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Mon 16 Oct 06 - "Subdued Or Shocked"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Subdued Or Shocked"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 16 Oct 06 - Episode # 4291)

Everyone (Tony, Luke, Tilly, Beth, Alf etc) are way stressed about Jack – especially when Rachel insists that they are doing all they can to try to find some of the blood they require to perform another operation.

Rachel reinforces that that there is no chance that Jack has Peter’s liver.

Martha arrives, and although she also seems concerned, there’s something not quite right, as Martha seems VERY subdued.

Luke suggest that he will gather all the people that he knows at the hospital to have their blood tested., but Rachel says that won’t be necessary as MARTHA (of course) is a perfect blood match with Jack. Martha says that she didn’t speak out before as she thought that she was a different blood group.

As they wait for news (the operation takes off screen), Luke & Tilly that, although Luke doesn’t really like it when Tilly is condenseding about Luke/Belle, whilst Luke thinks that Tilly/Ric should definitely be a couple.

When the operation is finished, Rachel tells everyone that they have been able to repair the internal damage. The likes of Tony & Luke & Rachel are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay grateful to Martha for donating the blood that saved Jack’s life.

As Tony, Tilly, Beth & Luke head into Jack’s room to see him (he is still asleep from the anethnatising drugs used pre operation), Martha doesn’t go in. Alf wonders why. Martha thinks that she doesn’t have the right to be in there with Jack’s family (because of the current situation). Having said that, I thick there is more to this than Martha is letting on (see preview).

Alf convinces her t go onto Jack’s room – and she holds his hand.

Drew can’t believe that Peter is still alive – especially after all the grief that he’d suffered because of it.

Peter explains that he & Clare worked from ages to arrest the member of an underworld family called the Gillands. Peter & Clare were successful when they intercepted a drug shipment – and many of said family went t9 jail.

Whilst inside, the head of the families wife was killed, and Dennis Gillands (head of family) vowed revenge on Peter as Peter was the cop who put the family in jail.

Peter continues telling Drew that just before Martha’s weeding, Peter was told that Dennis was out of prison. Peter adds that Dennis must have paid of heaps of people to get out on good behaviour.

Anyway, when the explosion oat the reception happened, Peter’s superior decided that it was the perfect way to get him into witness protection (by faking him death).

Drew Green was in aon the plan, although when Peter awoke from his injuries after the explosion him was REALLY annoyed at what this superiors had done.

Peter tells Drew that the Gillands started targeting Drew because there was a leak at witness protection – which brings us to the present day.

Peter insists that Drew should bail now, as Peter is going to give himself up to the Gillands. Drew thinks that’s stupid – and it all gets VERY emotional, and they agree to try to bail together.

They exit the shed and are about to get in Peter’s car – but the Giland’s car arrive.

Peter insists that Drew should ail from there as fast as possible. He doesn’t want to be he complies – and way runs away quickly.

Peter is led into the shed by Dennis Gilland & another male mbr of the family.

As Drew continues to run, he hears a gunshot. Drew instantly drops to his knees.

At police station, Dan, Leah etc are informed by McGrath that someone had reported that they saw Drew get kidnapped. The police get another call, reporting gunshots at a farm property.

As McGrath & other cops are drive to where gunshots were hard they come across Drew. He is in a daze as he walks alongside the road. Drew (dazed) says “They shot him”.

McGrath & the other officers arrive at the place where shots were heard. McGrath & Co enter. They see someone’s legs (rest of view of body s initially obstructed). McGrath turns the body over – it’s Dennis Giland !!!!

McGrath is then SHOCKED when he hears a familiar voice behind him – when Peter says “have you found Drew? Is he OK?“.

Dan, Leah etc are over the moon when McGrath reunites then with Drew – but they are curious when McGrath say that they won’t believe what has happened – and that someone else can explain. Leah & Dan are SHOCKED when they see a VERY muchly ALIVE Peter !!! (end of ep)


Will Jack survive? And does Martha want him to do so, as she has fallen for a new guy in town

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth’s white frilly see through blouse/black halter top combo

SILVER – Tilly’s light brown sparkly V-neck top

BRONZE – Martha’s chocolate brown top

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