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Wed 11 Oct 06 - "Battlefield Rocco”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Battlefield Rocco”

(Screened in Australia on Wed 11 Oct 06 - Episode # 4293)

On beach, Tilly tells Ric that she thinks that his admission that he loves her has ruined their friendship. Ric tells Tilly that he thinks that she REALLY likes him again, but Tilly doesn’t want to deal with this right now so she walks away.

Drew (Leah's house) tries to phone Amanda – he leaves another message on her answering machine. Leah enters the room. She insists that Drew has ti let this go, but Drew insists that Amanda DOES feel something for him.

Next morning, Brad encounters Sally in the diner. He assures her that Rocco, who is arriving today, will only get 1 chance (misbehave and he’s out). Sally is clearly not impressed.

Tilly enters, and sees Ric. She cautiously approaches – but reiterates that she can’t handle anything more than friendship at present.

Rocco enters SBH. He encounters Sally, who begins to show him around. She indicates that she is quite pleased that he has arrive at school rather early (i.e. he seems eager).

They encounter Brad who immediately “suggests” that Rocco should ditch his eyebrow ring – and Brad does so in a somewhat overbearing tone,

At the mansion, Cassie & Macca enter with some boxes. Macca thanks Amanda for all her help (let him stay here). Cassie & Macca that talk of how, in time, their relationship will be accepted.

After Amanda calls her, Belle comes downstairs. Belle is worried that Drew not contacts her in 12 days. Amanda thinks that s is good 0 as Belle is 12 days closer to someone far better for her.

At SBH, Cassie tries to get Tilly to be friends with her again, but Tilly isn’t so keen on the idea – and she goes elsewhere.

Sally & Rocco approaches Cassie, who agrees to help Rocco through his first day.

Drew is nearby, and when Belle sees that there is a new guy at school, she shows an interest in him (hoping to make Drew jealous?) drew sees this and exits the corridor they are in.

Drew hen enters the mansion. There appears to be no one home, but he decides to wait until someone (Amanda) is.

At SBH, Sally talk to Rocco about what subjects he is keen on. She happens to see the rather stylish tattoo on his left arm. Although Rocco is initially cagy about it, he admits tat it was the “logo” of a gang that he was in.

Amanda enters the mansion, she can’t believe that Drew is there waiting for her. He insists that he KNOWS that there is REALLY something tween – but as Drew gats physically closer &^ closer, Amanda insists that it was just LUST that she felt for him.

Drew disagrees and starts manhandling Amanda – Macca enters the mansion and immediately pulls Drew away from Amanda and tells him to get lost. Drew tales that hint and bails.

Drew enters SBH in a huff. She “runs” into Tilly – and goes off at her for causing the clash. Rocco sees this and defends Tilly. There is a scuffle between them.

Brad hears the ruckus and naturally, he assumes that Rocco is to blame.

Both Rocco & Drew are spoke to by Sally & Brad. Sally seems VERY annoyed that Brad is blaming Rocco. Indeed, Sally tells Brad that she spoke to Tilly (off screen) and knows that Drew was to blame.

Brad insists that he’s seen a million Rocco’s in his time, who say they want to reform but never do. Sally thinks that Rocco isn’t the issue – and that its all because of her decision not to consult him.

Brad sternly says that Sally has “no idea how is feeling” before bailing for the classroom they are in.

At mansion, Macca insists that Amanda MUST tell Belle about Amanda/Drew – especially since Drew appears to be in stalker mode.

On the road between the main bench and the one on the other side of the headland, Ric is driving when he comes across Macca & Cassie – Macca’s Ute has broken down. Ric agrees t hep fix.

As Ric does so, Cassie tells him that she thinks that he should take the chance and not let Tilly go. She adds that although the public backlash was been considerable, she is glad that she took the chance with Macca again.

Ric gets Macca’s car running again – but says that its hust a quick fix – and that Macca should take to a garage for a full repair.

Near the surf club, Macca encounter Tilly. He thinks that she should take a chance and get back t9gether with Ric (like Cassie did with him).

Ric approaches Tilly on the beach. She ways although she is worried, she will takes a chance with Ric. Tilly insists on taking it slow – whist Ric is surprised that Tilly listened to Macca’s advice.

Cassie & Macca enter the beach house, and Ric does too second later. He tells that that his boss says that the repairs to the Ute won’t take too long. Macca & Cassie are surprises when Ric thanks them for geet8ng he &* Tilly back together.

When Ric bails, Cassie thanks Macca – and they WAY kiss.

Then when get a montage of different emotions – with Sally sitting on the beach; Brad in the office at SBH – looking a wedding pics of he & Emily); Cassie & Macca way enjoying a candlelit dinner; Tilly enter diner – and sit with Ric (they hold hands across the table); Amanda at home - way stressed; and Drew near the beach – being consoled by Leah.

Belle arrives home, and Amanda insists that she needs to tell Belle something (end of ep)


Sounds like Amanda TELLS Belle about her affair withdrew

Jack’s life is in danger – while the male doctor seems to be covering things up

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda's light lue & gold hakter neck top

SILVER – Tilly's pink top/red long sleeve jacket combo

BRONZE – Tilly's orange spaghetti strap dress

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