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Thurs 21 Sep 06 - "If You Can’t Fall For Me …”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "If You Can’t Fall For Me …”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 21 Sep 06 - Episode # 4279)

Note 1 – NO opening credits

Note 2 - Due to various circumstances, this guide is WAAAAAY less detailed than usual.

Dean tells Tilly that when he 1-st met Gareth was way attracted to him - the way that most boys feel about girls. When dean came out of closet to his dad, dad kicked him out of home. That’s when dean took to drugs.

Beth is telling off Luke for his comments about dean - when tilly arrives home ion tears - and when Luke says words to the effect that he was just trying to protect tilly, tilly takes it as am "I told you so".

Tilly meets up with dean next day. She is a lot more grown up this time - and insists that the retreat thought her that she really can't do anything about something like this (dean's sexuality). Although Tilly DOES come up with one of her best ever lines (re dean being gay) ....“If you can’t fall for me, you’re not going to fall for any girl, as I’m the best there is, honey”

Tilly then convinces dean to contact Gareth - which he goes and does.

As he is doing this, Cassie approaches Tilly, who tells her about her newfound approach to life.

Dean & Gareth join them, and they all go to the surf club.

They have a cool time there, and after dean/Gareth and Cassie have bailed, Luke approaches Tilly. Both apologise for recent behaviour - and WAAAAAAAAY agree to be friends.

Jack gets home and Martha expressed her concerns about jack sending only night that he's had off of late NOT with her.

Next day, Robbie, tash & Ella are at diner, talking to the likes of Irene & colleen. Robbie & tash are look fwd to go to lunch at jack & Martha’s - to ask them to be godparents.

Just before Robbie & co arrive, things are still way tense tween jack & Martha, but when they are having lunch. Robbie & tash (Ella is there too) to be godparents. Whilst Martha seems very keen, jack agrees but not appear so keen.

When Robbie & co are gone, the battlelines truly resume tween jack & Martha - jack decides to bail rather that deal with it more.

Later, when jack enters, Martha is packing her clothes. She insists that they need a break - and she walks out on him. (end of ep)


Are Jack/Martha over ???

There are issue after some medical tests that Kimmy had done.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tasha’s multi coloured tube top

SILVER – Luke’s mostly pink polo shirt

BRONZE – Cassie’s white V neck halter neck top/pink knee length shorts combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Tilly’s purple woolly jacket;

Martha’s white (gold mesh lined) crossover top/top singlet top combo;

Colleen’s gold (with red floral motifs) blouse;

Tilly’s brown top/dark blue crop jacket combo

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