyed that Johnny had got away with the, whilst Sally is concerned that Rocco lies to her.

At the van park house, Sally wonders why Rocco lied to her. Rocco insists that he encountered Johnny to get out of the gang, which John did (apparently). Sally insists that gangs aren’t that easy to get out of – but Rocco insists that his bro wouldn’t hurt him because he has done so.

Rocco then wonders if Sally can help him with an assignment tonight, but Sally insists that she’s got some reports to do from the department etc.

At Leah’s, Peter is way worried about his relationship with Drew. Leah insists that Peter should try to talk to Drew again.

Brad encounters Johnny near diner. Brad insists that he won’t be intimidated by the gang, whilst Johnny insists (menacingly) that gang aren’t going anywhere.

Brad goes to police station, but Ash says that they can’t do anything against the gang without hard evidence of a crime. Brad is frustrated.

When Drew returns to Leah’s, Peter tries to talk to him. Peter thinks that Drew should forget about Amanda – as she will cause him nothing but pain (like Amanda did to Peter in the past).

Drew takes no notice of this and goes to the mansion. He tells Amanda that they shouldn’t care about other’s feelings, but Amanda insists that they are WAY WAY WAY over !!!!

Johnny & the gang are planning how they will rob the van park house, but Rocco thinks that there are better places in the bay to “hit”. Johhnny tells Rocco that if he can name another place, then they’ll spare the van park house.

At the diner, the likes of Colleen, Dan, and Drew talk about Amanda and the return of her totally bitchy mood. They mention that Macca has experienced this too –and Dan suggest that because Amanda trying to be nice hasn’t worked for her, she’s reverted back to her bitchy self.

As they talk, the nearby Rocco hears about Amanda’s rather expensive tastes & mansion.

As Rocco walks away from the diner, he is stopped by Brad – who is NOT pleased that Rocco lied to Sally about hanging out with Johnny & the gang. Rocco insists that he needed to speak to Johnny to cut ties with the gang. Brad is wary of this response.

It’s night time outside Amanda’s mansion, and Johnny &^ the gang (incl. Rocco) put their balaclavas on and exit the car !!!! (end of ep)


After “hitting” Amanda’s place, what have Johnny’s gang got planned for Sally ?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally's leopard print spaghetti strap dress

SILVER – Amanda's mauve halter neck top

BRONZE – Rocco's brown (with orange dragon like motif) t shirt/white (with light blue horizontal stripes) boardshiorts


Leah's brown, sparkly top

Rayn's red (with green logo) singlet

Colleen's white (with red fish like motifs) blouse

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