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Mon 9 Oct 06 - "I Fought The Law …"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "I Fought The Law …"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 9 Oct 06 - Episode # 4291)

In Court, the opposition lawyer gives his opening statement – that this si a pure & simple case. Robbie broke the law and should be punished accordingly.

Morag begins her argument by saying that although Robbie definitely DID switch of the life support, but that 2 doctors had confirmed that Graham was brain dead.

Morag insists to the jury that this case is all about the law Vs justice – i.e. the current laws will send Robbie to jail whilst justice will set him free.

At diner, Colleen is concerned at how icy tings seem to be tween Brad and Sally. When Colleen bails to kitchen, Brad approaches Sally. He’s annoyed that she took it upon herself, whilst he was way from the school (during the Emily ting) to agree to the transfer of a troublesome student named Rocco. Brad is worried about his history about being in gangs etc. Sally insists that everyone needs a 2-nd chance (especially since if the transfer wasn’t accepted, Rocco would have gone to a detention centre – and you could muchly see Sally’s upbringing influencing her decision.

Before Sally bails, she insists that she will take FULL responsibility for Rocco.

Back in court, Morag questions one of the male doctors from the hospital (I can never tell tween doctors Green and Young). The doctor conforms that Graham was V much brain dead. When the opposition lawyer questions that doctors, doubt is cast, as the doctor can’t be 100% sure that future medical advances couldn’t have given graham back a proper life.

Soon after, Morag questions Beth about her dad’s intentions (not want to merely exist on life support) and Robbie’s character.

The other layer (a male) thinks this line of questioning is mots irrelevant – and the male judge agree.

When the other lawyer questions Beth, she is forced to admit (sheepinsghlY0 that Robbie indeed broke the law. The other lawyer insisted that although Beth and rest of family felt strongly against the court order preventing the machines being switched off, only Robbie was evil to break the law.

In his closing statement, the other lawyer tried to get the jury to seethe cod hard facts that Robbie killed his grand father, whilst Morag insists that Robbie acted in Graham’s best interests, esp. in light that the court order to keep him on life support was delivered by a corrupt judge. Morag also wants that jury to be brave enough to make a decision which should set a precedent for such cases.

Irene, Tash, Robbie, Tilly, Beth and other enter the beach house. They talk about the case. The phone rings – the jury is back with its verdict. Morag says that this means that said jury feels V strongly about the case (one way or the other).

In court, the jury finds Robbie GUILTY. Beth, Tasha and co are distraught. The judge tells all present that he will give his final deliberation tomorrow.

At beach house, There's a rather touching (V dimly lit) scene tween Robbie & Tasha. Robbie insists to Tasha that this decision changes nothing – he’ll love her forever etc (and Tasha waaaaaaay concurs).

Next morning, Brad encounters Sally at diner. He tells her that Rocco will be at the school witching the next few days. Sally is quite surprised – as she expected there to be more time before the trouble student arrived.

After Brad bails, Colleen tells Sally that she is V wary of the sound of this Rocco.

In court, the judges tells all assembled that although Robbie broke the law, he AGREES with Morag’s appraisal of the situation – and that Robbie is FREE to go (although he does have to pay court costs).

At beach house, everyone (Morag, Tasha, Robbie, Tilly, Martha, Beth, Kimmy etc) are ecstatic. Tilly waaaaaaay thanks Morag for being the most incredible lawyer in universe. Martha says that this should feel like a new start. Tasha then immediately (with Ella in her arms) goes to the bedroom. She puts Ella on the bed, before she removes a letter for a nearby dower. It’s a letter from JOSIE !!! and there’s plane tickets included.

Tasha is sitting on the beach when Robbie approaches. She shows his the letter and the plane tickets. Tasha thinks that Martha is right about this court decision leading to a whole new start for them. The smile on Robbie’s face seems to indicate that he concurs with Tasha !!! (end of ep)


Tasha & Robbie prepare to bail from the Bay

Will Tilly & Ric get together?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally's awesome dark blue spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Tilly's pink top/red long sleeve jacket combo

BRONZE – Irene's sky blue top & blouse combo


Tasha's blue spaghetti strap top/white (with a band of floral motifs) long skirt

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