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Fri 13 Oct 06 - "Freaky Friday”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Freaky Friday”

(Screened in Australia on Fri 13 Oct 06 - Episode # 4295)

At police station, Jack lies unconscious on the floor (with the phone dangling off the phone of the desk).

Leah & Dan (Leah’s place) try to convince Drew to stay – but he’s keen on going on road trip with some mates.

At police station, Jack’s mobile rings. He doesn’t stir.

It’s Tony (diner) who is trying to call jack. He is surprised that there is no answer. Luke suggest ringing jack’s phone at work, but Tony says that he is not that worry.

Rachel enters, and Alf tell her that a quick meal (for her dinner) isn’t an option – as casuals on run off their feet and the like of Irene, Beth, Tilly are in city on a girls night out.

Luke approaches Alf – and is way surprised when Alf tells him what’s happened to Bell (the whole drew/Amanda thing).

Belle (beach house) accidentally breaks a drinking glass, just as Luke enters. They talk bout drew/Amanda – and belle thinks that this has happen because of how badly SHE has treated ppl (the whole karma thing).

Leah & Dan are way stressed about drew leaving. Dan wished that drew could see how big a part that drew is in his life. Indeed, Dan feels some much better about to the loss of Peter because drew is now around.

Luke *beach house) tries to convince belle that she is not the bad person that she rethinks she is. Belle way thanks him for lift here spirits. Belle & Luke then (tentatively at 1-st) kiss.

McGrath enters police station – find jack unconscious on floor.

Rachel & co gets to work on Jack when he is bought into the hospital by the ambulance dudes.

Both belle & Luke are a tad wierded out by the kiss. They agree to be “friends with special privileges”. Luke’s mobile rings – and (upon hearing the jack news) says the customary “WHAT?”

At hospital, Tony is way worried about jack. Rachel talks to him & Luke –0 tells them that there is no times for them to see jack now as he is about to have some emergency surgery done. Rachel insists that the surgery, because of jack’s recent liver transplant, is going to be V delicate.

At Leah’s, drew looks at a great photo of himself, Dan, Leah, VJ & Ryan. Dan approaches and comments on how munch fun they had the day the pic was taken.

Dan tells drew that peter would have been way proud of him. Drew not thinks so – but Dan sats that drew is as headstrong as peter was.

They hug – after drew says that Dan is the clostet thing that he’s ever had to a “real” father.

McGrath (police station) talk to the assembled officers. He insists that if jack discovered that mystery of what's going on (message on fitzy’s answering machine) then if they go through jack’s files, emails, they may discover too.

Tony & co are way stressed at they wait for news at hospital.

Rachel approaches – says there was complication with internal bleeding during surgery, and that there is spinal damage form when the unknown paeroin attacked jack.

Rachel insists won’t know how bad spinal damage has affected jack until he wakes up form the surgery.

Somewhere, someone is viewing images on their computer of jack unconscious on the police station floor. Memories of when Ian Osborne was observing Tash.

At police station, drew is annoyed that he is being “held” there to protect him in light of what’s happened to jack.

Drew then takes advantages of everyone being distracted, and he bails.

Soon after, Dan way verbally attacks McGrath for letting drew escape. As Dan bails – to look for drew, Leah, VJ & Ryan all look V concerned.

At the hospital, jack is out of surgery and in a regular room. Tony & Luke are by his bedside when there are further complications – they call for help, and Rachel enters. Rachel says that jack needs more surgery.

Spoon after, Rachel tells Tony & Luke that there are issues with jack’s liver, and he way needs more blood – but O negative stocks are way low at present. Tony suggests to contract drew - who like peter should be a blood match for jack.

Soon after, Rachel approaches Tony etc. she tells him about no luck with try to contact drew, and worse still, check of his med records reveals that drew & peter have a different blood group to Jack – Rachel says that because of this, its completely IMPOSSIBELE that jack has Peter’s liver !!!!

Meanwhile, drew enters Leah's blouse, and gathers his things in a backpack.

He then sets on the meet up with road trip mates, but he sees THAT black car behinds him - tries to run away but (whilst looks over shoulder at black car) ploughs into another.

The driver of said car (who is wearing hooded top) gets dazed drew into car and drives off – but thugs are pursuit.

Soon after, drew wakes in what looks like a big barn at a farm. He approaches the door – its locked, and he scalls for halp. He sees some approaching – and cowers back in terror as they enter.

Drew is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY shocked when he sees that the person who has enters the shed is HIS FATHER (Peter Baker) !!!!!!! (end of ep)


How/Why is Peter still alive?

Will Jack survive? – whilst Martha doesn’t feel she has the fright to be by his bedside at present

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Ryan’s red (with blues clues logo) t-shirt

SILVER – Leah’s apple green top

BRONZE – Drew’s burgundy (totally unbuttoned) button up shirt/light blue t shirt combo


Dan’s light blue & off-white polo shirt

Luke’s purple (surf motifs) t-shirt

Dan’s black (with red heart motif) t-shirt

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