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Tues 26 Sep 06 - "Heartbreaking Poem"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Heartbreaking Poem"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 26 Sep 06 - Episode # 4282)

Kimmy (bachelor pad) tells Rachel the truth (he can’t have kids so that’s why he went with the cruel to be kind thing.

Luke, Tilly & Cassie are talk in diner before Cassie goes to bail. She encounters macca as she does. Cassie insists that all will hate her when they discover about cassie/macca. Macca tries to assures her that no one will) before Ric comes home).

As they bail, dean enters, and talks to Luke & Tilly. The latter insists that she is pleased to have a great friend in dean (and that him being gay doesn’t change a ting).

Tilly & dean joke to Luke about the food at the retreat being in defiance of the Geneva Convention.

When Luke goes to the counter, dean suggests that Tilly & Luke should get back together.

Meanwhile, jack & Martha’s truce seem to be holding, whilst the like of Robbie & beth are way excited about today’s christening

Rachel & kimmy continue to talk at the bachelor pad. Kimmy can’t believe that Rachel feels guilty for not prepare him that risks that the mumps might have caused, whilst kimmy insists that he doesn’t blame her, and that he knows that he’s so much now in awe of the brief times that he had with Charlie & Noah.

Kimmy insists that he will accept it is Rachel needs to move on to have the kids. Rachel insists that she has to think about this.

Rachel talks to Leah near surf club. Whilst Leah points out various ways that Rachel & kimmy can be parents, Rachel way wants to have her own kids (i.e. to have the sensation of a life grow inside her).

When Rachel rtns to bachelor pad, she tells Kimmy that she isn’t go anywhere (wants to stay together with kimmy).

Jack & macca encounter each other on the beach. Jack insists that he hates that macca is talking to him about Cassie, whilst macca insists that he needs to talk to someone about it.

At van ark house, Martha, sally & Alf are all dressed up and about to go to christening. Cassie insists that she has an assignment due and needs to work on it.

As sally & co bail, Tilly enters, and tells Cassie what dean said (about get back with Luke).

Kimmy (bachelor pad) isn’t sure that Rachel will want o attend christening – given what’s happened. She insist that they will – and kimmy jokes abou6t that not really needing that teething ring they got Ella as a present.

At the beach house, many ppl are gathered for the christening.

Robbie & Tash ask kimmy to do a reading at the christening. Kimmy is kinda reluctant, but agrees,

Tash approaches jack & Martha – who insists that they’ve called a truce and will definitely not cause any trouble today.

Cassie & macca are at the van park house alone (so much for Cassie studying) wen Cassie insists that she can’t wait until Ric rtns. She has purchased a bus ticket to take her to city later today to tell Ric.

Macca insists that, in light of that news, they should get way frisky now.

At beach house, the woman who is the celebrant at many Bay wedding begins the christenings, and the whole godparent’s thing goes off without a hitch.

The christening hits an emotional highpoint esp. for Rachel when kimmy does that reading – the one about kids not being there to keep for their parents (hope you all know that one I mean).

When the ceremony is done, Robbie & beth talk – he is way worried about the court case, and doesn’t thinks that even Morag can delivers an argument that will keep him form going behind bars.

Meanwhile, tash is please when Martha says that she’s hoping that today’s truce with jack will lead to something more, i.e. jack/martha getting marriage back on track.

Jack is talking to kimmy when kimmy hears Ella crying. He goes into the bedroom and picks her up – way comforting her. Rachel sees all this – waaaaaaaaaay heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, in the living area, sally tells that likes of Alf & brad that she thinks is developing a headache and will head for home now.

Speaking of the van park house, cassie/macca are waaaaaaaay kissing on the couch when they hear the door open – but its not sally that enters, it’s RIC !!!!! (end of ep)


Will Luke/Tilly & Jack/Martha truly be together once more?

Sounds likes either Ric or Cassie is moving out of the van park house

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth's white satiny top/red crossover top combo

SILVER – Tilly's turqoise V neck top

BRONZE – Tily's white & red spagheeti strap top/pink shorts combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Martha's green (white leafy mofits) v neck dress;

Rachel's orannge V neck dress;

Sally's matching silver (with red speckles) toob top & skirt;

Leah' pink hoodie

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