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Wed 18 Oct 06 - "Belle Shaves, err, SHAMES Amanda"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Belle Shaves, err, SHAMES Amanda"

(Screened in Australia on Wed 18 Oct 06 - Episode # 4293)

Jack formally introduces Martha & Ash. Jack suggests that he & Martha were in the middle of something. Martha however suggests that Ash should say in the room. You can see that Martha is way feeling awkward.

Near Surf club, Belle chases after Amanda – to give her back the skanky clothes that Amanda bought for her. After Amanda reminds Belle that she came to town looking for her mum, Belle insists that its great that she’s found some DECENTB people here – like Irene, Ric& Luke. Belle then tells Amanda that Luke isn’t the sort of person who would cheat on her with Amanda.

Amanda walks away from Belle – way frustrated.

At hospital, Martha is concerned when Ash says that he has been transferred to the local police station whilst Jack is recovering,

When Jack wants to know about ash’s love life, Ash doesn’t tell him about last night with Martha.

Martha then bails so Ash & Jack can truly catch up. Moments after she does, Tony & Luke enter the room, Luke tells Ash that he can’t call Luke shorty anymore, as Luke is now taller than ash.

Tony seems concerned that Ash is in town.

At Noah's, Alf notes that Martha seems distracted. Ash enters, and tells Martha that they just HAVE to tell Jack about their one night stand, Martha initially doesn’t agree – but Ash talks her around.

Sam (female physiotherapist) talks to Jack. She gives his some info to read about the treatment plan she has in mind for him.

As Sam leaves the room, Martha enters, so Tony & Luke bails.

Martha is about to tell Jack (about 1 night stand) when he says that he just can't handle anymore bad news, so Martha (of course) doesn’t tell him.

Martha goes to the police station where she is told (by Fitzy) that Ash has gone to the hospital. MARTHA rushes out of said police station.

However, of cse, Martha gets to the hospital just after Ash has apologised for what happened – and Ash then tells Jack what happened.

Jack WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY goes off at both of them.

At diner, Tony tells Irene that he’s not so keen that Ash is back on town (as he is unreliable). Amanda approaches Luke – she wants him to talk to Belle on her behalf, but Luke way declines.

At the hospital, Sam enters Jack’s room. She can see that he has been angry – but she insists that he shouldn’t have gone off like that – as he knew that Jack/Martha were over (and that Ash didn’t even know who Martha was when they met at the bar.

Soon after, Ash enters Jack’s room, and way says sorry, Jack tells Ash that he wants to speak to Martha.

Ash tells Martha (Noah's) that Jack wants to speak to her.

Also, Tony speaks to Ash. Ash is pleased that Tony doesn’t know about the 1 night stand, especially after Tony warns ash NOT to get up to his old habits.

At hospital, Jack tells Martha that he was REALLY hurt when he was told about the 1 night stand, but only because it confirmed that Jack/Martha are over (Jack WAAAAAAAAAAAAY emotional).

At diner, Luke tells Belle about how Amanda approached him.

Belle goes into the kitchen and is ranting to Irene & Colleen about how annoying Amanda is – at the same time, in the main area of diner, Amanda approaches Sally, asking for her assistance with Belle.

Belle, of course, catch the end of the request, and then “lets fly” at Amanda. Belle (in front of a diner full of costumers) details ALL of Amanda’s relationships – adultery with Peter (whilst marry t Dan), trying to keep Scoot H by pretend she pregnant), the whole Graham thing, and then, at the other end of the age spectrum, stealing Drew off her own daughter.

Belle was AWEOSEM< and she got to right affect. The looks on the various customers’ faces in the diner as ones of total disgust, as Amanda (in tears) flees from the diner.

She runs on the beach – and drops to her knees still in tears (end of ep)


What Will Amanda do now? Go back to Drew? Get together with Macca ?

or something completely twisted (even for her) ?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda's light pin & white sports top/light blue zip up (hooded?) sports jacket combo

SILVER – Martha's white & red (Noah's) sleeveless jacket

BRONZE – Bell'es black (with white car sihoiuette) t shirt/short denim shirt combo


Sam's light pink polo shirt

Luke's purple boardshorts

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