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Fri 20 Oct 06 - "It’s Not Like A Gym Membership”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "It’s Not Like A Gym Membership”

(Screened in Australia on Fri 20 Oct 06 - Episode # 4295)

Tilly approaches Alf (Noah’s) for the surf club books for Beth. Alf wonders why till not at school – and Tilly says that she have a medical appointment for her burns.

Ric approaches and when Tilly says that Beth said that she can have the afternoon off school (since she had free periods anyway).

Ric suggest that they should have lunch together – and that Tilly should wear something nice. When Tilly seems annoyed by this (implying that she sounds wear nice clothes often) Ric insists that she wear something nicer – and that she will see what he means soon.

Later, they arrive at an expensive looking restauitaunt. Things don’t start so well – as Ric stands on Tilly's foot accidental (when doing the gentlemanly thing and pull out her chair so tilly can sit). Ric then knock over a glass – which means that the waiter pours water on the table rather that in said glass,

Things don’t get better form Ric when meals arrive. Although Tilly’s is fine, Ric wonders why his veil is so small – the water said that he ordered that pancreas of said animal !!!

When Tilly has finished her meal, And ric is lokking platying with his, ric apologises for all that;s happened. Tilly thanks him for even taking her here to this amazing place, but suggest that they should bail to more familiar surroundings.

Soon after, Ric is sit near water’s edge at beach, when Tilly approaches with some food for Ric from diner. Ric way thanks her.

When they talk about the meal at restaurant. Ric comments that he left the waiter a tip – a message on the back of a napkin.

Tilly & Ric gets way closer – and they waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay KISS.

Btw, the scene is filmed form behind, so you can always see the endless ocean !!!

At SBH, Rocco insists to his bro 0 that he is OUT of the gang forever, and likes that he has new opportunity’s here in the bay. He’s also pleased that ppl don’t call the police when they see him these days.

As Rocco walks away, his bro inits that they are ALWAYS family ,... and that he’ll always find Rocco.

Next day, Rocco is studying in a classroom when his bro approaches. He insists that Rocco will always be part of the gang, and asks him to “move’ some drugs. Rocco seems V frusrtrated that he agreed to do at his bro wants him to.

Soon after, Cassie genets the room that Rocco is studyinmg in. he way snaps at her – and the commotion causes Brad & dally to investigate.

After Cassie has bailed, Rocco assures sally that this sort of thing won’t happen again (but brad is way sceptical).

Later, Rocco’s brother and his mates are waiting outside the school for Rocco. They harass some of the SBH girls.

When Rocco arrives, his brother puts the drugs in his bag – and when Brad approaches, and tells Rocco’s brother to remove himself from school grounds, brother gets out of the car and suggests that, despite brad being a teacher, that he could teach brad a thing or two.

Johnny gets back in his car (which is appropriately, a TOTAL looser mobile – a subaru impreza). Johnny then hoons off.

Soon after, Johnny and his mates enter the diner – and several female extras bail, after some tasteless comments.

Colleen is concerned by them and she tells Irene – who clashes with Johnny over a tip that Johnny nabbed after it was left by the girls who just bailed. Irene eventually grabbed said tip form Johnny. She is so not impressed.

At SBH, sally & brad clash over Rocco. Brad insists that once you are in a gang, you are in for life. He suggests that sally should try to talk to r5occo about this – as he seems to listen to her.

Sally approaches Rocco at his locker. He snaps at her – he’s sick & tired of ppl being down on him/ Rocco assures salty that he wants nothing to do with his bro * the gang, but when sally is gone, Rocco grabs the drugs from his bag.

Soon after, Rocco had just sold some drugs to a kid when brad approaches. He suggests that Rocco should be using his free periods to study. There a major clash tween them – as Rocco is annoyed that bread isn’t giving him a chance.

Rocco goes to the diner and gives his bro the drug money. He tells bro about his clash with brad. But thinks that if Johnny gets involved, things will be worse.

Johnny, of course, goes straight to the school snd threatens brad – before hooning off.

Sally & brad (diner) have another clash about Rocco – although sally’s optimism about Rocco seems to be somewhat diminished by the end of their chat (after brad reinforces that in a gang for life thing (love how he said that it’s not like a gym membership).

At night, near the surf club perhaps, Rocco gets in the car with Johnny. He wants to break free but Johnny insists that Rocco WILL help them with a robbery !!! He also insists that there is only one way that Rocco will leave the gang – I assume, from way he is talking, that Johnny means that Rocco will have to DIE before he is free (end of ep)


Jack isn’t that keen on Ash/Martha, whilst Luke & Tilly don’t seem that keen on the others’ new relationship (Luke/Belle & Tilly/Ric)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly’s royal blue (with white speckles over dress)

SILVER – Ric’s light green polo shirt

BRONZE – Tilly’s pink & white V neck long sleeve jumper


Johnny’s “zebra“ (black & white striped) pants

Brad’s gold (with brown diagonal stripes) tie

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