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Fri 29 Sep 06 - "Mum’s The Word"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Mum’s The Word"

(Screened in Australia on Fri 29 Sep 06 - Episode # 4285)

Amanda (gym) break way form the kiss. She insists that they can’t be together, but drew is able to talk her round.

Alf enters the room, and Amanda starts a mock (but convincing) verbal fight twenn her & drew – with Amanda paying drew out for break up with belle like that.

When Alf gone, Amanda says that relationship can continue – but no one must find out.

Robbie & tash (beach house) are playing with little Ella wen phone rings. It’s Morag – and the trial date has been set for nexyt week.

Amanda enters mansion, and belle is frantic looking for ipod. She thinks that drew have “borrowed” it. As belle pours her heart out, Amanda walk that line tween supporting belle and not dissing drew too much.

Tash (beach house) is trying to get Robbie that thinks positively about court case, but Robbie is more about saying how much he loves (and will waaaaaaay miss) tash & Ella.

Robbie takes Ella (in pram) for a stroll. When they are near Blaxland wharf, Robbie waaaaaay tells Ella that he will always love her etc.

Near the beach, belle confronts drew about the ipod – but then intensifies her when she see lipstick on his collar. Belle demands to know who the woman is – but drew is able to evade the question.

Robbie & Ella rtn to beach house and as Robbie talk to tash, Iren & alf enetr with a surprise – a romantic day (for just robbie/tash) oin the balxalnd.

Belle (mansion) tells Amanda about the lipstick and Amanda even more walks the line tween support belle & drew. Things get even more intense when Amanda’s face WAAAAY lights up when belle calls her MUM for the 1-st time (esp. when belle is keen to continue doing so)

On the Blaxland (1-st time we’ve seen that old girl for ages), Robbie/tash have some awesome alone time. Alf is also on the boat, but he keeps well out of their way.

Robbie insists to tash that if he goes to jail, he wants tash & Ella to stay in the bay with friends & family (and not live close to the prison).

Charity enters the beach house, and Irene is pleased to see her. When asked, charity says that she has been away visiting “family” (see below).

Irene gets a phone call form the mum of one of the girls who works ait diner. Irene tells charity that she (Irene) has to go into diner to cover for the sick girl. Charity gladly offers to look safer Ella.

At diner, Dan is V worry that drew is not taking the risk to his life seriously. Drew is more worry about the txt (meet me at wharf) though.

When drew arrives at the Blaxland wharf, Amanda insists that they talk in amongst the little boats on the shore. She tells him about belle calling her mum, and insists that although thier relationship can continue, it must always be in secret.

However, so much for that plan, as the ppl who are after drew are observing drew/Amanda from a car nearby.

Irene is way surprised when the girl whose parents said she was sick arrives at diner. Girl says that she is running late – and that parents are overseas on holidays.

Robbie/tash enter the beach house, as so does Irene seconds later. Ella is nowhere to be seen.

Near a park, Charity is on the pohone. She tells the perron on other end that Irene & co WAAAY bought her story. When calls ends, charity gets in the car, and tells baby Ella that MUMMA ROSE is going to take care of them. Charity then drives off !!! (end of ep)


What’s with the 21006 (Oct 2, 2006) tattoo on Tasha’s foot ???

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tasha’s purple bandana/pink woollen (single button) top

SILVER – Charity’s white frilly V-neck blouse/orangey-brown skirt

BRONZE – Dan’s aqua t-shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Irene’s black (glottal motif top);

Belle’s white (with sunglass wearing man silhouette motif) t shirt

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