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Tony and Beth Early Years

Guest Willz

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The year 1982

On a hot sunny day in Sydeny city lives a women called Beth Walters who was 23 and a Grumpy dad called Graham who is dying of Cancer and only has one week left and Beth's mum died when she was three.

On the other side of Sydeny city lives a 23 year old Tony Holden who loves his life and he hasn't had much luck with girls but when he first saw Beth he was in love with her, so the next day they both bumped into eachother and they are now starting a relationship which gonna last forever.

I hope you like the first little bit :)

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A few months later since the death of Graham Walters and the beinging of Tony and Beth relationship began.

The Park

Tony and Beth walk along talking about life.

Tony: I want to get married and have kids

Beth: Same I want loads

Tony gets a small box and pop the question to Beth.

Tony: Beth Walters will you marry me?

Beth: yes of course I will

Tony lifts and hugs Beth

Tony's house

Tony and Beth walk into the house and told Tony's parents that they are getting married tomorrow.

Nat: But you only just got Engaged

Tony: Yeh I know that but we love each other and we feel it the right time for us to be married

Keith: Look son if you feel that way and then it fine but are you happy

Tony: Yes I am

Beth: Yes so am I

Tony: Well ok then Congratulations

As Tony and Beth and Family celabrate and the next day will be a day to never be forgotten.

On the next ep: Tony & Beth get married on a romantic White Beach wedding.

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