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Mon 25 Sep 06 - "In The Footsteps of A Female LEGEND"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "In The Footsteps of A Female LEGEND"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 25 Sep 06 - Episode # 4281)

Kimmy (bachelor pad) is deep in thought – hearing in his head both the word pf the doc that he can’t have children and Rachel when she said that she WAY wants kids.

Jack is taking to Robbie & Tony at Noah’s, and he (jack) has already had a fair bit to drink when the V off duty Constable Fitzgerald arrives with some of her girlfriends, incl. Carla.

Martha talks to Alf & Tash at van park house. She is way frustrated at Jack’s behaviour of late.

Rachel enters the bachelor pad, and she tells kimmy all about how Emily should thought the memorial service was. Kimmy all but ignores her.

At Noah’s, Tony “suggest” to jack that he should head for home – after jack embarrassed himself in front of Constable Fitzgerald & her friends.

Late that night, the still drunk jack arrives at van park house. He calls out to Martha – but Alf answers the door. He suggests that jack should waaay bail AND sober up. Martha overhearers all this.

Kimmy all but ignores jack before he (kimmy) bails form the bachelor pad. When Rachel enters the room, jack comments that he thinks that he has done something to upset Kimmy.

At the beach, kimmy is deep in thought.

Tash arrives at the bachelor pad whilst jack is getting ready for work. She tells him that she (and Martha) knows about how much of a fool that the drink jack was last night.

As jack & Tash bail, kimmy enters – and he tells he has changed his mind. He sooooooooooo doesn’t want kids, and he felt that he was being forced into it.

The pair has a MASIVE fight – before kimmy bails.

Seconds after he does, brad enters, and consoles Rachel she thinks that she is overburdening him with all these problems (Rachel is sooo way crying) but brad says that this is nothing compare to the support tha6t Rachel gave brad & Emily.

Jack arrives at the police station, and apologises to Constable Fitzgerald for his actions. She accepts the apology, but suggests that jack should go home, and she’ll tell McGrath that jack has a virus etc.

Tony enters van park house, and tries to defend jack’s action to Martha, she way emotionally insists that jack has NO idea about marriage.

Martha approaches jack on the beach, and she tries to resolve their problems, but things end up even worse tween them.

Kimmy goes off at jack at the gym – as jack is going on about his & Martha’s issues. Kimmy insists that there are ppl with MUCH greater woes in the world.

Soon after, kimmy & jack are talking outside the surf club. Jack can’t believe it when kimmy says that he acted that way towards Rachel earlier in a cruel to be kind way. Kimmy insists that if they stay together now, Rachel will end up regretting him in the long run. Jack insists this is Rachel’s call to make.

At the diner, Martha talks to Robbie & Tash about her situation with jack.

When Martha bails, Alf overhears Robbie & Tash talk of how it mightn’t have been the thing to have jack & Martha as godparents to Ella.

Alf nets the van park house, and insists that Martha that Martha & jack MUST sort things out – if only for the sake of Ella’s upcoming christening.

Martha approaches jack – who is near the wharf where Emily’s memorial took place. Hey agree to really try to work through their issue – esp. in light of the christening.

Kimmy enters and Rachel verbally attacks him. She had been pacing her things to move out – but now wonders why SHE should be the one to move.

Kimmy then inists that he NEEDS to tell Rachel something (end of ep)


Ric discovers Cassie/Macca

Will Rachel choose motherhood or Kimmy?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel's black silky night shirt

SILVER – Martha's brown (with orange waist band) V neck halter top

BRONZE – Robbie's 2 tone blue button up shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS -Constablke Fitzgerald's silver spaghetti strap top - and her friend Carla's mauve example;

Tash's blue & brown v neck mid thigh legth dress;

Rachel's rad V neck blouse/blue denim vest/brown skirt combo

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