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Thurs 19 Oct 06 - "Childlike”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Childlike”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 19 Oct 06 - Episode # 4294)

Macca arrives at the mansion and sees that Amanda is drowning sorrows. Amanda insists that she is a selfish cow. Macca insists that Amanda can turn life around – but Amanda isn’t buying it.

At Leah’s place, Peter & Drew chat about girls. Belle is mentioned, but Drew doesn’t mention that they split because of Amanda.

Just after Peter leaves the room, Drew gets a txt message from Amanda.

At mansion, Amanda has drunk even more alcohol and she wonders to Macca if she is a bad person. He insists that she is not – but Amanda then doesn’t help her own cause by KISSING Macca !!!! Macca fights her off -and Amanda is THEN shocked that she done this !!! (look on her face is PRICELESS) !!

Soon after, Amanda begs for forgiveness, which Macca does. Amanda is way worried about her own self control – and how, like the rest of the town, that Macca probably hates her now. Amanda adds that she hates HERSELF at present.

Next morning, Amanda way apologises to Macca. She then see Drew’s txt message 0 and she REALLY wants be with him (as he still likes her despite anything else that happen). Macca suggests that it’s a bad idea – but Amanda thinks its good thing, especially since Belle knows about Amanda / Drew now.

Amanda arrives at Leah’s – and she and Drew talk. Drew try t9 convince Amanda that it’s a great idea that they should get back together.

Peter hears all this –and totally goes off at Drew & Amanda – he suggests that Amanda should bail.

When she is gone, Peter tells Drew that Amanda will ruin his life – as Peter’s fling with her ruined his friendship with Dam for ages. Drew doesn’t seem to care about this though.

Peter then charges over to the mansion – and “rips into” Amanda some more. Macca enters that room and “suggests” that Peter should back off and bail.

When Peter is gone, Amanda is way worried about why she always does these tings. She insists that she doesn’t know why she always acts on impulse but Macca insists that she DOES need to discover why she acts the way she does.

As Cassie / Macca are about to bail from diner (after talk to Al & Ric (who looks still wary of this relationship), Sally asks Cassie to help Rocco study – and Cassie agrees.

Next day, Sally & Rocco (SBH) meet up with Cassie so they can start being study buddies.

Brad approaches and comments on how he is impressed that Rocco arrived early at school to talk to teacher about a woodwork assignment.

Later, Cassie & Rocco are study in one of the classrooms. Cassie asks about his time in a gang and what they got up too.

When talk turns to study again, Cassie makes Rocco tell her the car parts equivalent to the various (I think) biology terms that they are studying.

After Rocco mentions that he lives in a cruddy old boarding house (which is why he is always at school early etc) and Sally overhears this.

Later, Sally praises Rocco for the ways that he had been going so far – and she offers him a place to stay (at the van park house) as she can see that he is trying to turn his life around. Rocco waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks her.

Soon after, Sally s at Noah's when Brad approaches. He is concerned when the subject of Rocco live at van park house is bought up – but Sally thanks that she has definitely made the right decision.

However, of course, in the VERY next scene, its night time and Rocco is at SBH –when he encounters his big brother (who he is NOT keen to see) Johnny !!! (end of ep)


How much has Rocco REALLY changed?

Will Tilly/Ric TRULY get together – in spite of an everything-that-can go-wrong, does-go-wrong type date?

Note – there was a BIG plug for the official website as well

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda's lacy black top/black salky night gown

SILVER – Leah's blight blue crosasover top/blue sighlet top combo

BRONZE – Sally's white (floral motifs) spaghetti strap top


Brad's aqua tie

Amanda's lacey wihite blouse

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