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Moonlit Walks and Summer Dreams

Guest sevenpuddings

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Type of story: Long Fiction

Rating: A

Main Characters: Teens

Genre: Angst, Drama

Warnings: NA

Is Story being proof read: Yes

Summary: For those who are new, is the third in what is simply called the Summer Series. Set over three summers, the final story centers around Ric, Matilda, Lucas and Cassie as they navigate their way towards one another. It isn't necessary for you to read the first two, but they are reccomended for the story to make complete sense.


Thanks to Jade (jackandmartha!!!) for proofing, you're a star! I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of whats to come. Just to clarify, each chapter will be written from each characters point of view, following this order: Matilda, Lucas, Cassie, Ric. Thats a heads up so no one gets confused. Enjoy everyone!

Chapter One


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