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Tues 19 Sep 06 - "Amanda The Hypocrite”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Amanda The Hypocrite”

(Screened in Australia on Tues 19 Sep 06 - Episode # 4277)

Note – opening credits made their latest (most likely fleeting) appearance

Whilst kimmy (bachelor pad) tells Dan his side of the whole kids debate, Rachel (diner) does the same with Leah.

Kimmy & Rachel (bachelor pad) try to talk trough their differing points of view – and Rachel esp. scites hat both kimmy bring LOST and the whole brad/emily situation has intensified her felling to having kids soon.

Rachel thinks if they can’t find compromise that they should break up.

Later, kimmy is amazed when Rachel asked him if a partic CD is his or hers – as she is moving out.

Kimmy insists that they love each other and should be able to work thorough this. Rachel tells him that love isn’t enough for her right now.

Later, after both have done some serious thinking, Rachel returns to the bachelor pad. Kimmy suggests that he believes the earliest he’ll be ready is in 5 years time (half of what he initially said). Rachel initially isn’t son keen, but kimmy reminds her about relationships being about compromise, and Rachel agrees. Both are waaaaaaaaaaay pleased that this storm in a tea cup is over.

Amanda breaks away form her kiss with drew and she is way stressed when she enters her mansion. Bell sees this and wonders why, but Amanda not say.

Belle catches up with drew on the beach – after calling out to him several with him nit hear her. When belle mention that Amanda was a little worse for wear this morn, drew rushes off (tells belle that he forgot to do something).

At mansion, drew confronts Amanda, who rejects the notion that their kiss was anything more that a BAD mistake on her part.

Later, macca enters the mansion (just as Amanda is look at one of belle’s sketches of drew). When macca asks if he & Cassie can use the pool area today, Amanda rejects the request, saying that macca is doing a V immoral thing (by being with Cassie behind ric’s back).

Amanda then comes clean about her own immoral relationship. Macca thinks that if Amanda doesn’t think a relationship with drew will be everlasting (i.e. just a bit of fun) then maybe Amanda shouldn’t start relationship with drew I the 1-st place.

Near diner, belle confronts drew bout where his head is lately. Drew insists that its because of the arson allegations previously against him, and now that someone is out t get him.

Soon after, belle/drew are talking about Amanda/macca, and drew insist that the age gap should be no boundary to a great relationship. They both note that they are being slowly followed by a bug black car. Drew runs over to te said car, and is knocked out f the way as the scar speeds off.

When drew tells Dan this, drew is way annoyed when Dan & Leah insist that drew be with someone at all the times he is out of the house.

Soon after, drew gets a txt message form Amanda. Btw, Leah is in kitchen and Dan & bell have bailed for the moment. Amanda insists that she needs to talk to drew at the headland. Drew of course bails.

When belle rtns to diner (with a DVD for her & drew to watch) she tells Leah that drew isn’t at the diner. Both are worried.

At headland, Amanda tells drew that they can’t be together. Drew is shattered, but things get worse when 2 men emerge form THAT black car – and drag dew into the car (end of ep)


Amanda realises how much she loves Drew – but will Drew will rescued before more harms come to him?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s tiel halter neck top/purple velvety cropped jacket combo

SILVER – Rachel’s royal blue satiny button up shirt

BRONZE – Amanda’s tiel halter neck top/gold dressing gown combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Dan’s black (with red & white motif) t shirt;

Belle’s yellow v neck sleeveless top/short denim skirt combo;

Rachel’s red plunging V neck top (with black top beneath)

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