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Thurs 28 Sep 06 - "Tilly's Future Profession ???"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Tilly's Future Profession ???"

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 28 Sep 06 - Episode # 4284)

Tilly arrives at van park house. She tries to comfort Ric, abut he’s mood in the mood to talk to her.

At the mansion, Amanda insists that macca should stick to his guns (and not worry about what others think). Drew * bell enter, and they are told about macca/cassie.

It’s late at night when sally & lassie arrive at the beach house. Sally way thanks Irene for letting Cassie stay, whilst Irene insists that she (Irene) is living proof of ppl having a 2-nc chance.

Next day, Belle (mansion) voices her disgust about macca/cassie, but Amanda defends the relationship.

When belle levees that room, Amanda tells drew that she isn’t keen to continue their relationship, but he KNOWS that she still likes hi8m.

Tilly encounters Cassie in a park – and immediately verbally attacks (esp., about the state that Ric is in. Tilly insists that cassie/macca don’t love each other – Tilly insists that they are together through co dependence (which Tilly learns all about ay the retreat).

Cassie/macca re kissing at Noah’s (whilst he is on duty) when Ric & Tilly enter. Ric way confronts Cassie & macca, before bailing.

Ric & Tilly go to the diner, where belle pays out on drew for choosing Cassie over her – she infers that Ric deserved to he hurt. Ric bails, wand before Tilly goes after him, she death stares belle.

Alf approaches macca at Noah’s. Alf insists that he has no choice (because of what’s happened to Ric) that let macca go from this job.

Macca & Cassie meet o the beach. Cassie is seriously stressing and suggests to macca that they should levee town !!!

Drew & belie are talk in diner, when Tilly enters. She TOTTALLY blasts belle – saying that although Ric was on the edge before, belle’s comments have made things much worse.

Cassie/macca are at beach house. Macca insists that things will settle down, but they now have to pay for what’s happened (i.e. withstand all these comments for ppl abusing them).

This reassures Cassie 0 who sys that she now wants to stay in the bay with macca.

Ric is using one of the weights machines at the gym. He walks away but takes offence when another guy starts using said piece of equipment, as Ric insist that he only stopped to have a drink of water.

Ric can’t take it as the other guy continues to use the machine. When the guy begins to walk away, Ric hits him form behind, but the other guy ends up winning the fight.

At diner, colleen insists to Irene & Amanda that ppl don’t forget acts of betrayal (i.e. cassie/macca). Belle notes that drew is being a total space cadet land (as he admires Amanda).

When Drew goes to bail, he insists that he NEEDS some time alone (despite the ppl who are after him).

McGrath talks to Ric about the police station. Ric is still way angry, whilst McGrath insists that Ric should loose this attitude.

Before allowing Ric to leave, McGrath tries to get Ric to open up – but gets nowhere.

Sally enters the beach house and tells cassie/macca that although she thinks relationship is wrong, sally won’t try and break them up. Sally insists that she still loves Cassie – and is putting some serious faith in macca (i.e. that he has changed like Cassie thinks he has).

Ric approaches all those pics of family members at the van park house. He picks up cassie;s pic – and kinda softly slams it down on the mantelpiece a few times.

Tilly enters, and Ric thinks that she is V wise, and he thinks that she can cut right through his tough guy act. Tilly insists it’s easy – as Ric is an open book of feeling right now.

Tilly once more uses her experiences at the retreat to assure Ric that he will survive this.

At the seaplane wharf, belle approaches drew. She can’t belief it when he breaks up with her – esp., hen he gives her no real reason for the sudden move.

Belle enters the mansion totally in tears. She tells Amanda that drew have dumped her. Amanda looks way guilty when belle leaves the room.

Amanda enters the gym where drew is. Amanda thinks drew is an idiot for thinking that just because he & belle have broken up that they (drew/Amanda) can now get together.

Drew insists that Amanda shouldn't fight her feelings – and when he kisses her, Amanda initially fights it, before succumbing and kiss him back (end of ep)


Belle demand to know who Drew left her for !!!

Who kidnaps baby Ella ???

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's pink top/pink sleeevlees jacket combo

SILVER – Belle's royal blue low cut wide collar top

BRONZE – Colleen's green tropical motif blouse/blue top combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Irene's white top/red blouse combo;

Cassie's light blue jacket/white top combo;

Amanda's purple low cut dress

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