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Jack and Martha, A Love Given

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Type of story: S/M Fic

Rating: A (V/D, SC)

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Matilda, Lucas

Genre: Angst/Romance

Warnings: alot of violence, some romance

Is Story being proof read:No

Summary: Lives are turned upside down, lives are lost and friendship is turned upside down.

Chapter 1

'Martha I'm home!' Jack said as he walked through the front door of there family home.


Jack walked over to the table where he saw a note sitting under the coffee cup.

Be back later honey.

I've taken baby Sophie over to Tasha's house so she can play with baby Elle.

Come round if you want.

Love you!

Love Martha

Jack sat the note back on the table and was just about to walk into the bathroom when he heard a knock at the door.

Jack walked to the door and saw Robbie standing there.

'Robbie!' Jack said as he opened the door.

'Tasha and Martha are talking about girly stuff Sophie and Ella are playing and chewing stuff so I thought I'd come and annoy you' Robbie said as he walked through the door.

'There is no way you could annoy me Rob and I would love the company right now. Martha spends so much time over with Tasha that I barely get to see her or little Sophie any more.' Jack said as he walked over to the fridge, pulled out two beers and threw one at Robbie.

'Thanks man' Robbie replied as he sat on the couch.

'I never thought that being a dad was so much hard work but I love it to bits and wouldn't change it for the world. Tash is being a little distant lately and being really moody toward me or ignoring me and spending all her time with Ella and Martha and now that Irene left the house to Tash and I, I think Tash is cheating on me!' Robbie said as Jack spat out his beer.

'Man you have got to be kidding. Tash loves you to bits and don't forget she is a woman'

Robbie laughed along with Jack just as a little girl and a woman walked through the door.

'Daddy' the little girl screamed as she ran over to Jack.

'Hello baby, how are you, oh my god your growing up so fast.' Jack said as he picked up little Sophie.

'Hey babe hows everything'

'Hey Jack. I don't know. Tash pushed me out that door pretty quick when she saw what the time was and then she made Ella go to her room and play.' Martha replied as she kissed Jack and shut the front door.

'Sounds weird. I mean there's nothing Tash has to do today and she never locks Ella up in her room like that. Sorry guys but I'm going to go and see if everything is ok' Robbie said as he sat the beer on the table and left the house.

Martha ran over and grabbed the beer bottle just as Sophie put her hands around the bottle.

'Sorry baby not for you, this is a grown up drink'

Chapter 2

Matilda and Lucas walked into the diner hand in hand and sat at a booth near the door just as Belle and Ric walked in. Matilda didn't like Belle because she tried to break up Matilda and Lucas again and also broke up Cassie and Ric.

Belle and Ric walked over 2 sit with Mattie and Lucas. As they were sitting down there was a noise from outside and they turned around to see Robbie holding a gun to Tasha's head

'You lied to me, all this time u never loved me'

'I love you, just not as much as Jonah'

Thankfully no one else in the diner had heard so belle, Ric, Mattie and Lucas all slipped out of the diner to see Robbie about holding a gun up to Tasha.

Beth and Tony were walking along the beach when Beth looked up and saw Robbie, Tasha, Matilda, Lucas, Belle and Ric all standing outside the diner and then she saw a gun in Robbie's hand and saw that he was pointing it toward Tasha and then saw Matilda's hands on Robbie's arms.

Beth came tearing at Robbie begging him not to do it and that they could sort it out.

Matilda looked at Belle and Belle looked at Ric who looked at Lucas. Robbie was crying and Tasha was also crying when Robbie closed his eyes and pulled the trigger. Robbie opened his eyes to see Lucas lying on the ground with blood all around him.

'SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE' Matilda screamed out as she bent down beside him.

Robbie dropped the gun as Tasha looked on in horror as that was meant to be her lying there on the ground bleeding to death.

'Come on Lucas, hold on baby, I lost you once and I don't want to do it again' Matilda screamed as sirens of an ambulance pulled up.

After all the commotion had died down and people had gone back to their homes and Robbie had been taken down to the police station…Tasha made her way home to baby Ella and when she walked in the door Mumma Rose was standing there waiting 4 her.

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Chapter 3

Tasha locked the door and pulled the blinds down.

“What are you doing here? What if that wasn’t me walking through the door, what if it was Robbie or…or Martha or Jack?” Tasha asked as she went and picked up Ella.

“Now Tarsha you remember our deal, don’t you?” Mumma Rose asked walking toward her.

Tasha took a step back.

“Yes I remember our deal and don’t worry I don’t go back on my word. I love Jonah and Ella deserves to know who her father is but what about Robbie? I just can’t get up and leave.” Tasha replied getting Ella a drink.

“You either come with me now or I will take Ella” Mumma Rose replied.

“All your things are packed and ready to go so are you coming?”


Matilda was pacing back and forth with Beth and Tony at the hospital.

“What's taking so long?” Matilda said as she started to get very impatient. Matilda was just about to walk off when a surgeon walked out.

“What's going on? Is he ok?” Tony asked as Both Matilda and Beth joined hands.

“Well the bullet lodged itself between his second and third rib and we were able to get that out and stop the bleeding so he should make a full recovery. He is very groggy at the moment but you can go and see him.” The doctor explained as Beth and Tony sighed and Matilda started crying tears of joy.


“Are we ready to go Tarsha?” Mumma Rose asked before she got into the car.

“Yeah I think so, lets go” Tasha said as she strapped Ella into the car seat and buckled her up.

“I guess so but I cant believe I’m leaving Robbie a note and just leaving like this” Tasha replied as she buckled her seat belt when she was in the car.

“I know its not right Tarsha but you have to see if those feelings you have for my son are true or if it is just lust.” Mumma Rose replied.

As they were heading past the beach Tasha ducked her head down as she saw Martha walking up. Tasha thought she was safe and that Martha didn’t see her but she was wrong.

Martha stood in shock as she saw Mumma Rose and Tasha drive off. Martha got the registration number off the car and bolted to the police station as fast as she could repeating the number.


Jack and another officer were just bringing Robbie out of the interview room when Martha burst into the police station.

“JACK!” Martha screamed as Jack walked over to her.

“Jack i…I jus…just saw M…Mumma Rose and Tasha driving away with b…baby Ella” Martha stumbled out as she started coughing because of all the running she had done.


An hour had passed since Martha had arrived at the police station.

“Come on Jack, It’s Robbie’s wife. Cant you just do this one thing for him?” Martha pleaded.

“Martha you don’t know what your asking me to do here, your asking me to put my job on the line and to purposely leave the cell unlocked. What if Tasha went willingly? Then what would happen to me?” Jack replied as Martha kept on pleading.

“Come on Jack! What if it were me? What would you do then?” Martha asked as Jack looked sternly at her.

“Fine!” Jack replied.

“Ah boss I’m just going to the toilet and then I’ll start work on this case” Jack said as the boss nodded.

Jack walked off and a few minutes later returned and sat back down. Martha gave him a huge kiss, said she loved him and that she would see him tonight and walked off leaving Jack to do his next case.

Chapter 4 coming soon :)

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Chapter 4

When Jack arrived home he called out Martha’s name but heard no answer. Jack called out again and when she didn’t answer again Jack just thought she was at a friends house so he went and had a shower and thought that by the time he gets out that she should be home.

Jack got out of the shower 20 minutes later and when he saw that Martha still hadn’t returned home he started to worry. Jack rang Sally and Alf, Tasha but her phone was off, Beth and Tony, Irene, Leah and Dan and after making several phone calls he called the police.

Hours had passed and there was still no sign of Martha. Jack was getting really worried and he noticed that little Sophie noticed something was wrong as well. Jack put Sophie to bed and walked into the lounge when he noticed the front door open.

“Martha is that you? Martha?” Jack was just about to shut the door when he heard little Sophie start crying.

Jack raced into the bedroom and saw Corey picking her up with Martha passed out on the floor. Jack ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and raced back into the bedroom just as Corey was just about to stick a needle into Sophie’s arm.

Jack threw the knife at Corey’s foot and raced forward as he started screaming and dropped little Sophie.

Jack grabbed little Sophie and ran over to Martha, put Sophie down and threw Martha over his shoulder and then picked little Sophie back up and took off out the door and ran next door to Beth and Tony’s house.

Jack had Martha over one shoulder and was holding little Sophie when he started kicking at Beth’s front door.

“Who would be here at this time of night?” Jack could hear Beth as she opened the front door he pelted inside and just missing Martha’s head from colliding with the doorframe.

“What the…?” Tony asked as he took little Sophie. Jack got Martha off his shoulder and lay her down on the couch.

“Where’s Mattie?” Jack asked.

“Ummm still at the hospital with Lucas. Jack what’s going on?” Beth asked looking worried.

“When I leave, lock the door, turn the lights off and go into the bathroom. Do not come and open the door to anyone. Call Mattie and tell her that if she’s on her way home to turn around and go to Cassie and Ric’s and can I have your house key because that’s how I will get back in.” Jack said as fast as he could.

“No, no jack what is…’

“Corey’s back and he took Martha and tried to take Sophie. Tasha and Ella are with Mumma Rose going god knows where and I unlocked the cell door to let Robbie out so please do what I say.” Jack said as he cut Beth off.

Tony gave Jack his house key and as soon as he left Tony told Beth to grab Sophie and turn the lights out. Tony picked up the passed out Martha and followed Beth as the lights were turned out and they made there way to the bathroom.


“So what happened because I cant remember?” Lucas asked as Matilda sat on the hospital bed holding his hand.

“Well Robbie went to shoot Tash but instead when he closed his eyes he accidently shot you instead” Matilda replied just as her mobile rang.

“Hello!” she said as she answered.

“Tilly where are you? Are you on your way home?” Mattie heard her mums voice on the other end.

“No I’m still at the hospital but I promise I’ll be home soo…’

“No don’t come home, instead go to Sally’s, you will be staying in Cassie’s room on the spare bed.”

Matilda looked at Lucas and then went back to the conversation with her mum.

“Mum is everything ok? Is there anything I or Luc should know?”

“No sweetheart just go to Sally’s and please call me on my mobile when you get there”

“Ok mum, love you”

“Love you to darling”

Matilda hung up the phone and looked at Lucas.

“What?” Lucas asked taking her hand.

“That was mum. She wants me to stay at Sally’s tonight but she didn’t say why. She was also acting really weird on the phone.” Mattie said as Lucas moved over in his bed with great pain.

“Come here!” Lucas said as Matilda crawled on the bed and sat next to him. Lucas put his arm around his girlfriend and looked into her beautiful blue eyes.

“I love you Mattie and after everything we have been through, Belle, Dean, Lee and everything else I think we can overcome anything because of the love we have for each other. The day I met you I fell in love because you are beautiful, intelligent, amazing, talented, ambitious, willing and caring and I want to spend every moment we have together as a day that is great to overcome the not so great.” Lucas said as he saw the huge grin on Matilda’s face.

“I love you too Luc and no matter what happens, our love will always be electric.” She said as she smiled.

Lucas looked into her eyes and Matilda returned the gaze. Matilda leant in closer to Lucas’s face and could feel his warm breath.

Lucas could smell the French perfume that Matilda always wore on her neck and soon the embraced each other in a warm, passionate, loving kiss.


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Great start!

Can't wait for more.

You wanted more well here it is :)

Chapter 5

Matilda awoke the next morning and found herself laying next to Lucas on the hospital bed. Matilda smiled and got off the bed and just remembered the phone call between herself and Beth (her mum).

Matilda picked the phone up and dialed her mums mobile and soon heard a worried tone on the other end.

“Tilly, sweetheat is that you?”

“Yeah sorry mum I must have fallen asleep at the hospital. I didn’t make it to Sally’s at all” Matilda replied as Beth started to calm down.

“Oh sweet I’m so glad your ok. Go to Sally’s and get freshened up, Jack took some clothes over for you last night and Sally will explain everything to you about why your there. Be careful sweet and I love you”

“I love you to” Beth heard Matilda’s voice say over the phone a she hung up. Beth put the mobile down and looked at Tony as they sat in the bathroom with little Sophie asleep in Tony’s arms and a passed out Martha who looked like she was just starting to come around.

Beth watched as Martha started groaning and moving her arms and then her head. Martha slowly opened her eyes. Martha looked around the bathroom and then shot up as fast as she could.

“Martha!” Beth said.

Martha looked at Beth, Tony and saw little Sophie asleep in his arms.

Tony passed Sophie to Martha and she hugged her daughter and then looked at Tony.

“Where’s Jack and where are we?”

“Jack has been gone since midnight and we are in our bathroom.” Tony replied as Martha went to get to her feet but suddenly fell to the floor unconscious.


Matilda walked out of the bathroom and was just about to go downstairs when she saw Ric walk out of his bedroom with just a pair of underpants on. Matilda started laughing as Ric saw her and bolted back into his bedroom.

Matilda walked into the kitchen when Sally came out of the laundry.

“What’s that smile for?” Sally asked as Matilda couldn’t stop smiling.

Matilda was just about to say when Ric walked into the kitchen with jeans and a red top on and bright red cheeks.

“Oh I get it now. Ric what have I told you about wearing more to bed?” Sally asked as she and Matilda started laughing. Matilda grabbed the piece of toast and spread jam on it and said goodbye to Sally and made her way out the door.


Jack let himself in the door just as Tony came tearing out with Martha in his hands and Beth following with Sophie.

“What's going on?” Jack asked.

“We need to get Martha to the hospital right now. She just collapsed and we cant wake her up” Tony said as he tore out the door with Beth, Sophie and Jack right behind.

Tony burst through the emergency doors where Rachel was working and when he saw Martha she led Tony into the emergency bay.

Jack followed after Tony and Beth waited outside with little Sophie.

An hour had passed and still Martha wouldn’t wake up. Jack was sitting with Martha pleading her to wake up and Tony and Beth were looking after Sophie.

Beth looked up and saw Rachel walk into the room where Jack and Martha were.

Jack looked up and saw Rachel enter the room.

“What's going on? Is she going to be ok?” Jack asked looking at Martha and back at Rachel.

“She has gone into a coma. Because of she fact that whatever Corey has given her and the fact that she is pregnant again it has reacted with her brain and put her to sleep to save herself and the baby that is growing inside her.” Rachel explained as Jack looked at Martha.

“When will she wake up?” Jack asked.

“That’s just the thing though. Because she is pregnant and has been given something that didn’t show up in her bloods, her brain has reacted and we don’t know when or even if she will wake up and if she does there may be side affects.” Rachel explained as Jack tried to hold back the tears.

“I’m so sorry Jack that I couldn’t have anything better to give you!” Rachel said as she turned around and walked out to explain the whole situation to Beth and Tony.

Matilda walked through the doors of the Northern District hospital to find Rachel taking to Tony and Beth with Beth holding Jack and Martha’s daughter. Matilda didn’t want to interrupt what they were talking about so she walked straight passed them and turned the corner and walked into Lucas’s room.

Lucas face lit up when he saw Matilda walk back through the door and he threw down the magazine he was reading and hugged her as she climbed back on the bed with him.

“I brought you some decent food from the diner as I know what the food tastes like here” Matilda said as Lucas laughed and then started coughing.

“Oh god, don’t make me laugh it hurts to much.” Lucas said through coughing.

Matilda giggled and kissed him as he slowly calmed himself down.

“Oh did I tell you that mum and Tony are here with little Sophie? I don’t know where Jack and Martha are I didn’t see them. I was going to talk to mum but Rachel was talking to them so I didn’t want to interrupt.” Matilda said as she cuddled up to Lucas. Lucas put his arm around his girlfriend as she cuddled him and he kissed her on the forehead just as Tony and Beth walked in with Sophie.

“Hey dad, Beth, what's going on?” he asked as Matilda looked at her mum and saw a worried look on her face.

“Do you want the good news or the bad first?” Tony said as Beth took his hand and he held Sophie with the other.

Chapter 6 on jack and Martha story.Will Who returs to the bay? Who causes trouble between Matilda and Lucas? What happens to put everyone on alert and who is dying?

next time :rolleyes:

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Chapter 6

Part I

Matilda and Lucas sat in silence as Beth and Tony had just told them what had happened.

“Are you ok sweet?” Beth asked as Matilda just sat there holding the plastic bag.

“Matilda are you ok?” Beth asked again as she knew after the accident Martha and Matilda had gotten rather close.

“Ummm so basically Martha may never wake up?” Matilda finally spoke as she looked at her mum trying to fight back her tears. Lucas saw the look on Matilda’s face and pulled her in for a hug. Beth and Tony looked at each other and walked out of the room so Matilda and Lucas could be alone together.

“How do you think she took it?” Tony asked looking at Beth just as Sophie started crying.

Beth sat down outside Lucas’s room and put her head in her hands and sighed.

“I don’t know Tony. You know what she is like with bottling up her emotions. I saw her trying not to cry and I know how close she and Martha has become but after everything else it’s a wonder she hasn’t buckled under the pressure and I know she still has her days when she feels disgusted with herself and I know she has thrown up a couple of times but if Martha never wakes up then we might lose her for good this time.” Beth said as Tony sat down beside her while trying to calm down Sophie.

“Well Beth the only thing Lucas you and I can do for Mattie is let her know we are here for her no matter what happens.” Tony said as Sophie started to fall asleep in his arms.

“Sometimes I really wish Henry was here. He always got through to her one way or another.” Beth replied as she saw Rachel walking up to them.

“Is everything ok? Has something happened?” Tony asked as Beth looked up and Tony nursed Sophie.

“Well we did a scan on Martha’s brain and we found a mass on the left temple and it is pressing against which on top of everything else is why she is in a coma. Right now they have taken her to theatre to get a scrape of the mass to see what it is but it is looking towards a brain tumor. On the other hand there is some good news and that is that Lucas will be able to go home tomorrow as long as he has complete bed rest and he comes back in every second day so we can dress and clean his wound.” Rachel said as she sat down across from Beth and Tony.

“Now I have asked Jack what he wants to do with little Sophie for now and he has asked me to ask if you and Beth can look after her for tonight?”

“Yeah sure we would love to spend time with this little one and I’m sure she will keep Mattie and Luc busy as well.” Beth replied as she got to her feet.

“So your saying that Martha may have cancer? And that is why she wont wake up?”

“Basically what the mass is doing is pushing on her temple and if it pushes to hard it can kill you but for Martha its different because of the fact that she is pregnant and she was drugged with something unknown that didn’t show up in her bloods. If this mass continues to press against her temple it is basically going to kill her before the month is gone so that’s why we need to act now.” Rachel said as she got to her feet. Rachel sometimes thought to herself that she wished she wasn’t a doctor because of the news she had to give people and because she lost her mother so suddenly but she was really happy with the way things had panned out.


Sally unlocked the front door to the caravan park house and walked in with bags full of groceries. Once Sally had put the groceries on the bench she walked over to the table and sorted through the mail.

“Cassie, Ric, Cassie, Cassie, Bills, more bills and…’ Sally paused and saw a letter that had hand written writing on the front of the envelope. Sally opened the letter that was sitting on the table by itself waiting for her. It didn’t say anything on the front of the envelope except for "Sally and family" and when she finally opened the letter she was stunned at what the contents held inside.

"Sally, this is not over. Tick tock tick tock"

Sally dropped the letter, backed against the wall and crouched herself into a ball and started crying hoping that someone would walk through the door that second and reassure her that she is being silly.


Matilda was sitting on the beach looking out over the water. The wind was peaceful and the water was calm. It was a hot day and yet Matilda had decided to wear jeans. She could feel her hair starting to stick to her back so she took the hair tie she had around her wrist and slid her hair into a low pony tail and fixed her fringe which she could part either way. Matilda finished the chocolate thick shake she had bought on the way down to the beach and got to her feet and picking up her thongs.

‘Who would wear thong with jeans?’ she asked herself but she couldn’t do anything about it because Jack had packed her clothes for that day as she was meant to stay at Sally’s.

Matilda was walking up the path that lead up to the diner as she heard someone calling out her name.

“Mattie! Mattie!”

Matilda couldn’t be bothered with whoever was calling out to her so she didn’t turn around or stop.


Matilda stopped in her tracks because only two people in the world ever called her ‘Tilly’ and it sure wasn’t her mums voice which only meant one thing.

Matilda turned around to see a blonde haired, blue eyed boy who was just a little taller then her standing there.

The boy looked like Lucas but it couldn’t be him because she had just left him at the hospital.

“Oh my god, Henry what are you doing back here?" Matilda asked standing there in shock.

"Well arn’t I allowed to come back and see my baby sister?" Henry said as he held out his arms to signal for a hug.

Matilda had a huge smile on her face and ran up to her twin and bear hugged him. Henry hugged his little sister and when he finally pulled back, he looked her in the eyes and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Well if it isn't my bratty little sister. You look so beautiful and man you have grown!” Henry said as Matilda smiled. Matilda didn’t know whether to laugh or take offence or be scared to what her big brother had just said to her but she didn’t care. Matilda slammed into her brother again and hugged him.

“Hey little princess Hunter! You know I always knew Cassie would but I cant believe you would do that to Lucas. He deserves so much more.”

Matilda pulled back from Henry and turned to see Belle standing there smirking with her arms crossed over each other.

“You know Belle. One day you will learn to ask or even better stay out of other people’s lives because frankly, your turning out to be another Colleen.” Matilda replied as Belle’s smile went from her face.

“You self absorbed, snotty, uptight little cow. I always new you and Cassie were alike in many ways more than one.” Belle said as she took a step towards Matilda.

Belle looked at Matilda like she was a poor piece of nothing.

“Henry! Meet Belle Taylor! New bitch of the town and queen tart and oh I forgot something, Colleen Smarts little nose around because if Colleen cant stick her nose into other people’s business then she sends off Belle Taylor to do her dirty job!” Matilda said as Henry burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Matilda saw the look on Belle’s face as the one she had when they got in a fight that day at Cassie’s house.

“Now Belle Taylor I would like you to meet Henry Hunter, my twin!”

Belle’s face went from anger to surprise and straight to humiliation in a matter of seconds.

Henry didn’t stop laughing until Belle came tearing at Matilda and footy tackled her to the ground.

Henry stood there shocked as Matilda rolled over on top of Belle and started punching her.

“Mattie!” Henry said as he could start to see blood forming on Belle’s face.

“Mattie! Stop! Mattie stop! Mattie! Matilda Harriet Jane Hunter stop” Henry tore at Matilda pulling her off Belle as Ric came tearing from the other end and grabbed Belle and pulled her back.

Matilda was kicking her arms and legs and screaming at Henry to let her go while Ric had pulled Belle up from the ground but had lost grip when Belle came tearing back at Matilda.

Belle was almost about to take her to the ground again when Ric grabbed her around the waist and spun her around to keep the distance between the girls.

Henry turned and pushed Matilda behind him as Matilda came tearing at him so he grabbed her top and turned side ways as Ric did the same.

“You skanky filthy little mole I’m gunna kick your ***kin head in. Your gunna wish you never ***kin touched me you little s**ty whore” Belle screamed on top of her lungs and Henry dragged her off into the direction of the wharf.

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Here is part 2 of chapter 6. i never though there would be 3 pars to this chapter :lol:

Chapter 6

Part II

Henry walked a very shaken Matilda down to the wharf and watched as she collapsed, ran her hands through her hair and started crying.

”What the hell was that back there?” Henry asked sitting next to her.

“You two would have killed each other. Mattie what the hell”

Matilda reached into the water with cupped hands and splashed some over her face before looking at her twin.

“I…I don’t know!” Matilda said as she completely broke down in her hands.

Henry reached over and hugged his sister as she cried over his shoulder. Her hands were all bloody and were bleeding.

“What the hell went on back there?” Ric asked as he forced Belle on a seat outside the diner.

‘She thinks she is soooooooo bloody perfect. Little miss princess Hunter. Do you know what she said to me? Do you? Do you know……what she said to me the little skank?” Belle screamed as Ric looked on.

“No I don’t and I don’t care. You started it by walking over there and don’t say you didn’t because you did. I saw the whole thing. You though Mattie was cheating on Lucas and you decided to rub it in to her by mouthing her. You never think do you Belle?” Ric said as Belle did a fake yawn and covered her mouth to suggest she was getting bored with this conversation.

“DO YOU BELLE?” Ric screamed this time.

Belle flinched because she knew she had never got Ric this angry before but when she looked at him closely she saw that he wasn’t angry, he was in love.

“You love her!”

“What?” Ric said as he looked at her, arms crossed trying to hide his feelings. “No I don’t!”

“Yes you do, your in love with Matilda Hunter that’s why your going off at me like that” Belle replied getting to her feet. She looked at Ric for a couple of minutes before shaking her head and walking off past him.

Belle ran home and when she got there she saw that Amanda and Ryan wasn’t home so she walked into the kitchen and saw a bottle of wine in the fridge. Belle grabbed the bottle, a glass, some ice and walked into the lounge room and saw on the couch and popped open the bottle.


Matilda was sitting on the couch watching her bloody hands when Henry walked out of the hall way with bandages in his hands, antaceptic cream, cotton buds and a warm cloth.

Matilda flinched as Henry carefully and slowly wiper her hands over with the cloth. Once he had wiped as much blood off her hands as he could he picked up the antaceptic cream and applied it to her wounds and with the cotton buds he rubbed the cream over her hand to cover her hands.

“Man you did some damage to your hands. Look at them Mattie!” Henry said as Matilda looked at her hands and saw all the cuts from her fingers up her knuckles and to the end of her hand.

Matilda looked back up at Henry just as tears started streaming down her face.

“What have I done?” she asked as Henry bandaged her hands and saw how sorry she looked as she looked down at the ground. “I'm a horrible person. I’m filth, disgust, mea-‘

“Hey, hey, hey look at me!” Henry said as he let go of the second bandage half covering her hand and pulled her chin up as he looked deeply into her eyes. “You are not horrible, you are not filth, you are not disgust and you are certainly mean ok. What happened with you and Belle was not ok and you know that but with what ever your going through it has reacted and knowing you, you have held all your anger and tears and frustrations in and you have just lost it. Don’t blame yourself ok Tilly. I’m guessing that you and Belle Taylor have a history of being bitches to each other!” Henry said as he saw Matilda nod her head and grab a tissue off the coffee table in front of the couch.

Matilda wiped her face as Henry went back to wrapping up her hands. Once he was done he looked at his baby sister wishing he could tell her why he was really back so he could warn her and his family to get out of Summer bay while they could but he knew that if he did then they would come after his family.


“Come on Rachel can I please go home today?” Lucas begged as Rachel checked his wound and cleaned it.

Rachel looked up and saw he had out on his puppy eyes and laughed as she re-dressed the wound.

“Lucas-‘ Rachel went to say but was cut off.

“I know, I know. Those eyes may work on Matilda but they wont work on you. I know but please I really want to go home and if you don’t let me I’m going to discharge myself anyway.” Lucas replied as Rachel raised her eye brow in surprise. Rachel walked around to the end of his bed and checked his chart several times before looking up and speaking.

“Well from what the charts say, your wound is healing really well and there is no sign of infection so-‘

“Does that mean your letting me go home?” Lucas asked as he slowly sat himself up in the bed.

Rachel nodded and walked back around to the bed and took the canyla out of his hand.

“I’ll go and talk to your dad about what you need to do and then I’ll sort out your paper work ok!” Rachel said as Lucas pulled back the blankets showing his legs and slowly turned himself around so his legs were hanging over the side of the bed.

Rachel walked out of the room so Lucas could get dressed and Lucas could hear her talking to his dad and Beth. A few minutes later Rachel walked back into the room with the paperwork she promised she would sort out and helped Lucas put his light orange t-shirt on as he had trouble putting that on.


Jack was asleep in Martha’s room. His head resting on the edge of her bed and small snores could be heard.

Nurse Julie had walked in to check Martha’s chart when she saw Martha start moving her head. Martha’s hand slowly moved to the oxygen mask covering her face as she tried to move it.

“No, no, no, no Martha you need to leave that on!” Nurse Julie replied as she took Martha’s hand away from the mask and sat it on her stomach. “Do you know where you are Martha?” the nurse asked shining a light into her eyes. Once the nurse was happy that Martha’s pupils reacted to the light she turned back to Martha.

“Yeah sure do, I’m in the bloody hospital. Seem to like making an appearance lately!” she said as she started coughing.

Jack shot his head up and saw that Martha was awake.

“Oh my god Martha, baby your awake, oh my god thank god your ok!” Jack said, as he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his hysteria.

“Course I’m awake I have a life to live and I baby and husband to look after.” Martha replied as Jack started laughing.

“I’ll go and get Rachel” nurse Julie said as she walked out of the room.

Minutes later nurse Julie returned with Rachel, Beth, Tony, Sophie and Lucas right behind her.

“Well Martha its good to see you awake. I didn’t expect it for another couple of days but this is a really good sign. Do you remember what happened?” Rachel asked as she walked over and stood next to Martha.

“Ummm I remember saying bye to Jack at the station and I was almost home when some one came up behind and put a rag over my mouth and the next thing I remember was waking up in Beth and Tony’s bathroom.” Martha replied as she rubbed her head.

“I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mac truck.”

“That would be because you had to have an operation and you are also pregnant again. Martha we found a mass in your brain which was pushing against your temple so we did tests and found that it was cancer but we were able to remove it and successfully get it all out so you will make a full recovery but we still need to find out what it was that Corey gave you!”

“Corey!” Martha said as she shot up in her bed and suddenly grabbed Jack’s shoulder and Rachel's arm. “Oh god that was too fast!” she said as she let go of Rachel's arm, closed her eyes and put her hand on the side of her head.

“So your saying that Corey did this?” Martha asked still with her eyes closed.

Rachel looked at Jack who looked at Beth, Tony and Lucas.

“Yes it was!” Jack said as Rachel and the rest left to give Martha and Jack some space.

“So is Martha really going to be ok?” Beth asked as Rachel walked behind the emergency desk.

“With a few days rest and some nutrition and fluids into her, yes she will be fine.” Rachel replied as she signed the paperwork saying that Lucas could go home. “Ok all done, now Lucas, if you don’t take it easy then those stitches will break and you will have to come back in to have them taken out and have more stitches put in. Now Tony do you remember what I told you?”

Tony nodded his head and passed little Sophie to Beth as he walked over to Lucas.

“Come on mate, time for you to come home and rest.” Tony said as Beth walked off with Sophie and Tony followed.

“Oh!” Tony said as he turned back around. “Can you let Jack and Martha know that well will look after Sophie so they can have some time together”

Rachel nodded and watched as the four of them left and as soon as they were gone her pager beeped so she turned and ran off.


Belle awoke with her head feeling like se had been stabbed to find Amanda and Ryan walk through the door. Belle grabbed the wine bottle and quickly shoved it under a cushion.

“Hi darling how are…OH MY GOD…WHAT happened to your face?” Amanda asked as she rushed over to Belle’s side. Belle looked at Amanda and chocked back tears as she started crying.

“Darling who did this to you?” Amanda asked as she looked at Ryan. “Ryan hunny can you go into the kitchen and get a warm wet cloth and that jim beam in the fridge please?”

Ryan nodded and dropped what he had and ran into the kitchen. He returned minutes later with what Amanda asked her son to get for her and as he passed them to her, he looked on in shock to see his sister hurt like this.

“Belle, Belle, Belle listen to me darling. I want you to stay very still because this is going to hurt a lot” Amanda said as she washed her face with the cloth and then folded it and put the jim beam on the cloth and damped it over her split face.

Belle screamed as Amanda tried so hard not to hurt her daughter but all she could see was tears falling from her face.

Once Belle’s face as all patched up Amanda sat on the couch, her daughter sprawled out on the couch with her head on Amanda’s legs. Amanda was running her hand through her daughter’s hair when there was a knock at the door. Amanda didn’t get up but just yelled fo them to come in and when they did they saw Irene there.

“Hi Amanda, you rang me and asked if I could talk to-‘

Irene stopped in her tracks when she saw Belle’s bruised, broken and battered face. Irene dropped her bag, shut the door and rushed over and knelt down and looked at Belle’s face.

“What in the flammin heck happened?” she asked looked at the sleeping Belle and then at Amanda stroking her hair.

“That’s what I was hoping you could help me with. She hasn’t said a word since I got home and when I saw her face she broke down in tears and once I had cleaned her up she fell asleep. I was hoping you would be able to get it out of her about who did this to her!” Amanda said as she lifted Belle’s head up, got to her feet and put a pillow under her head. Amanda headed to the kitchen with Irene follwing close behind.

“Well I could try darl but I don’t know if she will talk to me. She didn’t say anything at all when you got home?”

Amanda shook her head as she sat at the table with Irene.

Belle awoke to the sound of voices and when she looked up she saw Amanda and Irene talking and by the looks of it they were talking about her.

Belle slowly got to her feet, made sure her wallet and phone were in her back jeans pocket and headed for the front door.


"Are you the courier?" Belle asked as she walked up to a scruffed up looking man with tattoo's all up his arms.

"Yeah I sure am. What you want little lady?" the courier replied as he sat on the boot of his opened car.

"I want one of what your selling. You see i have some unfinished business to attend to and I’m going to scare the living hell out of this person!" Belle replied as she pulled out a heap of green notes from her wallet.

The scruffed up man reached into the boot of his car and pulled out two different guns.

"Do you want a gun with a 38' or a 9'?"

Belle looked at the two different guns and pointed to the one on the left. She walked forward and held out $300 and the man took the money and handed back a $50 note.

"Pleasure doing business with you!" Belle said as the scruffed up man nodded. Belle turned around and made sure the safety latch was on before putting it up against her back under her shirt and walking off putting the rest of her green notes in her wallet.

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Well i told you all part 3 would be up soon and it is so i really do hope you like it.

Chapter 6

Part III

“Hello anyone here?” Beth asked as herself, Tony and Lucas walked through the front door of their family home.


“No not Matilda mum!” Henry said as he walked out of the hallway.

Beth stood there in shock as she couldn’t believe how grown up her son had become.


“The one and only!” he replied as Beth held out her arms for a hug. Henry walked up to her and laughed as Beth started crying. She held him tight until he finally spoke up.

“Ummm mum you can let go now. I don’t want to be hugged to death.” Henry said as Beth laughed. Beth didn’t realize that Tony and Lucas had walked past her. Beth looked at Lucas and saw a very uncomfortable look on his face as he sat on the couch and when she looked up she saw Tony walk back in from the kitchen.

“Mum” Henry whispered looking at the two men and then back at his mother.

“Oh, oh, oh god Henry I’m sorry. Lucas, Tony, this is my son Henry, Matilda’s twin. Henry, this is Tony, my boyfriend and Lucas, Tony’s son and Matilda’s boyfriend.” Beth explained as each one of them shook hands with the other. Henry looked at Lucas, Lucas looked at Henry, Henry looked at Tony and Beth and saw how happy they were. Henry got to his feet and walked into the kitchen.

“Oh Henry love, do you know where your sister is?” Beth asked as she and Tony stood next to each other.

“Ummm she said she was going for a walk. She hurt her hands today so I had to clean and bandage them.” Henry lied as Beth nodded and walked into the kitchen to see what she would be cooking for tea that night.


Matilda was sitting in the diner stirring her straw around in her chocolate thick shake when Ric walked in. Matilda looked up and saw him and noticed he had seen her. Matilda have him a small smile and watched as Ric approached her.

“Are you ok?” he asked as he sat down across from Matilda. Matilda kept stirring her milk shake and then looked up.

“I…I don’t know what got into me, I don’t know how I got it over Belle because she is much stronger than me, I don’t know where all the agro came from, I don’t know anything about Martha or if she will be ok, I don’t know what I know anymore!” Matilda explained took a small sip out of her straw and started fiddling around with it again.

Ric watched Matilda for about five minutes. He didn’t know whether to tell him how he felt or to leave it. Belle was right though, Ric was in love with Matilda and he hadn’t seen her with Lucas lately.

“Mattie!” Ric started to say as Matilda’s phone started ringing. Matilda dug her phone out of her pocket listening to the ring tone she had which was her favourite at the moment.

And he knows im unfaithful and it kills him inside,

To know that I am happy with some other guy,

I can see him dying,

“Hello!” Matilda said as she answered her mobile.

“Hey mum! No I’m at the diner with Ric, are you serious? Oh my god I’ll be home in ten!”

Matilda pressed the end button on her mobile and pressed the key pad lock before putting her mobile back in her pocket.

“Ric I have to go so can you call me or can it wait until tomorrow?” Matilda asked as she pushed her half empty glass of chocolate milk and got to her feet.

“No it cant Mattie!” Ric replied as Matilda looked at him and soon sat back down in her seat.

Matilda saw that Ric looked agitated and started to fiddle with his thumbs. “Ric what’s going on?” she asked as Ric looked at her.

“You know you can tell me anything!” she replied as she took his hand into hers and gave him that smile that Ric went weak at the knee’s everytime. Ric put his other hand on hers and gave her a smile.

“Mattie after I pulled Belle from you today and Henry dragged you off. I had a talk to Belle and she pointed something out to me that I never really noticed before.” Ric said as Matilda listened on checking her watch every few seconds.

“Mattie! I love you!” Ric said as Matilda went to check her watch again but didn’t get to as she looked up and saw Ric staring at her.

Matilda removed her hand from between Ric’s and got to her feet.

“Ummmm I need to go so I’ll talk to you tomorrow ok, ok then!” Matilda said as she quickly ran out the door running straight into Belle on the way out and when Ric looked behind him all he heard was Matilda.

“Watch where you going or are you blind as well as nosey”

A couple of seconds later Belle entered the diner, she had a black eyes and cuts all over her face and by the looks of her she also had a busted lip and cheek.

Belle took one look at Ric and walked straight over and sat where Matilda had been sitting.

“I’m guessing you told her from the way she just spoke to me and the way she ran out like that.” Belle said trying to cover her hair over the side of her face as people looked on in awe. Belle could hear people whispering behind her and when she listened closely she heard them whispering about her and who beat her up like that.

Ric watched as Belle listened to the conversation behind her and after a couple of minutes Ric just got to his feet and walked out of the diner without saying anything to her.


Lucas was sitting in his room when he heard footsteps walking up the path. Lucas got to his feet and by the time he made it out to his room he saw Matilda walking into the main house. Lucas had always wondered how this part of the house had been built on. He knew that when Sally and her late husband Flynn lived here that they built it on so he could do his doctoring here instead of going to the hospital but he never really wondered why Sally and Beth agreed to swap houses in the first place.

Lucas slowly walked into the main house and just as he got to the front door Matilda walked out of the hall, which lead to the other bedrooms.

“Lucas!” Matilda said as she stood there in a state of shock.

Lucas smiled as a huge grin passed over Matilda’s face and the next thing Matilda walked over and hugged him so tightly he started coughing.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry I forgot about-‘

Lucas put one finger up to her mouth and rested it in the middle of her lips. Next he lifted her chin up and softly kissed her pinkish lips. Matilda returned his kiss as softly as he kissed her, the next kiss was a little harder as Lucas felt Matilda open her mouth, Lucas slipped his tongue into her mouth to find itself exploring her like they were playing tonsil hockey for the first time.

As Lucas wrapped his hands around Matilda’s waist and Matilda rested her arms around the back of Lucas’s neck, each had there eyes closed and didn’t realize that Henry was standing in the hallway door watching them, his smile disappearing into anger.


Rachel was sitting in her small office at the hospital when she started feeling dizzy, reaching into her top draw of her desk she pulled out some medication, twisted the lid and dropped a couple on her desk. Rachel looked at the medication slowly tightening the lid and dropping them back into her draw, slipping the pills into her mouth and drinking a glass of water.

Rachel closed her eyes as she felt the pills slide down her throat just as nurse Julie walked in.

“Rachel you had better come and see this” Nurse Julie said as she walked back out the door, Rachel following close behind.


Matilda and Lucas were sitting out the back of there house. Lucas had his legs open and Matilda was sitting between them on the grass as they held each other and watched the stars.

“You wont believe what Ric told me tonight!” Matilda said as she rested her head into Lucas’s neck.

“What did he tell you?” Lucas asked as he kissed Matilda’s forehead and ran his left hand down her cheek.

“He told me he was in love with me!” Matilda replied as Lucas laughed and kissed her forehead again.

“I don’t blame him but I do have to say if he tries anything then I will have to kill him.” Lucas said as he laughed a little and held Matilda close to him.

Matilda turned herself around so she was looking Lucas in the eyes. The moon reflecting between them and the stars shining made it look like a picture in a gallery but it wasn’t. Lucas wasn’t a gallery and Matilda wasn’t a picture. They knew what it was and wanted it to last forever…It was love.

"I'm going to get a drink" Matilda said getting up from Lucas's legs on the grass. "Do you want one?" she asked as Lucas held on to her hand.

"Sure!" he said as Matilda walked off. "Mattie!"

Matilda turned around and looked him in the eyes.

"I love you" he said as she smiled and blew a kiss to him.

"I love you too" she said as she turned and walked off.

Lucas was sitting down when he heard footsteps coming from behind him. Lucas smiled but saw it was only Henry joining him.

"Stay away from Matilda. She has been hurt to many times and i know guys like you. If you know what’s good for you then stay the hell away from her." Henry said as he got back to his feet and walked off just as Matilda walked back out past him.

"Hey Hen!"

"Hi!" he replied and just kept walking.

Chapter 7

What will Lucas do after Henry's threat? Whats wrong with Rachel? why is Henry back? What is Belle up to and who turns up to the town meeting?

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Sorry it took so long but chapter 7 is now up :P

Chapter 7

“I cant believe I nearly lost you” Jack said as he sat on the hospital bed with his arms wrapped around Martha. He kissed her on the forehead as she looked longingly into his eyes.

“I love you!” she said as she kissed him back. Jack and Martha sat and held each other for what felt like hours.

“I cant believe Corey came back? Do you know why?” She asked as she finally looked at him.

“When we eventually caught him. He said he had come back for you and our baby, meaning his! He thought he was the father of Sophie and he was coming back to claim what was rightfully his!” Jack replied as Martha gave him a great full look.

“His baby. Why would it be his baby I mean I never even slept with him so how-‘

Jack looked at Martha as her voice trailed off.

“What?” he asked looking longingly at her before seeing tears appear in her eyes.

‘He didn’t! did he?” Jack asked as Martha suddenly shrugged her shoulders and cuddled closer to Martha.

“I don’t know. I don’t remember much when I was dating Corey. I don’t even remember fighting with you. What he if did something to me Jack. What if he-‘

Her voice trailed off, as she couldn’t bear to say those last few words. Tears started streaming down her face as Jack pulled her in and held her tight in his arms as tears started flowing down her face. Martha put her arms around and husband’s neck and new she was safe and that he would never let anything bad happen to her.


Tasha awoke with a sore neck. As she sat up and looked around she noticed she was in some bush land. Tasha felt something hard and uncomfortable around her wrists and when she looked at them she noticed her hands were covered in chains and she was in a small and abandoned house.

As she got to her feet and looked out a window above where she was standing and all she could see was bush land surrounding her.

“Ella!” Tash said to herself before screaming out her baby’s name. “Ella! Ella! No, no, no, no, no!” Tasha screamed as she fell to the floor crying and ran her tied up hands through her hair.

Tasha was just about to scream again when she heard a door open and footsteps could be heard from outside the room she was trapped in.

As she looked up and watched the door handle turn and open, she was surprised to see Charity, Jonah and Mumma Rose walk in.

Tasha looked at them and none of them had a happy look on there faces, Jonah looked like he was ready to explode and Charity, well Charity looked like Irene and Amanda when they were fighting over Belle’s welfare.

“What-what's going on?” Tasha asked as Mumma Rose approached her and suddenly slapped her across the face. Tasha clutched her face as more tears appeared in the corner of her eyes and looked away as she tried to control them.


“Are you joking?” Matilda asked as she sat back between Lucas and looked at him with her baby blue soft eyes.

“No I’m definitely not joking, Henry said that if I new what was good for me I would stay the hell away from you. It’s like he thinks that I’m just using you but I would never do that to you, I love you Mattie and always will, no matter what!” Lucas replied as Matilda rested her arms around Lucas’s neck and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“I know!” she said as she pulled back from him. “We will make Henry believe you dumped me and I’ll find some way to cry when he’s around and then I’ll make him feel guilty and then when everyone is asleep I’ll sneak into your room and we can spend time together then, we can also text each other.” Matilda said as a small smile crept across Lucas’s face but then disappeared again.

“But what about dad and Beth, I mean they are going to think we are serious!” Lucas replied as Matilda laid her head on Lucas’s chest.

“Just leave mum and Tony to me ok baby, I want to teach Henry a lesson once and for all and this way he will see how much I really love you and how much you love me because when he sees me crying he will go straight to you and tell you he made a mistake and I will be waiting for it” Matilda said into Lucas’s chest.

“I love you to much to lose you again!” Lucas said as he held her tight and watched the stars shin bright.

The next morning Matilda awoke early to still find Henry asleep on her floor so she quietly climbed out of bed walked out of room and slowly shut the door just in case Henry woke up while she was talking to her mum and Tony.


Jack stayed with Martha all night and cuddled and wiped away her tears when she thought about what Corey may have done to her and finally she had drifted off to sleep. Jack walked out of the room and poured a coffee from the vending machine. The awful stench of day old coffee filled his lungs, as did the smell of medical supplies and just the smell that the hospitals have. Jack had become a whole lot familiar to this place because he, Martha or their baby was nearly always there for some odd reason.

Jack took the coffee back into the room that Martha was situated in and sat beside her bed as he watched her sleep. She was so peaceful when she was asleep, her long brown hair resting on her arm and the silky soft sheet that she lay on, her beautiful face looking as though no one or nothing could beat her, the way her eyes gleamed shut and her cute button nose twitched when it was itchy but mostly, mostly the way she always had a smile on her face even when she was asleep.

As Jack started yawning he remembered that one day he first met Martha, he had pulled her over and booked her and knew almost instantly that she would be the one for him. Jack closed his eyes and lay his head on the edge of the bed and almost instantly fell asleep, not because he was tired but because he couldn’t wait to dream about his wife and child.

Martha awoke a couple of minutes later and as she rolled over she saw her husband, peaceful and handsome, his hands clapped together with the side of his face on top. Martha smiled as she watched him sleep and watched as a small smile appeared on his soft light pink lips while he twitched his nose and rubbed it because it was itchy, she new what he was dreaming about but didn’t disturb him but simply sat there and watched him sleep.


Sally woke up in a pile of sweat. As she sat up she saw she was on the couch and a blanket had been put over her. She looked over at the table and saw Alf hang up the phone.

“Go and get ready love, I’ve called a town meeting in half an hour!” Alf said as Sally got to her feet and walked upstairs.

Once Sally was out of site Alf looked at the piece of paper sitting in front of him and couldn’t believe who would want to hurt Sally and was going to find out if anyone else had got a letter similar to the one Sally had received.

Fifteen minutes later Sally emerged from the hallway as Alf got his coat and grabbed the keys off the table.

“You all ready love?” Alf asked as Sally slowly nodded and walked out the door.


“So your saying that you and Lucas are going to pretend to break up just so you can teach Henry a lesson?” Beth said as she scratched her head in confusion. “Why?”

“He told Lucas last night that if Lucas new what is best for him then he had better stay away from me. He thinks that Lucas is just another Callen and Diesel but he doesn’t know Lucas like I do so I’m going to get Henry back for saying that to him in the first place so I thought I’d tell you first so you didn’t think it was true.” Matilda replied as Beth and Tony looked at each other and then back at Matilda who was seated at the table slowly eating her toast.

“So when you and Lucas do fight what are we meant to do?” Beth asked just as Lucas hobbled through the door holding his chest.

“Intervene, just like you would if we were really fighting. We don’t want him getting curious” Lucas said as Matilda pushed her chair out and walked over to Lucas. Matilda put one arm around the middle of Lucas’s back and helped him to a chair as Beth got to her feet and got him a couple of silvery white painkillers.

“Sleep well?” Beth asked as she got a glass, filled it with water and sat it on the table along with the painkillers.

“Sort of!” was all Lucas replied as he threw the pain relief in his mouth and skulled the glass of water.

Lucas sat the empty glass back on the table and picked up a piece of toast from the plate in the middle of the table, spread it with butter and jam and took a small bite.


Belle was sitting in the diner with a chocolate chip muffin and a chocolate milk shake when Ric walked in. Belle saw him look around; searching for someone and when he saw no one in here except for Belle he turned and walked over to her.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked as Belle took a long drink of her shake and shook her head.

Ric sat down next to her and took a bite of her chocolate muffin just as Cassie walked in. She looked around and saw Ric and Belle and also walked over to join them. Just when she was just about to sit down when she noticed a gun in Belle’s open bag. Cassie sat herself opposite the two and put her hands together.

“Hey!” she said trying to sound cool.

“Hey Cass I’m going to get a drink do you want one?” Ric asked as he got to his feet. Cassie shook her head and watched as Ric walked off before she spoke up.

“What the hell are you planning Belle?”

“What?” Belle replied as she broke off a piece of her muffin and rested it in her moth before chewing.

“That gun in your bag, you know if you really don’t want anyone to see it then don’t leave your bag open so what are you planning?” Cassie replied as Belle quickly zipped her bag up before looking Cassie in the eyes.

“I don’t think its any of your business so just leave it Cassie” Belle said as she finished off her muffin and sat a five dollar bill on the table before getting to her feet and pulling down her school dress before pulling her bag over her shoulders. Belle went to walk off before Cassie grabbed her wrist and looked up at her.

“I know about the fight between you and Mattie but buying a gun isn't going to solve anything between you too!” Cassie said before Belle pulled her wrist out of Cassie’s grip and walked off


once everyone was settled in the surf club and Alf was situated in front of everyone he looked around to see who had actually turned up. When he looked around he saw Colleen, Irene, Amanda, Dan, Leah, Robbie, Jack, Rachel, Sally, Kim, Brad as well as most of the other towns folk.

“Right, lets get things under way. I want to know who else has got a letter like this one!” Alf said as he held up the letter Sally had recently got saying, “Sally, this is not over. Tick Tock Tick Tock”

Alf watched as two more hands went up and when Irene and Colleen got to their feet and walked up to Alf they handed the letters to Alf. Alf noticed that neither of the envelopes had been opened and when he look on the front of both envelopes he saw the same hand written contents which had “To Sally and Family”

But these envelopes didn’t say that instead they said, “Don’t open until the town meeting”

Alf opened the first letter and held it up as it said “SURPRISE” and when he opened the second letter it said, “LOOK! Behind you…’

“Miss me?” a voice said as everyone turned to see who was behind them all.

Colleen screamed and then fainted as she saw who it was…

Chapter 8

Who or what made Colleen faint? nah its just who lol

Will Cassie stop Belle in time before she does something stupid and WHO gets killed

Next time!!! :lol:

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I promise i will update A.S.A.P and you will lvoe who has come back :lol:

It's not going to be Zoe is it? That is so far fetched. Never mind. It's your fic.

I loved that last chapter. Jack and Martha and Mattie and Lucas are so cute!! I like the idea of Henry being taught a lesson. I don't like him, especially when he's bagging Lucas. Please update soon.

No its not Zoe its someone else and not Tracey either. :lol:

Chapter 8

Everyone started whispering and cuddling together as they watched the tall, red headed figure take a couple of steps forward just as Colleen started to come around. Colleen sat up and saw the woman standing at the doorway. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing so just sat there staring.

“What do you want?” Irene asked, as she looked the woman in the eyes.

“I want Summer Bay to pay for what they did. I want everyone to know what it is like to lose someone you love. I want to finish what I started!” the woman said just as she pointed the gun towards Sally, then to Dan and then over to Jack.

“Sorry I’m late, I got held…’ Macca said as he walked through the door to the surf club just as the red headed woman turned and pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet pierced his skin and blood started leaking through his checkered shirt.

Everyone screamed and the woman dropped the gun and ran out of the surf club laughing as Amanda ran over to Macca and yelled for someone to call an ambulance and suddenly heard the woman’s voice yelling for someone to come on before the cops got there.

Rachel ran over to Macca and told Irene to get cloths and a pair of scissors as fast as she could as Irene ran off.


Matilda was sitting on the wharf in her school dress, her bag down beside her when she heard footsteps coming towards her. Matilda looked around to see Belle approaching with a gun held high, pointing it straight at Mattie. Matilda got to her feet and turned to see Belle holding it about a meter away from her head.

Matilda laughed as Belle had a pissed off look on her face. Her black eye was all wrinkled as the light almost instantly blinded Belle.

“What? Are you going to shoot me?” Matilda laughed as Belle pointed to the water and pulled the trigger as a bullet pierced the water and Matilda jumped as Belle pulled the gun back up to Matilda’s face.

“Don’t tempt me bitch, I told you that you were going to regret this!” Belle screamed as she held one finger on the trigger as she tried to stop herself from shaking.

Cassie and Ric were walking towards the wharf when Cassie saw Matilda almost on the edge of the wharf with Belle holding a gun up to her face. Cassie nudged Ric as Ric turned to see what was going on and almost suddenly his mouth dropped as he saw Belle with a gun in Matilda’s face.

Ric and Cassie both looked at each other as they started running over to the wharf. Once they had got there they both dropped their school bags and Cassie started to head towards Belle.

“Belle what are you doing, this isn't going to solve anything and you know that. Belle don’t be stupid, you know that if you shoot Mattie then you can kiss your freedom goodbye!” Cassie said as Belle didn’t turn around, didn’t move, just kept her eyes on Matilda as Matilda started crying and pleading for her not to do this.

Belle laughed and looked Matilda in the eyes. Belle knew she wasn’t going to shoot Matilda and as Belle started to lower the gun she realized that she could never be friends with Matilda, that she could never have real friends to hang out with so she turned the gun around as it touched her stomach and could already here Ric on the phone calling an ambulance. Belle closed her eyes and pulled her finger hard against the trigger as she felt her hands drop the gun. Belle started to feel like she was in heaven and as she dropped to the ground she could hear two sets of footsteps running towards her. Belle closed her eyes and started to feel numb as she could hear Matilda screaming her lungs out and Cassie’s faint voice telling her it was going to be ok. She could feel the light touch of Ric’s hand against hers as he just held her hand.

“Ric your belt!” Cassie said as Ric quickly unbuckled his belt. Ric slid the belt underneath Belle’s back and wrapped it over her stomach and he put the belt through the buckle and pulled tight he heard a piercing cry come from her mouth.


“This isn't possible!” Colleen said as every one watched on as Macca was driven off in the ambulance.

“How can Sarah Lewis be alive?”


“Male, 28, name Macca Mackenzie, shot in the chest, arrested on the way but we got him back” the two ambulance officers said as they took Macca through to bay one.

Once Macca was on the bed and had fluids pushed through and a sedation they took him straight to theatre to get the bullet out that Rachel had tried to remove but could as it had lodged itself fair in his chest.

Rachel was cleaning up bay one when the doors to the northern district hospital burst open again. Rachel rushed out to see Belle being rushed in with Ric, cassie and Matilda not far behind. Matilda was shaking and had tears running down her cheeks with Ric and Cassie supporting her.

“Female, 17, Belle Taylor, shot herself after holding a gun up to Matilda Hunter, stomach wound, arrested at scene and then again on the way, both times managed to get her back” two female officers said as Rachel lead them into bay 1 and put her on bed two.

Rachel cut her top open and looked at Belle’s stomach as blood gushed out.

”Ok book theatre now, she has torn a hold in her small intestines and the bullet has lodged itself somewhere!” Rachel screamed as one of the nurses took off out of the room and Rachel applied pressure to Belle’s stomach until she came back with two orderlies.

“Ok let’s get her to theatre!” Rachel said as the nurse applied pressure to where Rachel had removed her hands. Rachel watched as Belle was rushed away and then she heard a flat line coming from a room.

“Rachel we need you!” nurse Julie screamed as she took off into the room where Martha was lying.

Rachel flew into the room and saw the heart monitor that had been attached to Martha started flat lining.

“Ok get a trolley in here and one milligram of adrenaline!” Rachel screamed as she went to work.

Chapter 9

Who will not make it? Macca, Martha or Belle?

IS Sarah Lewis really back and if so why?

Who kisses that shocks the whole town? :o

Next time :lol:

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I don't get i, what happened to Martha?

Didnt Corey do something to her when he broke into her house, oh i think i know what your talking about. If Baby Sophie is Corey's then it means that Corey raped her, because Martha never slept with him.

All will be revealed

Chapter 9

“Come on Martha, come back to us, you have a baby, another on the way and a lovely husband to look forward to.” Rachel yelled.

“Clear!” she said as a heap of electrical shocks went through Martha.

Rachel had been trying for nearly 30 minutes but still nothing. She couldn’t understand why Martha would flat line like this because when Rachel left she was doing fine.

“Ok, I’m calling it!” Rachel said as she looked at her watch and then at the clock in the room. “Time of death…’

Rachel stopped in her tracks as she heard beeping and as she looked up she saw Martha’s heart rate returning back to normal.

“What the…’ Rachel said as she, nurse Julie and every other nurse in the room looked on in surprise.


Amanda was sitting in a chair along with, Matilda, Cassie, Ric, Beth, Tony and Lucas who had all come to the hospital to see what had happened.

Beth was comforting an emotional Matilda and Tony was trying to calm Amanda down (with no such luck).

Cassie and Ric were waiting for Sally and Alf to arrive before doing anything but still no one had heard anything about Belle’s status and as far as they knew she was still in theatre as was Macca.

“I don’t get why Belle would want to shoot herself when she has everything she could ever want!” Amanda said as she once again got to her feet and started pacing back and forth.

“Amanda, this is no time to ask yourself why. When Belle gets out of this and she will then you can ask her and be there for her.” Tony said as he looked over at a petrified Matilda who couldn’t stop crying.

“Tony!” Beth said as she helped Matilda to her feet. “I’m going to take Mattie home, she’s been through enough today. Lucas are you coming?” Beth asked as Tony nodded and Lucas slowly got to his feet and followed Matilda and Beth out the doors.

Amanda was just about to walk over to the main desk and ask about her daughter when a surgeon walked out.

“Oh my god, how is she?” Amanda asked rushing over to the surgeon as Tony got to his feet and stood with Amanda.

“Well I wont lie to you, we almost lost her twice but she was a fighter. We managed to get the bullet out and repair the tare in her small intestine and stable her for the moment. She will have to be closely monitored for the next 48 hours but hopefully she will make a full recovery. I know it doesn’t sound as bad but that small bullet did a lot of damage.” The surgeon said as Amanda nearly broke down in tears as a small smile appeared on her face, showing the small dimple on her left cheek which complimented beautifully with her blonde hair and nicely tanned skin.

“Oh god thank you, thank you so much, am I allowed to see her please?”

“She is very groggy but yes you can go and see her!” the surgeon replied as Amanda thanked him again. Amanda turned to Tony and gave him a hug.

“Thank you so much Tony, I’ll let you know what’s happening when I find out and tell Matilda I am very sorry for Belle holding the gun up to her” Amanda said as Tony nodded and watched as Amanda walked into a room to be with her daughter.

That morning had flew by very quickly after what had happened and by the time the news had passed through the town it had also gone very quiet. As usual Leah and Irene had gone back to work at the diner, Alf was out fishing, Sally and Brad were at the school with the students who didn’t know about the apparent Sarah Lewis return, Jack had picked up Sophie and was at the hospital with his wife, Rachel was asleep in her office, Amanda was by Belle’s bed side stroking her daughters hair, Dan was counseling Cassie and Ric at the hospital and Beth, Tony, Matilda and Lucas were home like a normal family.

Amanda had fallen asleep when Belle started to wake up properly. As Belle slowly opened her eyes and looked towards her mother, the pain hit her like lighting hitting a tree. As soon as the pain hit her it went again so she rested her hand on her mums and shook it lightly.

Amanda shot up and looked around and then looked at Belle and when she saw she was awake stood up from the seat she was sitting in and kissed Belle on the forehead.

“Thank god your ok Belle, I was so worried!”

“I know I’m sorry, I wont do it again!” Belle replied as she brushed a piece of hair out of her face.

“Darling, why did you do it?” Amanda asked as she sat back in her chair and took Belle’s arm.

“I wanted Princess Matilda Hunter to feel guilty for beating me up…’

“Matilda did that to your face?” Amanda asked getting to her feet and starting to pace backward and forward.

“Yes but I deserved it mum, I egged her on, I kept pushing, I thought she was cheating on Lucas” Belle groggily replied as she tried to sit herself up. Amanda saw Belle trying to sit up and walked over to the bed and helped her sit up.

“So what was the town meeting about?” Belle asked as Amanda looked away.


“I have those blood results back!” nurse Julie said walking into Rachel’s office just as Rachel opened her eyes and yawned.

“Thanks Julie!” Rachel said as she opened up the folder and read the piece of paper. “Ahhh Julie you had better come and see this!”

“What is it?” nurse Julie asked walking back into the room and walking behind Rachel’s desk to look at the paper. Nurse Julie was stunned at what she saw.

“Who would want to kill Martha by overdosing her on morphine?” she asked after reading the piece of paper.


Matilda was lying in her room. She couldn’t help but wonder why Belle would want to shoot herself. As she lay, staring at the roof she kept replaying that moment in her head, the sound of the gun shot and the pool of blood surrounding Belle, Cassie screaming to Ric about the belt and herself, well, she was screaming at the fact of what she had just saw and couldn’t believe this was happening.

Matilda didn’t want to go to sleep because she was scared she would see it all over again but she was so tired that she just wanted to close her eyes and not open them.

Matilda rolled over onto her side and looked at her light pink wall and as she looked up she saw a picture, a picture of Cassie, Ric, Lucas and herself, it had been taken last year when everything was perfect, Cassie and Ric were so close then and Lucas and herself were inseparable. They were sitting on the beach; Matilda and Cassie were in the middle with there flys eyes sunglasses covering the whole of there eyes, Cassie had a green mini skirt on with her multi colored bikini top, her tanned skin noticeable from miles away, Matilda on the other hand was wearing her pink bikini top with a pink and white spotty mini skirt, her golden blonde hair over one side of her shoulder. Ric and Lucas had just come out of the water, board shorts sticking to there skin with there hair tousled and wet which made there hair darker than it really was, there muscles looking like they were ready to burst out of there arms and the way there skin shone like it was almost blinding. Those were the best days of her life before everything turned upside down, Martha and Jacks wedding day reception being the worst day of her life. Matilda looked away from the picture as a tear rolled down her face and as she rolled over to face her mirror. Matilda didn’t realize that the sun had gone down and it was dark, as she got to her feet she heard her mum call to her for tea and as she walked out she knew that this was the perfect time to put their plan into action about getting Henry back. Matilda pulled her phone out of her pocket and started typing on the spot.

Lucas was seated at the table when his phone beeped, as he pulled it out of his pocket, unlocked it and opened the message he read it twice, the second time slowly to make sure he got it right.

Plan starts now baby. I love you

Love Mattie!

Lucas put his phone back in his pocket before shoving more food in his mouth. As he swallowed the mouthful he had in his mouth he heard footsteps and when he looked up as did Beth, Tony and Henry he saw Matilda stop in her tracks.

“Mattie!” Lucas said as he saw the tears in Matilda’s eyes.

Matilda stormed over to the table, grabbed her plate of food, her knife and fork and started back to the bedroom.

“Matilda, why arnt you eating at the table like everyone else?” Beth asked as Matilda turned and looked at everyone.

“If it was my choice I wouldn’t eat in the same district as him but I guess I have no say in that do I?” Matilda retorted looking straight at Lucas and then walking off leaving everyone gob smacked, even Lucas.


“What do you mean someone tried to kill my wife?” Jack screamed as Rachel tried to calm him down.

“Someone purposely gave Martha twice the lethal dose of morphine and didn’t write it on her chart. Who ever it was did it while Martha was sleeping and while you and I were at the town meeting!” Rachel said as Jack nearly fell into the seat behind him. Rachel was just about to sit down next to him when her mobile rang.

“Just excuse me for a minute!” Rachel said looking at her phone before walking away from Jack so he couldn’t hear a word she said.

A couple of minutes later Rachel returned with a saddened look on her face.

“That was the surgeon who was working on Macca, he died twenty minutes ago, he lost to much blood and there was an internal bleed that they couldn’t locate. I’m so sorry Jack!” Rachel said as she left Jack alone to deal with the attempted murder of his wife and the murder of his brother-in-law.


Cassie and Ric were walking along the beach that night. Nothing had been said about Belle or Matilda; actually, nothing had been said at all since they had all arrived at the hospital. The weather was warm, yet damp like it was going to rain, the sand was surprisingly very warm from the day that had just gone by and the water that was slowly creeping in on Cassie’s feet was icy cold as if you were in the Antarctic. Cassie looked up toward the surf club when she saw Alf and what looked Irene locking lips with each other. Cassie hit Ric’s arm and pointed up to where Alf and Irene were and when Ric saw what Cassie had just seen, his mouth dropped open like some one had put a dozen rocks in his mouth.

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