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PART 1/3

It was a long and exhausting day yet they still continued on the case which seemed like it would never be solved or end.

Tracey Thompson looked at her watch as she breathed a deep and heavy sigh of boredom and frustration. 4:37 PM.

It was at that moment her concentration was interrupted by an all too familiar voice.

“Alright everyone, gather ‘round!” Connie Laslett shouted to her team as she stood in front of the white board with various names and photographs of suspects and maps pinned and drawn to it before everyone assembled around her, ready for their instructions.

“As you all know we’ve been working two weeks to nail Lennox Jones but nothing seems to hold. All the witnesses are either missing, gone or dead. But tonight we plan to catch him red-handed at his favourite haunt – the strip club named Bliss.” Connie went on to explain.

“I want you all in casual clothes yet decent enough to prove that you’re there purely for the music, drinks and entertainment. I also want you all armed with a pistol and transmitters which will be fed live through to the van at the back of the club. I don’t think I need to remind you of who we’re dealing with here. This guy is the epitome of scum and everything that’s wrong with the world and I intend on taking him off the streets tonight.” Connie continued.

“We’ll all arrive at Bliss at 8 o’clock, OK? Until then, I suggest you go home, take it easy and get prepared. We’re not resting until Lennox Jones is off the streets and in a prison cell, do you understand me?” Connie’s words were responded by grumbled agreements and nods.

“OK. You all know what you’re doing. I’ll see you back here and 7 o’clock sharp, OK?” Connie finished as the investigative team walked out of the office.

Walking down the corridor and approaching the stairs, which lead to reception, Tracey didn’t even hesitate to talk or even notice any of her colleagues. She just wanted to go home.

Finally reaching the front desk, Tracey signed out and walked on to the streets just out of the police station’s entrance and lit up a cigarette before waving down a passing cab.

“Where to?” the cabby asked after winding down the windows. Opening the back door, Tracey replied as she entered and closed the cab door behind her. “The condo around the corner of the hospital please.”

“Wow, you live there?” the cabby asked as she drove down the puddle-covered road through the luminous city as the lights glistened through the grey clouds. “Yeah.” Tracey replied whilst taking another drag from her cigarette before noticing the NO SMOKING sticker on the speak-through slide glass panel.

Noticing Tracey’s reaction to the sign, the cabby replied “Don’t worry, no-one else usually does.” Making her chuckle as she continued to take another long and lingering drag before replying. “Thanks.”

Arriving at her swank apartment, located deep in the city, Tracey stepped out of the taxi and walked around to the driver’s side. “That’ll be $5 please.” The cabby asked as Tracey dug deep in her purse, looking for spare change. “Here.”

“Thanks. Have a nice evening.” The cabby replied gratefully before driving off down the rain-drenched road, splashing the curbs as it sped off. “I wish.” Tracey quietly exclaimed to herself before walking up the steps and pushing the code at the apartment’s entrance.

Having been gained access, Tracey walked through the corridor and entered the lift before pressing button 11 and closed her eyes as she leant against the wall as the doors closed.

Despite the rumbling and the noise of the elevator, Tracey managed to doze off momentarily before being rudely awakened by a loud pinging sound, confirming she’s reached her long-awaited destination.

Dropping her cigarette on the floor and crushing its fragile embers with her foot, Tracey walked half-heartedly out of the lift and towards her door where she stood still for a moment to rummage through her handbag in order to retrieve her keys.

Slotting the key in the door, Tracey gave it a good twist until she heard the satisfying click as the lock sprung open and the door was accessible before walking in slowly as she placed hey keys back in her bag and walked towards the mantelpiece.

“Home, sweet home.” Tracey tiredly exclaimed to herself as she set the alarm on her clock for 6:00 PM before walking over to the sofa and collapsing on the comfy furniture where she would remain until the ticking finally stopped and hit its destination, like a bomb sending its surroundings into an awakening tumult.

Those unknown hours lost during slumber were short-lived as the alarm screamed at Tracey, whipping her back into reality violently from a pleasant dream she was enjoying.

“F*cker!” she viciously spat before knocking the clock off the mantelpiece and straight into the bin below.

Rubbing her sore and red eyes, Tracey went into her bedroom and got changed out of her work clothes and just placed a bathrobe around herself before turning the shower on until the steam flooded the bathroom whilst fogging up the mirrors, tiles and windows due to the heat.

Collecting her stuff, Tracey walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, even though she was the only one living in the apartment, and let the robe fall to the ground before stepping into the shower and pulling the glass panel across, veiling her in a flaxen and solid cover as she proceeded to cleanse herself and rid the smell of cigarettes from the surface of her skin and hair.

20 minutes later, Tracey stepped out of the bathroom door and quickly walked into her bedroom naked as she picked out some expensively stylish looking clothes from her wardrobe.

Tracey always was vain and rich, ever since she was young; she was spoiled by her parents, which some doctors seem to be responsible for her tendency to consider herself better than the rest and be extremely selfish… not to mention being ever-so-slightly psychotic.

It wasn’t long until Tracey pulled out a suitable outfit and proceeded to get dressed before dialling the phone for a cab.

No matter how rich Tracey pretended or seemed to be, the truth was that she could hardly afford to pay for public transport, let alone buy the car of her dreams. As for her apartment? You could thank her deceased dad’s – who died of mysterious circumstances – will for that one.

Tracey admired herself in the mirror before walking off - her sullen reflection vanished as she walked away – to grab her bag and make her way outside as she received a call on the phone saying that the cab was waiting for her outside.

Glancing through the blinds and peering down at the cab which seemed so small from her god-sized height, Tracey smiled to herself before making her way to that elevator again.

“Where to?” the cabby asked, as a wave of déjà vu rushed over Tracey like a tidal wave during a sea storm. “The police station.” Tracey simply replied before getting into the taxi, which drove off down the luminous lighted city streets.

Finally reaching her new-found destination, Tracey stepped out of the cab and entered the huge building illuminated by the lights across the street.

Running up the stairs and eventually entering the boarding room, Tracey arrived as the rest of the assembled team stared impressively at her choice of clothes.

“Good. Now everyone’s here. The van will arrive any minute now to drop us off at the club. You all remember what you’ve got to do?” Connie asked to make sure that everyone understood as nothing was going to get in her way of nailing her nemesis.

Everyone nodded in agreement followed by grumbled responses. “Good. Now let’s go.” Connie finished before leading her police officers and detectives downstairs and out to the carpark where their escorting van awaits.

As everyone got in the back of the van, Tracey was about to enter before a hand placed itself on her shoulder, making her turn around to see who wanted her attention. “Yes, ma’am?”

“I don’t want to put you in any uncomfortable position, but as one of my best and most advanced senior detectives, I’ve appointed you in charge of the other whilst inside. Do you think you can handle it?” Connie explained and asked firmly.

A grin spread across Tracey’s face before she replied slowly and ominously. “Absolutely.”

“Good. I knew I could rely on you. Now let’s go.” Connie finished as Tracey entered the back of the van before Connie closed the door and got in at the passenger’s seat.

Sitting amongst her colleagues on a bench in the back of the van, Tracey rested her head and closed her eyes as the van began to rumble as its ignition revved up and it drove off down the road where it’ll continue until they arrived at Bliss.

Just as she got comfy and was slowly drifting off to sleep, a hand tapped her arm and slowly made Tracey open her eyes. “Yeah?” she asked groggily.

“Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t fall asleep. The last thing you need if the boss moaning at you.” Carl Olsen explained sheepishly with a slight grin on his face.

Noticing her colleague’s mischievous facial expression, Tracey replied more playfully with a tone of sarcasm to her voice. “Thanks. I’d hate to think what would’ve happened if you hadn’t of got my attention.”

Carl simply chuckled embarrassedly as Tracey shot him down and his friends and colleagues laughed and sniggered behind their hands.

Suddenly, the van come to a halt and everyone was thrown from their seats and groaned as the door swung open, revealing Connie and two armed police officers.

“If you see Lennox in there, monitor what he’s doing, if he’s passing anything on to anyone, clubbers, dancers, bartenders and for goodness’ sake, don’t blow our f*cking cover!” Connie ordered fiercely, making everyone know full well the seriousness of their task.

As everybody nodded and jumped out of the van, Connie pulled Tracey back again for another little chat. “Remember. I want results, not mistakes, OK? Make sure they give me those results.”

Tracey simply nodded in response and followed the rest of her team who were in groups of threes and fives to make it seem more inconspicuous.

Tracey and her team approached the bouncers at the door as the faint music ebbed through the stylish metallic door of the club.

“IDs.” The bouncer simply said as his colleague stood defensively at his side as the undercover detectives and police officers flashed their fake ID cards and were granted access to the club.

Tracey lead her team through the doors as the smell of dry ice perforated the cool air outside, as the music’s volume increased with each step they took as they walked into the dimly lit strip club and the doors closed ominously behind them.

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PART 2/3

Staring hard at her surroundings, Tracey walked deeper into the club, accompanied by her undercover investigative team, and engaged her eyes and saw the strange shapes of people silhouetted amidst the dry ice and crimson laser beams, which were circling the area in tune with the pounding music.

Taking a steep step down the stairs, Tracey walked into the centre of the club and passed through the dry ice to see exactly what the figures were.

People. People barely dressed and dancing with poles on a podium.

“Right, guys, you all know what you’re doing.” Tracey paused to eye up one of the woman before continuing. “Keep your eyes out for Lennox Jones and not the woman, OK? Oh, and that goes especially for you, Carl.” Tracey snarked as she looked over her should at him, her hair flipping in the process.

Carl simply stood in awe at the sight of Tracey looking at him, stood in the centre of strippers, both men and woman, surrounding her as they moved their scarcely dressed bodies to the ebbing music.

Large tubes with water inside them surrounded the podiums and bubbled and vibrated in tune with the throbbing music, which coursed its way throughout them like a heart pumping blood through its arteries.

As the laser beams shimmered and caught its reflection on the glass, the water transformed to the same colour, giving off an eerie yet sensual illumination.

The music wasn’t like anything Tracey or the team had ever heard before. It was electronic yet dark, with powerful and seductive beats that tempted your body to move in ways you couldn’t imagine.

But they did. They had to if they were to blend in, in order to nail their guy.

Tracey lead her team onto the dancefloor and they danced along with the others who were amongst them, dressed in a strict dress code of black yet stylish clothes, something gothic yet modern.

As they continued to dance, Tracey turned to face one of the other dancers before a woman at the bar caught her eye. She had luminous pink hair and green eyes, with a slim yet toned body, which sat provocatively besides none other than Lennox Jones who was sharing a hot and deep kiss with her, heavily involving tongues.

Catching the pink-haired woman’s eye, she broke away from the kiss and whispered something into Lennox’s ear before he walked off into the back of the club.

Before long, Tracey saw the woman move her fingers in a way to coax her to go over there. Despite her better and professional judgement, Tracey had to move and go forward. She had no choice.

“We get a lot of eye candy in here, but none of the girls are as gorgeous as you.” The pink-haired woman revealed flirtatiously before a slight pause to eye her up properly. “I haven’t seen you here before…”

Tracey closed her eyes momentarily, slightly intimidated and scared by another woman hitting on her, but deep down she secretly loved it. She craved it ever since she was younger.

“No. It’s my first time.” Tracey stuttered and quickly resumed the sentence where she left off. “In here I mean, I’m not…” She continued coyly, a blush glowed upon her cheeks making her acquaintance sip her drink slowly on a green straw in the see-through glass filled with some kind of colourful cocktail, whilst looking up at her with eyes veiled in innocence. But that was just a convincing lie. What lied behind those eyes was nothing but pure sin.

“My name’s Nina. Nina Rhodes. I own this club.” She introduced herself confidently, making Tracey feel intimidated as she – for the first time – wasn’t the confident one.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Tracey replied, drawing her words out slowly as if she was too stunned by Nina’s beauty to speak. “So what’s your name?”

“Tracey Thompson.” She replied, before blinking her eyes quickly, unsure if she was supposed to give out her real name. “That’s a nice name. It suits you. It’s powerful and dominant.” Nina replied whilst running her finger along Tracey’s blouse buttons, making her body ache from the unfeelable caress.

From the dancefloor, Carl clocked Tracey and Nina from the distance and shook his head in amused disapproval. “And she says that I chat up all the chicks?” He laughed to himself.

Nina moved closer to Tracey, seemingly trying to intimidate and toy with her emotions, as she felt her warm breath on her face before teasing her with the idea of them sharing a kiss.

As Tracey closed her eyes and moved her lips closer to Nina’s, she backed away slowly, making Tracey open her eyes. “Sorry! I thought… I’m not… I never!” she tried to explain, but it wasn’t happening.

“I know I’m bisexual but I don’t make out with clubbers. At least not in public.” Nina explained playfully whilst running her fingers around the rim of her glass. “But I think I know someone how could satisfy your obvious hunger for lust.”

“Satisfy my hunger for what? No, sorry, I think you’re confused…” Tracey tried to justify her actions and explain herself, but again, it just wasn’t happening.

“There’s a door down the corridor behind the bar which leads to a door with Flesh Assembly glowing above it in neon violet lights. Go there and I think you’ll be quite amazed by what you see.” Nina finished before getting up from her chair.

“What’s there?” Tracey asked in vain as Nina surely wasn’t going to give too much away. It was in her nature to tease and toy with people. “Find out for yourself.” She finished before smelling Tracey’s hair, making her sigh, before walking off and vanishing into the dancefloor, leaving Tracey’s nerves shattered.

Getting up from her seat at the bar, Tracey feigned control and confidently walked towards Carl to give him the low down. “I’ve seen Jones. I’m going into the part of the club where he is now. I just thought I’d tell you to avoid any doubts of me just walking off and making out with the club owner.” Tracey reassured him snarkily.

“Of course you are, Thompson. Have fun. I know I am.” Carl replied sleazily whilst waving at two girls barely dressed to punctuate his words. “Urgh.” Tracey gasped before rolling her eyes and walking off.

Carl laughed it off and watched Tracey for a few seconds as she disappeared into the crowded club before resuming his conversation with the two woman. “So you two still up for night?”

“Not as up as we hope you’ll be.” One of the women replied flirtatiously, making the trio combust into drunken chuckles and lustful laughter before continuing to dance.

Taking a deep breathe and a momentary pause to brace herself, Tracey began to walk slowly and ominously down the dimly lit corridor, looking at the end to see the room which had been mentioned by Nina only minutes before.

Touching the door, she slowly pushed it open and the heavy scent of dry ice almost choked her as a thick cloud of artificial smoke seeped from out of the room entitled ‘Flesh Assembly’.

She looked around from the corner of the door and saw another corridor, completely white and brightened, with a plastic arrow pointing around the corner.

Walking around the corner, with every step she took, the music from the core of the hidden area ebbed and throbbed through the walls and vibrated through her chest menacingly, sending a tremor of sound to bellow and tumult inside her very soul. And she loved every sordid second of it.

Pushing the final door open, Tracey stood still, paralysed in awe and shock as she engaged the sights in her eager and hungry eyes. Staring deeply at the crowd of men and woman, practically naked, watching a woman with a slim and toned figure in a white dress, scarlet hair and a gas mask dance provocatively and strangely in front of her lusting audience as she cracked her whip on the floor excitedly.

“Welcome!” An oriental girl in her early twenties of Japanese origin greeted her as she entered Flesh Assembly. “Thanks.” She replied, her eyes never leaving the crimson-haired dancer on the stage.

Breaking away from a hot kiss and taking his tongue slowly out of one of the girls’ mouth, Carl stood back an inch and gulped innocently as he began to speak. “I guess I better get some protection if you’re serious about going to your car.”

Breathing heavily as her forehead became moist from sweat due to the scorching club, the girl replied. “OK. I’ll see you out there. You know which car it is, right?”

Carl simply nodded before they temporarily parted their ways with the anonymous chick exiting the building and Carl going to the toilet to buy a packet of condoms.

As Tracey sat down in the seats present amongst the audience, she began to feel just ever so slightly overdressed, especially seeing as everyone else was basically down to their underwear.

“So you’re Tracey Thompson?” the Japanese chick said as she gazed over her shoulder, making Tracey look up. “Yeah. How’d you know?”

“Don’t worry, Nina told me about you. I’ve been expecting you.” She continued as she sat down next to her. “I’m Samara.” She introduced herself, making Tracey give her a half-hearted smile before resuming sole focus on the masked performer on the stage.

“Amazing, isn’t she?” Samara blurted out, obviously noticing Tracey’s reactions to her performance.

From the stage, the masked red-haired performer continued to playfully torture and fill the elderly man’s fantasies as she responded to his screams. “Oh, you poor boy, you look awful!” and another crack of her whip sent more screams to echo around the torture room.

“She certainly is.” Tracey replied dumbstruck.

Slotting a coin into the suspensor, Carl selected a packet of strawberry flavoured condoms before they fell to the bottom of the machine, ready to be picked up.

A nervous sigh came from his mouth has he closed his eyes for a second before taking them from the machine. “Pretty boys.” A male voice came from behind him, embedded with a tone of sarcasm, making Carl turn quickly to see the now off duty barman standing opposite him, shaking his head.

“I better be going.” Carl quickly said before attempting to walk past him but found himself being stopped by a hand touching his stomach. “What are you afraid of?” the barman asked as Carl looked him up and down nervously, reading his name tag. Benjamin Ramsey. Somehow the name suited the young bloke.

A German hostess introduced herself as Sonja Kranken as she revealed the next act the masked performer would conduct. “If you thought our devilish goddess of inhumane perversion aroused all you guys and girls before, you’ll be watering at the mouth at her next act.”

Tracey shifted nervously in her seat as she tried to hide her interest.

“As my sinful lover, Mistress Zurhellen, knows…” Sonja pointed towards Samara as everyone turned around and faced her and Tracey. “… This will be an experience you’ll never forget!” Sonja finished with a flirtatiously humorous wink.

As the masked performer graced the stage with her lustful new costume, the audience clapped in anticipation and Tracey’s eyes couldn’t leave the seductive figure dancing provocatively on the stage.

Dressed in nothing other than a line of black tape covering her naked crotch and chest, and PVC gloves which stopped at her elbows, the enigmatic and sensual dancer with the gas mask on began to move around the stage powerfully as the music kicked in. The lights were switched off, plunging everyone in the room in temporary darkness until a ray of violet light circled the stage.

The flaxen bondage model captivated Tracey as she moved her body to every slow and sensual beat of the electronically dark music which was emitting from the speakers surrounding the hidden club.

Outside the club in her car, the girl who Carl had recently promised to meet with, checked her watch. “Where the hell is he? My horniness isn’t going to screw itself you know!”

Meanwhile, in a cubicle in the toilets of the noisy club, Carl groaned and opened his eyes whilst catching his breath as the barman in his early twenties got up from his knees. “Good choice with the flavour of those condoms.” He flirtatiously joked as they both collapsed into a smoldering embrace.

The dancer masqueraded behind a gas mask moved from the stage and into the crowd of the scarcely dressed audience until she finally stopped in front of Tracey where she performed a more personal and dirtier dance than she had ever done before.

Tracey grimaced as the enigmatic performer grated hard against her, making the fantasists in the audience’s mouths water with each movement they made together.

Forget Lennox Jones and forget the job. Tracey and the rest of her team just couldn’t give a f*ck anymore. The predatory hosts and hostesses of the club had seduced them until they just had to surrender to sinful temptation.

Whispering in Tracey’s ear, the bondage dancer got up close and extremely personal as she rubbed herself up against her so close that they were practically fused as one. “Meet me in the bar in 20 minutes.”

Tracey didn’t have to reply. The look on her face was the answer to that question. Or rather demand.

Samara and Sonja kissed passionately as the masked dancer moved back towards the stage and grabbed the attention of many pervy onlookers. And they enjoyed every second of it as they laughed into a hotter embrace, veiled in ecstasy and lustful desire.

Everyone exited the hidden S&M section of the club and resumed their positions on the dancefloor again. “Where were you?” Tracey asked as Carl brushed past her, totally in awe and shock at the same time.

“Toilet.” He surprisingly blissfully replied. “Yeah? And I bet those two hookers were involved! It’s all over your face what you were up to.” Tracey rolled her eyes and feigned seriousness as she joked.

“What?” Carl quickly shot as he wiped his mouth in case there was some evidence of his encounter with the barman who had resumed work, who shot him a wink from the distance, making him blush coyly and Tracey’s face turn to deep shock. “C*cksucker.” Tracey snarked before walking off laughing.

Carl just stood there as the embarrassment glowed on his cheeks before making a head movement in order to coax Ben over with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Can I have a vodka please?” Tracey asked the barman who obviously had his mind on other things. “That’s if you’re not too busy getting the taste of my colleague out of your mouth.” She joked bitchily.

Ben blushed before silently getting her drink and sliding it across the bar towards her before quickly walking over to Carl who he began to dance with. “Bless.” Tracey remarked with a chuckle.

Taking a sip from her drink, Tracey’s eyes flickered to see the red-haired woman who was performing earlier, now in a black tank top and pants with black glasses, walking towards her with Nina.

Backstage of the hidden S&M section, Sonja’s forced to the ground with a dog collar around her neck, with Samara’s heel digging into her back. “Let’s play!” A sinful smirk spread across her face as her German girlfriend began to bark like a dog and crawl around the now-empty stage.

“Tracey!” Nina called, getting her full attention as the pink-haired club owner at the bar with her and the scarlet-haired dancer. “You remember Laura, don’t you? She was dancing at Flesh Assembly earlier.”

“How could I forget?” Tracey asked rhetorically, now having regained her confidence as she stared at Laura square in the eye.

There was something familiar about her, but Tracey couldn’t but her finger on it.

“Well, I just thought I’d introduce you two.” Nina paused as she looked at Lennox in the corner. “I’ll leave you two crazy kids to it, I’ve got an important meeting. I’ll see you later.” She finished as she touched Tracey’s shoulder and winked at Laura before disappearing into the distance.

Tracey and Laura sat in silence for a seconds before breaking the silence between them. “So did you like the show?”

“Yeah. It was different. Stunning.” Tracey replied, trying to let her acquaintance know how she felt without coming across as being too pushy. “Just like you.” Laura finished as she took her glasses off.

They moved closer as Tracey closed her eyes and began to kiss Laura on the lips, who was taking off the scarlet wig whilst Tracey was entranced in the sensual embrace with closed eyes.

Breaking away from the kiss and opening her eyes, Tracey almost choked and fell back from her seat. “You!” She cried in complete shock as her acquaintance grinned ominously.

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PART 3/3

Tracey stared hard back at the woman who she had thought was a scarlet redhead, only to discover that it was a wig and she was in fact blonde, with a mass of uncontrollable bouncy curls. “Eve!?”

“Hey, Trace, I’m sorry you had to find out like this.” Zoe lowered her head in shame as she unbuttoned her dress before looking back up at her. “Did you miss me?”

Tracey exclaimed excitedly, rushing forward for a hug. “All the time! And I should’ve known it was you – your kisses are pretty distinctive!” She chuckled.

“You remember what my kisses were like?” Zoe asked in feigned disbelief. “I was only experimenting back then in juvie, I’m an expert now!” She exclaimed defiantly.

“You’re not kidding.” Tracey joked before Zoe looped her arm around hers. “Anyway, wanna dance? It’s almost midnight after all and I’m kinda excited about seeing your body again.” She winked flirtatiously.

Tracey hopped down from her stall at the bar and was lead away into the crowd as they made their way on to the dancefloor. “What’s midnight got to do with anything?”

“Where have you been?” Zoe cried out sarcastically. “It’s an underwear party from midnight until sunrise, everyone has to strip down to their boxers or thongs or whatever!” She explained excitedly, eyeing up her favourite sociopathic and corrupt senior detective animalistically.

Nina walked powerfully with velocity backstage after reuniting Zoe with Tracey to prepare for the real joys of the night which would take place only 20 minutes away and unintentionally walks in on Sonja and Samara. “You dirty, naughty girls! What the f*ck is the meaning of this?” She yelled as she witnessed Samara leading Sonja around, on all fours, barking and imitating a dog.

Sonja looked up at her boss with pitiful eyes as Samara jumped back in shock. “You wasn’t supposed to see that.” She sheepishly replied with a flush of red on her cheeks.

“You’re telling me.” Nina paused momentarily. “How dare you do this without me! I’m your boss! Does that not mean nothing to you?!” She growled aggressively whilst snatching the whip off of Samara and belting it down on Sonja who purred like a kitten within impact.

Nina smirked. “Now this is how you do it properly.”

“Look over there.” Tracey pointed with a sound of disgust, making Zoe turn around to see Carl and Ben tonguing each other in the corner. “I never had Olsen down as a faggot. Cute, huh?”

Zoe quirked an eyebrow in response. “Why don’t we take their advice?” She replied whilst circling around her, her fingers trailing down to undo the buttons on her blouse, making Tracey ache intimately.

“You’re making her bleed!” Samara cried out in concern as Nina cracked the whip for the eighth time on Sonja’s back, making her bark and growl louder.

“I know! We’ve still got 15 minutes until we strip so why not make the most of it?” She asked rhetorically before passing the whip back to her. “She’s all yours now. I’ll watch.”

Nina sat back in one of the seats and wiggled comfortably as Samara took Sonja around the stage for walkies, whipping her whenever she stopped barking and licking her bloodied wounds.

“It’s going to be a great night.” Nina sighed bemusedly as she heard the sound of Samara cracking the whip yet again.

Carl pulled away from the smoldering embrace and beckoned for oxygen of which he was deprived of. “So you wanna go back to your place after my shift’s over?” Ben suggested cockily.

“I don’t know.” Carl stuttered, obviously intimidated or nervous. “What’s wrong? I don’t bite… hard. And I promise I won’t hurt you too much, OK?”

“I’m not sure. It’s just…” He stammered on, hesitant whether or not to finish that sentence which the handsome barman already knew the answer to. “You’re a virgin.”

Carl hanged his head in shame. As far as he was concerned it wasn’t natural to still be a virgin at 23. Why he was a virgin I don’t know. He was handsome, youthful and had a body to die for. Maybe he was just saving himself for The One.

Ben pressed his finger on Carl’s lips and gave him reassurance. “It’s OK, I promise.”

“Ooh, it’s almost midnight!” Zoe exclaimed hyperactively. “Are you excited? I’m excited. To think I haven’t seen you properly since you were like, what, 16/17?”

Tracey corrected her sullenly, hidden by feigned distraction, she was obviously hurt that her first time was nothing but a mere experiment on Zoe’s part. “15 but who’s counting.”

“I’m sorry.” Zoe apologised. “It’s just been a hectic year. My mind’s been all over the place.” She explained whilst running her hand down Tracey’s upper arm, making her smile half-heartedly.

“It’s OK. I understand.” Tracey drew her words out with a mischievous grin, making Zoe’s eyes widen in confusion. “You Summer Bay stalker you.”

“Oh my god!” Nina exclaimed panicky whilst pushing herself up from her chair. “Look at the time, look at the time!” It’s a minute until midnight!”

Sonja and Samara giggled at their boss’ panic before being shot dirty looks. “You two come with me! We’ve got an entire club to strip!”

Nina stormed out of the backstage area with her two minions behind her, Samara whipping Sonja as she barked and frolicked excitedly, crawling along the floor and making their way out into the bar.

“What’s going on?” Tracey asked in concern as she pulled away from a hot kiss from Zoe as the lights flickered out, plunging everyone in the club in total darkness, making them all jeer.

Zoe grinned to herself. “It’s showtime!”

A violet spotlight circled the club until it finally met the stage, a silhouetted figure behind white curtains, holding a 50s style microphone before the veil was lifted, revealing Nina with nothing on other than a bar and thing, Sonja and Samara dressed down the same on their hands and knees at either side.

“Everybody strip!” She screamed into the mic, making everyone cover their ears from the deafening loud noise that emitted from her mouth as the lights turned on and the heavy beat of music flooded the club.

Zoe and Tracey shared animalistic looks before undressing each other on the dancefloor along with everyone else surrounding them, buckles on jeans were torn off hornily, zips were undone, as were buttons on shirts and blouses, skirts were dropped and everyone was almost nude.

“Dance!” Nina screamed again as the spotlight circled the entire club and everyone assembled on the dancefloor, trampling and stomping to the irresistible and erotic music ebbing from the speakers.

Sonja stood up from her knees and aided Samara up on her feet and luminous lights of greens, violets and blues circled and blinded the semi-naked dancers as dry ice steamed through unseen vents underneath the stage as they grabbed and grimaced each other, dancing provocatively for the benefit of their perverse peers.

Everyone screamed in euphoria as the music progressed louder and louder, shaking the entire venue and annoying anyone walking past on the city streets, lights illuminating and reflecting in the puddles outside.

“Oh, Tracey, how you’ve grown!” Zoe observed whilst licking her lips, making her best friend bush as they danced up close and personal, the music fusing their horny and lustful bodies together as one as they smoldered into a deep and hot kiss.

Sonja raised her arm and circled her body around provocatively as she danced with Samara who was clutching at her hair and swinging her upper body around psychotically.

Ben slid his hand down the back of Carl’s boxers and made his eyes widen. “So virgin boy, fancy hooking up in private later?” he asked whilst the detective groaned uncontrollably and nodded with eyes clenched shut. “Good.” Ben chuckled with a satisfied smirk.

Zoe and Tracey humped the air as the danced amongst the rest of the clubbers. “How did you know I was the Summer Bay stalker?” Zoe yelled over the music so her girl friend could hear her.

“I’m a detective, we get all kinds of cases thrown our way after they’re solved, Laura McPherson, huh? I hope she wasn’t anything other than a device to escape.” Tracey replied whilst continuing to dance, holding Zoe's hand in the air.

“Clever girl.” Zoe replied cockily, obviously impressed. “So you figured out the date of her disappearance and the day U supposedly died, huh?”

Tracey smirked cockily. “Exactly.”

Nina crouched down and turned on the sprinkler system, but instead of water pumping down, it was vodka and all kinds of alcohol. “Come on, dance and dehydrate those sexy bodies!” She screamed before joining in with Samara and Sonja with their kinky and erotic way of enjoying themselves.

“What the f*ck are they doing in there?” Connie asked angrily from inside the van parked outside in the car park. “Lennox Jones should’ve been arrested and contained by now!”

“Seriously, you’ve got to stop!” Carl groaned breathlessly as Ben continued to move his hand around the back of his boxers in a darkly lit corner. “I’m just getting you ready for later.” He winked before pushing his hand further and harder, tonguing his new toy in a bid to silence his uncontrollable groans of sordid ecstasy.

As the dancers arched their heads back and opened their mouths to drink as much booze as possible, Zoe and Tracey, now completely wet like everyone else, their underwear tight and clinging, began to dance harder and faster as the music progressed explosively, their bodies beginning to sweat. “I love you!”

Zoe opened her eyes and looked at Tracey who screamed her true feelings for her. “Likewise, babe, now let’s get physical in one of those corners your colleague’s in.” She quirked an eyebrow provocatively.

They danced and bounced past the hot and sweaty crowd, drenched and soaked in alcohol, and moved their way into a dimly lit corner opposite Carl and Ben and began to grope at each other hornily whilst tonguing each other furiously, alcohol and sweat dripping from their toned torsos and hair.

Nina licked her lips as Sonja and Samara got back on their hands and knees and sat behind them, eyeing them up filthily as she began to rub the mic up and down her torso, her white PVC bondage dress clinging to her more than ever now that she’s soaked in booze, before spanking her naughty minions.

“Come with me.” Ben demanded as he pulled Carl along behind him in awe down the dimly lit corridors of the nightclub. “Where are we going?” Carl asked whilst catching his breath.

Ben winked as he opened a door, a shimmering red light illuminating from the room within seconds of the entrance being opened. “To get some party treats.”

“So do you fancy being my accomplice when I go back to Summer Bay?” Zoe asked in between licks and kisses as she looked up at Tracey from her knees. “Are you serious?”

Zoe simply smirked before licking her stomach again. “Deadly.”

Ben lead Carl into the crimson room and guided him to a seat next to notorious criminal mastermind and narcotics dealer, Lennox Jones, who was snorting cocaine off of a hostess’ bare ass. “Want something?”

Carl looked worried as he knew he was supposed to be arresting the supposed sadist but how could he with most of his clothes gone, soaking wet in alcohol and not to mention have a sore behind?

“Why not.” He replied with a drunken smile as Ben sat him down next to and they both took luminous green straws from the side and all three snorted large quantities of coke in synchronicity.

“Oh my god! Really?” Zoe virtually squealed as Tracey accepted her off of being her accomplice when she planned on returning to that sh*thole called Summer Bay.

Tracey chuckled. “For real. Besides, I’ve got nothing planned for next year and I was thinking of taking a holiday, so…”

Zoe kissed her hard and pushed her against the wall before she could finish her sentence and practically pounced all over her like a rash. “I freakin’ love you!”

As the music faded into the shades of the luminous nightclub, and Carl, Ben and Lennox zoned out in the backroom, Nina spanked Sonja and Samara’s asses painfully as the clubbers continued to dance until the sun rised over the dirty and sinful city, a glimmer of what the sordid future held for all of those who were there, Zoe and Tracey kissed passionately into silence.


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