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Tues 10 Oct 06 - "Max And The Mermaid”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Max And The Mermaid”

(Screened in Australia on Tues 10 Oct 06 - Episode # 4292)

On beach, Robbie & Tasha discuss the move. Robbie is concerned that people will thimk that he is running away.

Both agree that they will at least celebrate the court case win tonight.

Colleen (diner) rubs it into Cassie that she is now an outcast (because of Cassie / Macca). This is as Cassie is paying close attention to the nearby Tilly & Ric.

When Cassie approaches Ric, he ignores her.

At the beach house, Robbie tells Tasha that he has thought about things – and has decides that he concurs that going overseas sounds like an awesome idea.

They discover a problem when they re-read Josie’s letter – as they need to be in the USA (to put in Robbie’s application for university) by the end of the week.

Near the beach, Cassie approaches Ric. Cassie is all but begging him to be friends with her again, but Ric isn’t so keen on the idea.

At beach house, Tasha & Robbie are resigned to the fact that they can’t get everything ready in tome to get overseas before the application cut off.

When Tasha & Robbie are out of living room (tending to Ella who cried), i.e. & Tony think that if everyone pitches in, they should be able to get Tasha &* Robbie out of here in time. Beth is sceptical – but you get that feeling that’s because she not want to loose Robbie – after having almost lost him to jail.

On the beach, Ric tells Cassie that he still thinks her relationship with Macca is a BIG mistake. Cassie changes the subject – to Ric’s feeling for Tilly.

At beach house, ire is overjoyed as she tells Tony & Beth that Ella smiles at her for the 1-srt time.

When Tasha & Robbie enter the room, she is way annoyed that they can’t get overseas in time, but then BETH suggests that if they all pitch in (you can guess the rest).

The packing/organising begins, but it hits a hurdle when Tilly enters. She clearly HATES the idea of Robbie leaving – she bails, and Robbie goes after her.

Near the beach, Tilly tells Robbie that she doesn’t want to loose yet another sibling (after all, Henry, Scott, Kit are elsewhere).

Rob insists that Tilly is WAY strong person, but he will be back in Oz in a flash if Tilly needs him.

Robbie also insists that he knows that knows that Ric will protect her – he suggests that he will pay Ric $5 to keep an eye on her, Tilly is annoyed (in a good way) with Robbie, as he has made her laugh when she was trying to be serious.

Near the surf club, Martha is ecstatic when Tasha tells her of the overseas move. Martha & Tasha of course tell each other that they are the best of friends and will WAY miss each other.

At beach house, as the frantic organising continues, Tasha is packing some clothes. She takes a V special dress out of her drawers – it’s that one she was wearing when she 1-st encountered Max on the rocks (and we saw a flashback to Tasha’s 1-st EVER scene).

Irene enters, and as she helps Tasha pack, she tells Tasha how much she’s grown and changed since they 1-st met, whilst Tasha thanks Irene for all that she has done for Tasha over the years.

At diner, Cassie approaches Ric. He admits to her that he DOES have feelings for Tilly. Cassie thinks that Ric should tell Tilly this.

Near surf club, Martha approaches Jack. And they totally agree to call another truce (for the farewell, but like they did for christening). Martha hopes that this truce might lead to something more (back together perhaps – she doesn’t say that, but she is probably thinking it).

At beach house, Tasha & Robbie thank the many people assemble for the farewell party for there help (so they could bails so quickly overseas).

Tasha & Robbie than hug etc the lies of Beth, Tony, Kimmy, Irene, Morag, Tilly, Martha etc) before they bail.

Near beach, Tasha & Robbie tell Ella that although they are going overseas, THIS PLACE will always be their home.

In their final moments on screen, the loving couple kiss (slow motioned of cse – and they look golden with the sun at the backs, all to a V sweet, wistful song, i.e. the one that played at their official wedding).

Its night time now, and Ric & Tilly are on the beach. Tilly loves that although Robbie/Tasha fell out of love at times, they always came back to each other !!!

Ric takes this as a cue -to tell Tilly that he likes her, and wonders how she feels about him. Tilly looks like she is about to answer … when the ep ends !!!


Will Amanda tells Belle about her affair withdrew?

Will Ric & Tilly take friendship to the next level?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Cassie's soft pink singlet top

SILVER – Jack's hot pink polo shirt

BRONZE – Morag's gold overcoat


Colleen's red (with gold leafy motifs) blouse

Irene's white (tropical themed) plung V neck dress

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