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Jack and Martha, A Love Given

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Chapter 10

“I want a police officer outside this room at all times and I don’t care if you are busting to **** or do something else, you wait until the other police officer has arrived before you leave this room unattended and I swear if I come and see no one here I will formally complain against you so if my wife dies while under your care, its your heads got it?” Jack said as he looked at all his collogues making sure to look at them all once to make sure they got him the first time.

Once each of the officers nodded and gave Jack their word, jack picked the first two who would be looking after his wife.

“Fitzy I want you and that knew constable, what's his name? Jorgans. I trust you Fitzy so don’t let me down!” Jack said as he walked out of the station with Fitzy and a tall, lean, tanned man with blonde hair.

Jack, Fitzy and the new constable arrived at the hospital half an hour later. Jack walked in to find Martha awake and playing with Sophie. Martha looked up as jack smiled at her so she smiled back.

“Hi!” he said as he walked over to her, kissed both his beautiful girls on the forehead and then rubbed Martha’s stomach just so the littlest one didn’t feel left out.

“Hey!” she replied as she sat up further in the bed.

“I think I’m getting blisters coz god damn my buts sore!”

Jack laughed at her comment.

“What, you try laying or sitting on your but all day and see how you like it, Jack when can we go home?” Martha replied as she looked at him with puppy eyes and made her bottom lip tremble.

“When Rachel says and no sooner!” Jack replied as Martha shot her fists down in a “god damn it” sort of way.

“Martha I have news and its not good!”

Martha looked at Jack and saw the hurt in his eyes.

“What's wrong?” she asked as Jack took her hand and sat on the bed.

“There was a town meeting this morning because some people had been getting letters, threatening letters so we wanted to know for sure how many people had got and two weren’t allowed to be opened until the town meeting and then this crazy chick by the name of Sarah Lewis came in holding a gun towards us and Macca came in because he was late and she shot him and…’ Jacks voice trailed off as he couldn’t finish and Martha knew exactly why he couldn’t finish.

“He’s dead isn't he?” Martha asked as tears started rolling down her cheeks. Martha knew as soon as Jack didn’t answer, just put his head down. Martha choked back tears as Jack pulled her into his arms and held her tight as she started sobbing into his t-shirt.


“Hi darling, I bought you some proper food from the diner so you don’t have to eat this retro degrading disgusting hospital food.” Amanda said as she walked through the doors to Belle’s room. Once Amanda had shut the door, she kissed her daughter on the cheek and sat the food down in front of her.

“Thanks mum, can you do something for me?” Belle asked opening the bag to find toasted sandwiches and a chocolate muffin inside.

“Sure darling what is it?” Amanda asked looking at her daughter.

“Can you call Matilda and tell her I want to see her please? Before she goes to school?” Belle asked as Amanda shot a look at her and then nodded her head before reaching into her golden Chanel hand bag and pulling out a gold flat flip phone.

Belle looked at Amanda and watched as Amanda looked through her phone and finally held it to her ear.

“Ah Tony hi its Amanda, Belle would like to talk to Matilda before she goes to school if that’s ok with Beth, yourself and of course Matilda?” Amanda said as she looked at her daughter.

“Yes, aha yes, that would be great, ok thank you bye!” Amanda said as she hung up the phone and put it back in her bag. She then reached down beside the bed and pulled up another Chanel handbag but this time it was pink and could have passed as a bag for football gear.

“Oh my god you me clothes, what about my make-up? My favourite shoes? Did you bring my shoes?” Belle asked slowly sitting up and going through the bag that her mother had bought in for her.

“Yes darling I bought it all, I even bought you a new top that you said you wanted on the way over here!” Amanda replied as Belle found the top and quickly hugged it before giving her mum a hug.


Jack was sitting on a chair with Sophie in his lap as he watched Martha sleep. After holding her while she cried she finally fell asleep and looked so peaceful just lying there.

Jack looked at his daughter who surprisingly had blonde hair, she hadn’t got it from Martha or Jack, she also had green eyes so she didn’t get it from them either because Jack had brown eyes and Martha had a very light blue. She had beautiful wide eyes and every time she smiled there was a dimple that always showed on the right side of her cheek. Her very light brown skin suited her blonde hair and Jack new that she was going to be a looker when it came to picking up guys but that is along time away. Jack watched as Sophie fell asleep so he laid her next to her mum and walked out of the room to get a coffee.


Matilda stood outside Belle’s room. She was on her way to school when Tony rang and said that Belle wanted to see her before school started. Matilda didn’t know why, she had nothing to say to Belle and didn’t want to hear what Belle had to say but had no choice, she wanted to know why Belle shot herself and why she was so gutless to buy a gun in the first place.

Matilda took a deep breath and opened the door and walked in and felt uncomfortable when Amanda and Belle both looked at her at exactly the same time.

“You wanted to see me?” Matilda asked shutting the door and not moving any further.

“Yeah I did, do you want to know why I shot myself?” Belle asked as Matilda shrugged.

“Your going to tell me anyway!” Matilda replied heaving her bag back over her shoulders.

“Yeah I am, I shot myself because of you, because of what you did to me, because you humiliated me in front of your hot twin brother, because I wanted to make you feel guilty about what you did, so that event could run through your brain all night and by the looks of the lines under your eyes it did, because you are such a spoilt, needy, whiny little princess and I hate and despise those kind of people!” Belle said as she saw a look of anger, frustration, and sadness in Matilda’s eyes.

“Why you selfish, ignorant, manipulating, scheming little tart. I thought Amanda was bad but not even she is as bad as what you are. Have you ever asked yourself why you have no real friends in the bay?” Matilda started screaming back at Belle as she ran her hands through her hair.

“Because you’re a slut, a cow, a manipulating bitch and I learnt the hard way that NO ONE likes people like that so the day you change your attitude and the way you feel about people then you can come and talk to me, oh and as for my brother…’ Matilda said as she walked up to Belle and leant over to whisper in her ear.

“Stay the hell away from him.” Matilda whispered in her ear, and was soon out the door as Amanda looked at Belle in a state of shock and anger at what Matilda had just said.


“You promised me that no one would get hurt!” Henry said into his mobile while standing on the rocks at the beach.

“No that’s not the point, if you hurt my family or my friends then your not going to get a thing from me, GOT IT?” Henry screamed into the phone as he hung up and shoved it back into his pocket.


“Well Drew welcome home!” Dan said as he pulled into the driveway of his and Leah’s family home.

“Yeah great to be home!” Drew replied in a sarcastic tone as Dan shot him a look.

“I know its going to take some getting used to but you will settle in again, just…just stay away from Amanda and Belle for a while ok!” Dan replied as he cut the engine and got out of the car. Dan reached into the back seat and pulled out two bags while Drew grabbed the other two bags that were also in the back.

“I’ll happily stay away from Taylor and Miss Vale. I’ve actually had someone else on my mind lately” Drew replied as he and Dan made there way to the front door.

“Oh yeah and who may that be?” Dan asked as they reached the front door. Dan sat one bag down and pulled out his house key as he unlocked it and pushed the door open.

“I haven’t been able to get Cassie out of my mind lately” Drew said as he followed Dan into the house.

“Oh yeah the good old Cassie Turner. You two would make a good match and yes she is single!” Dan replied as he dropped the bags in the living room and made his way to the kitchen.

“Really, well I’m going to get to know her first and see how things turn out there!” Drew said as he picked up his bags and made his way to his old bedroom.

“I think I’m in love with Cassie Turner!” Drew said to himself as he jumped on the bed and looked up at the roof.

Enjoy guys :lol:

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Here is the next chapter....its not very long and i hope you like it


Cassie, Ric and Henry were at there lockers when a furious Matilda stormed through the doors to Summer Bay High.

“Is everything ok Mattie?” Cassie asked as Matilda opened her locker and grabbed her books out of her bag and almost instantly threw them in there as half of them fell back out.

“No everything is not ok, I couldn’t sleep last night because of Belle, I kept replaying that moment over in my head all night, I felt guilty about beating her up just to find out from that obnoxious, self absorbed, selfish manipulating little bitch that the whole reason she shot herself was to make me feel guilty and to make me replay it over in my head so I could loose sleep. I’m telling you now Cas when she gets out of hospital she is going to regret it all!” Matilda screamed as she threw her fallen books back into her locker and slammed it shut which made the once very noisy corridor go very quiet and all pair of eyes focus on Matilda.

Matilda looked around and saw everyone looking at her.

“What!” she screamed throwing her hands in the air. “Have you never seen me pissed off before? Don’t you all have better things to do?” she screamed as she heaved her bag over her shoulders and stormed off pushing through a group of girls whispering and making them all fall to the ground.

Henry watched as Matilda walked off, pushing through people they never thought she would go near and saw Cassie run off after Matilda.

Henry was just about to walk off when he felt his pocket vibrate. Henry retrieved his phone from his pocket and flipped it up to see “one message received”.

Henry opened the message and as he read It a rush of relief ran through his body. He was so glad he didn’t succeed at trying to kill Martha. He didn’t want to kill Martha but it was his orders otherwise they were going to come after his family and Henry didn’t want anything happening to his family but now he was scared that he broke Lucas and Matilda up and he heard her crying when she thought he was asleep.

Henry ran off after Cassie and Matilda just as the bell rang for class to start.


Amanda was sitting in Belle’s room watching her daughter sleep when two police officers walked in the room. They took one look at the sleeping Belle and looked at Amanda to come outside.

Once Amanda was out of the room she shut the door and looked at the officers.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes we were hoping to speak to Belle Taylor concerning the incident with the unlicensed gun but we don’t want to interrupt her so can you give us a call when she wakes up please?” one officer asked.

Amanda nodded and watched as the officers left and as Amanda walked back into the room she saw Belle awake and watching her.

“That was the police wasn’t it?” Belle asked as she took her chocolate milk and started sucking on the straw.

Amanda nodded and walked and sat beside her. “Whatever happens Belle I’ll be right beside you and you know that.” Amanda said as she kissed Belle on the forehead.


Matilda was sitting in her sports class while Tony was teaching. Matilda couldn’t think and as she twirled a piece of hair around her index finger she thought about what Belle has said to her, about Belle shooting herself because of Matilda and hoping she lost sleep over which she did. Matilda reached into her bag and pulled out her mobile just as it started vibrating and as she flipped it open she saw that she had one message received from “My sexy boy Lucas”.

Matilda pressed open and a small smile crossed her face as she read what was written.

Meet me at the wharf after class. I have a surprise for you.

I love you Mattie

Matilda shoved her phone back in her bag and looked up just as Tony looked at the class.

“So does everyone get that?” he asked as everyone nodded and replied with “yes” or “yep” or “sure do”. Matilda simply nodded and looked at the clock and waited for the siren to ring.

After 2o minutes of waiting and always looking at the clock the bell finally rang and as she quickly threw all her stuff into her bag she saw a guy looking at her. He was tall, lean and had brown skin with black hair. Matilda gave him a small smile and got to her feet and putting her bag over her shoulders and walking out.

“Mattie! Mattie wait up!” Matilda heard a voice sounding like Cassie calling out to her as she made her way along the beach toward the wharf.

Matilda stopped until Cassie caught up to her and started walking again.

“Lucas sent me a message telling me to blind fold you!” Cassie said as Matilda stopped and looked at her.

“Ummm ok then!” Matilda replied as a smile crossed her face as things suddenly went dark.

Cassie lead Matilda the rest of the way to the wharf and once they were there Matilda could hear whispering.

“Cas, Luc, what are you two up to?” she asked as she stood still and tried to listen.

“Ok Mattie I’m off so I’ll talk to you later!” Matilda heard Cassie say. Matilda said bye to her friend and all of a sudden felt a pair of arms on her shoulders.

Lucas lead the blind folded Matilda down to the edge of the wharf and finally took the blindfold off.

“Surprise!” he said as Matilda looked at the picnic situated next to the water.

“Oh my god Lucas, this is beautiful!” she said as she turned to face him.

“I love you and wanted to do something special because it is three years ago today we first met and I first fell for you!” he replied as he put his arms around Matilda’s waist. Matilda put her arms around and rested them on Lucas’s neck as he leaned in and kissed her soft lips. Matilda felt a tingling sensation run down her spine as he softly kissed her again this time slipping his tongue into her mouth getting ready to play tonsil hockey.

Matilda felt safe when she was in Lucas’s arms and she forgot the world existed when he kissed her and every time he did kiss her she felt like she was floating on clouds.

Matilda finally pulled back and looked into Lucas’s big blue eyes.

“Lets eat!” she finally said not letting go of his gaze upon her.

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Here is the next chapter...hope you like it every1 :)

Chapter 12

The rest of the day had passed without anything-major happening. Henry had got into his first fight with this guy who was saying he was going to “do” Matilda and saying how much she would enjoy it. Cassie got kicked out of class for having her own point of view on Romeo and Juliet and Matilda, well Matilda just didn’t go back to school and instead spent the rest of the day snuggled up in Lucas’s arms.

That night Beth, Tony, Lucas, Matilda and Henry arrived at the hospital to visit Martha and Jack.

As each one of them entered the room they had to sign there names on a piece of paper. Henry watched as Matilda signed her name but kept his eye on constable Jorgans as he was looking Matilda up and down with a cheesy grin on his face. Once Matilda walked into the room Henry walked right up close to the constable and started to sign his name.

“Cute sister!” the constable whispered into Henry’s ear. “It’d be a shame if anything happened to her. Better watch it, you failed in killing Martha and Sarah isn't going to be happy about this. I’m only in this stupid job so I can feed her information about what's going on!”

Henry looked up at the constable and gave him a filthy look.

“You stay the hell away from my sister and my family, if anything happens to them I’ll be coming after you or whoever hurt them myself!” Henry whispered back and walked in before Beth or anyone noticed he hadn’t walked in yet.

“Thank you so much for coming and seeing me, I think I would have gone mad in here without visitors!” Martha said as seats were pulled up all around her.

“Your very welcome Martha and any way you are part of the family so you don’t get out of that too easily” Beth said as she gave Martha a kiss on the cheek.

Martha said “hello” to everyone and when she saw Matilda she smiled at her.

“Come here you!” she said as Matilda walked up to the bed and hugged Martha.

Martha had known that Matilda wouldn’t be able to stop worrying because ever since Martha and Jack’s wedding day tragedy, Martha and Matilda had got really close and it was Martha who first figured out about Matilda’s eating disorder and convinced her to get help, even if it was a little to late. Cassie and Matilda weren’t as close as they used to be when Matilda found out that Cassie was cheating on Ric with Macca. Then when Cassie turned up at Matilda’s house with a bruised eye from Macca for the second time, Matilda couldn’t help but say “I told you so”.

“Thank god your ok!” Matilda replied after hugging Martha for what seemed like an hour.

“Geeze girl you wasn’t going to get rid of that easily” Martha replied as Matilda giggled a little.

Lucas watched Matilda and his heart skipped a beat when she giggled. He watched as she took a step back as her hair swept side to side and then rested against her back. Lucas looked around the room at everyone who seemed so happy and when Lucas looked at the door he saw the male constable looking Matilda up and down over and over again. Lucas felt a rush of jealousy rush over him. Lucas pulled out his phone and started typing out a message.

Don’t look now but the male cop is seriously checking you out.

Lucas pressed send and found Matilda’s name and then pressed ok and slid the phone back into his pocket as a small beep could be heard from Matilda’s handbag. He watched as Matilda searched through her bag looking for her mobile and when she finally found it and flipped it up, she gave Lucas a concerned look and then slowly turned around to see the constable give her a cheesy, yet freaky smile. Lucas saw Matilda quickly turn back around and start talking to Martha so Lucas looked at Henry who was also looking at the officer but instead Henry grabbed his index finger and run it across his throat. Lucas looked back at the officer who raised his eyebrows to Henry’s last action.

Lucas watched Henry and the officer until it was time to leave.

Just as Beth and Tony and the rest were saying goodbye, Rachel walked in with a small smile on her face, jack not far behind with a huge grin on his face.

“What's going on?” Martha asked as Jack picked up his daughter and sat on the bed next to his wife.

“Beth, Tony, Lucas, Matilda and Henry! I am glad to tell you that Martha is allowed to go home but because there was an attempted murder on her life she is not to be left alone at any time and she is to have at least two police officers guarding the house for the next 72 hours!” Rachel said as smiles rose on everyone's face in the room, especially Martha’s.


Tasha was chained up on the ground with bruises all over her face and very sore ribs from where Mumma Rose had kicked her various times.

Tasha slowly opened her eyes as she saw Jonah standing there with baby Ella.

“El-Ella!” she said as Jonah laid Ella on the bed and pulled out a key.

“I’m getting you out of here, Mumma Rose isn't happy that I’m not Ella’s dad and is planning on killing you and Ella.” Jonah said as he removed the chains from Tasha’s wrists. He helped Tasha to her feet and helped her to the closest door where he had a van waiting for her. Once Tasha was inside he went back and got baby Ella and gave her to Tasha.

“Hold on! This is going to be a bumpy ride!” he said as he seated himself inside the car and started the engine and put in into drive.


The next morning Matilda was sitting in the diner slowly sipping on a strawberry milkshake when Ric walked in. Ric saw her sitting by herself and decided to join her and as he walked over to her he went weak at the knees at how naturally beautiful she was even at 7:00 in the morning.

“Hey!” he said as he sat down opposite her.

“Hey!” she replied as she stirred her shake with her straw.

“Feel like going for a walk?” he asked as Matilda looked like she could do with some cheering up. Ric watched as Matilda nodded and got to her feet and followed Ric out the diner door.

As they walked along the beach Ric was starting to feel uncomfortable at the awkward silence between them.

“Mattie!” Ric said as Matilda looked up at him with that natural beauty. Ric couldn’t help himself as he moved in and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Matilda opened her eyes in shock at what was happening and suddenly pulled back from him.

“Ric! What are you doing?” she asked as she looked at him. Matilda couldn’t be around Ric at the moment so she ran. It was the only thing she could think of doing at that point in time and she kept running even though she could hear Ric’s voice yelling out to her to “stop” but she couldn’t so she kept running.

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Here is the next chapter every1...hope you all like it :wink:

Chapter 13

Matilda had finally stopped running when she had found out that she was 10 minutes away from her home.

“Get a grip Mattie! It was only a kiss! You don’t love Ric you love Lucas! Oh god Lucas!” Matilda thought to herself as she slowly made her way to her home.

“You can’t be upset, Martha is coming home today so cheer up already,” she said to herself as she walked along and started kicking a stone.

“This can’t be happening, after everything me and Lucas have been through to get this far. This cant have happened, I know, I just won’t tell him” Matilda said to herself as she kicked the same stone and watched as it rolled down a drain.

Matilda made her way to her house and when she saw that no one was home (not even Lucas) she walked into the hall and walked into her room. As soon as she walked into her room she could see an image staring back at her. Dark blonde hair, baby blue eyes, a small button nose, pinkish lips and a small figure, which meant all her clothes, fit her perfectly. Matilda ran her index finger over her lips twice before small tears formed in her eyes and ran down her cheeks before leaving her face and most likely hitting the floor.

Matilda felt physically sick at what had happened, she felt like she had betrayed Lucas. Even though she didn’t kiss Ric back she couldn't help but feel as though everything was her fault.

“Should I tell Lucas? What will his reaction be? Will he blame me?”


“Welcome home honey, sit down, make yourself comfy and let me tend to your every need!” Jack said as he unlocked the front door to their family home.

“Well you can start by taking the bags to the bedroom and then make me a cup of tea and then you can spend some time with your daughter!” Martha said as she situated herself on the couch, resting her legs on the coffee table and picking up the new issue of “That’s Life” magazine and opening it up to the first page.

As Martha was reading Sophie slowly walked up to Martha and pulled the magazine down which made Martha laugh.

“What do you want to read it to bubs? Come here then” she said as she helped her daughter up on the couch with her.

20 minutes later Jack walked back out of the bedroom and straight into the kitchen.

“Ok I unpacked the bag and now here comes the tea and quality time with my baby…’ Jacks voice trailed off as he saw his daughter curled up in Martha’s arms with the both of them asleep. Jack smiled and walked over to the couch and retrieved the thick blanket on top of the couch and slowly put it over Martha and his daughter and smiled.

“Like mother, like daughter!” he thought to himself as he went and made himself a coffee instead.


“I’ve got instructions here from Sarah!” constable Jorgans said as he passed the envelope to Henry as they looked out over Stuarts Point.

Henry opened the envelope and pulled out the letter which had at least $300 attached to it. As he read the letter he was surprised at what she had instructed him to do.

1. Terrorize Sally Fletcher and poison her food.

2. Kill Sally Fletcher and engrave “Tick, Tock” into her chest

3. Expose Alf and Irene’s secret affair.

Henry looked up to speak to the constable but found he was gone. Henry looked out at the ocean and wished he could end or take back what he had started in the first place but both of those options wouldn’t help him at all so he walked off in silence towards his house.


Martha awoke to the sound of knives and forks being set at the kitchen table. As she sat up she felt her daughter rustle in her arms but she didn’t wake up. Martha slowly got to her feet and looked up at the clock and saw it was 5 minutes before 12 and as she walked over to the table she saw that it was set with a salad dish, cucumber, chicken, ham, beetroot and orange juice. Martha grinned as she saw Jack getting 2 wine glasses out of the cupboard and when he turned around he saw he was wearing Martha's apron which had a pair of breasts on a black apron with white writing which said “kitchen bitch”.

Jack smiled as he saw Martha start to laugh and as he sat the glasses on the table he walked over to Martha and rested his arms around her waist.

“What’s all this?” Martha said as she sat her arms around his neck and giggled as Jack kissed her gently on the neck, then the cheek and finally softly on the lips.

“Because I love you” was all Jack replied. Jack walked over to the chair closest to the lounge and pulled it out and pushed it in as Martha sat herself down. He then grabbed a napkin and flipped it open and rested it in Martha's lap and seated himself and repeated his previous action.

“You didn’t have to go to all this trouble for just me!” Martha replied as she took Jack’s hand from across the table.

“Trouble, what trouble?” Jack asked looking around as Martha giggled.


Henry walked into his house and looked around, he then walked into the kitchen and back into the lounge and sat on the couch. Henry pulled out his mobile and dialed a number and waited.

“How the hell am I meant to pull all this off?”

“You have got to be kidding, my family don’t even know why I am really back and I have to pretend to my sister that I love being back here”

“How long have I got to do this?”

“Two weeks! Ok! Bye!”

Matilda leaned back against the hallway and tried to take in what she had just heard her brother, her twin brother say when he thought no one was home.

“What was he going to pull off? Why was he really back in Summer Bay? And why was he pretending he cared?” Matilda thought to herself as she heard footsteps go into the kitchen. Matilda saw a shadow from the other end of the hall, which meant only one thing.

Matilda moved out of the hallway and bolted out the door at the fastest speed she could go.

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This is so great :)

Thanx and im glad you like it....here is the next chapter :lol:

Chapter 14

That afternoon Jack, Martha and their daughter Sophie were all spending time together walking along the beach. Jack and Martha had Sophie's hands in each of there’s and they were walking a couple of paces and then swinging her forward and laughing. Martha sat down on the beach as Jack chased his daughter around and new things couldn't get any better than what they were right at that moment. Martha watched as Jack started building a sand castle with little Sophie and smiled as her daughter purposely ran over Jack’s sand castle and sent it tumbling to the ground. Martha laughed as Jack started to fake cry and couldn't help but awe at Sophie running up to him and giving him a cuddle and a kiss.

Martha looked past Jack and her daughter and up the beach where a girl had just run down into the water. Martha watched as the girl ran into the water and collapsed to the ground and throw up.


Matilda sat in the ocean, all the running she had done had finally caught up to her and also the fact that she felt sick to the core so she collapsed in the water and threw up, twice.

Matilda could feel tears running down her face. She had just overheard her twin brother talking to the woman who first terrorized the bay and then had her lover come back for her revenge, which led to Matilda’s scars in the first place. Just thinking about what had happened made Matilda want to throw up again but she kept it together.


Martha watched on as the girl slowly got to her feet and walked away from the water and then sat herself down on the beach itself and started playing with the sand. Martha soon saw the golden long blonde hair and the thin figure and the style of clothes she wore as brand new and knew instantly that is was Matilda. Martha got to her feet and walked off leaving Jack and Sophie to play in the sand. Martha walked over to Matilda who was sitting in the sand and sat down next to her.

“Mattie!” Martha said as she watched Matilda stare out into the water. Her eyes were all red from where she was crying and fresh tears were running down her face.

“Mattie!” Martha said again as she waved her hand in front of Matilda’s eyes.

Matilda snapped out of her gaze and looked to see Martha sitting beside her.

“Mattie what's wrong?” Martha asked as Matilda looked at her worried face.

Matilda tried to hold back her tears but finally gave in and started crying on Martha’s shoulder as Martha put her arms around Matilda to comfort her.

“Shhh its ok Mattie, everything is going to be ok. I’m here now, everything is going to be ok I promise!” Martha said as Matilda put her arms around Martha’s neck.


Cassie walked into Belle’s hospital room and saw Belle sitting up reading a magazine. Belle had her color back in her face and had tied her hair back in a ponytail.

“Cassie!” Belle said shocked as she sat the magazine down in front of her. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to talk to you about Mattie to tell you the truth” Cassie replied as Belle rolled her eyes and quickly picked up her ipod and turned it on to find it dead. Belle sighed and sat her ipod back in the table and looked at Cassie.

“Spill!” was all Belle said as Cassie pulled up a chair and sat next to Belle’s bed.

”Why do you despise Mattie so much? I mean what has she ever done to you? She walked into school yesterday like she was ready to rip any ones head off if they started on her. What did you say to her?”

“I don’t want to repeat what I said to Princess Mattie to you ok. Is there anything else?” Belle replied as Cassie nodded and handed Belle a note that had her name written on it.

“Thanks!” Belle said as Cassie nodded and got to her feet, closing the door as she left.

Belle opened the letter and started reading it.

Dear Belle,

There is no easy way to say this but you were right in me having feelings for Matilda and I know we are still together but me being the stupid male I am acted upon those feelings and now Matilda wont talk to me.

Why am I so stupid Belle and why is it that only you can see right through me. I promise I do love you but I love Mattie more so I guess this is goodbye. We are over.

I know Henry likes you and you might like him but be careful because he uses his smile to lure girls in and those who have been out with him in the bay say that he has a kiss like poison and a toxic touch and some of them had a craving for him way to much.

Love Ric

Belle screwed the piece of paper up and threw it across the room.

“Why does everything have to be about Matilda bloody Hunter?” Belle asked herself. “Man she is going to pay.”

Sorry it is only very short

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  • 9 months later...

well guys i finally got the internet after all this time so what im going to do is write all the last chapters in this last one so you can all finish it... hope you like the rest of it.

Chapter 15

Matilda walked out of her bedroom the next morning and saw Henry sitting at the table. Henry looked Matilda and smiled and then saw her giving him an evil stare.

"Whats your prob?" he asked as Matilda gave a pissed off laugh.

"My problem, my problem Henry Hunter is you and the fact that your working for SARAH LEWIS...' matilda screamed as Henry started choking on what he was eating.

Henry looked at her.

"How do you know?" with a mouthful of food.

"BECAUSE I HEARD YOU ON THE PHONE HENRY, how could you do this to me, to mum, to the community? if people ever find out about this they will be devistated and i wil be blamed because i'm your twin."

"We already are" said Beth as herself, Tony and Lucas all waled out at the same time.

"How could you Henry Hunter. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THE PEOPLE WE LOVE. This is our home and these people are our friends and YOU, you Henry Hunter can never be my son." Beth said as a look of Horror appeared on Henry's face. Henry got to his feet and walked out the door, not even saying a word as tears started to pour down Matilda and Beth's face.


Matilda was walking along the beach when Ric walked up to her.

"Mattie" he said as Matilda stopped in her tracks and turned the other way and started to walk off.

"Mattie dont walk away from me, dont i mean anything to you_'

"No Ric you dont. I love Lucas...I LOVE LUCAS, you had a great girlfriend who was looking forward to getting out of hospital today to be with you and you end up giving her a letter saying you love me so forgive me ii i dont give a ****ing rats ass because thanks to you we will most likely get into another fight because of you but the facts are, I LOVE LUCAS NOT YOU and if i get my head kick in because of you_"

"You wont Mattie..."

Matilda stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around to see Belle standing there.

"B...Belle I_"

"You dont need to say anything. I heard everything so thankyou." Belle said as Matilda raised her eyes in shock and watched as Belle walked forwards and held out her hand.

Matilda shook her hand and watched as Belle turned and slowly walked away.

Matilda turned back around and looked at Ric.

"Leave me the hell alone!" she screamed as she turned around and ran off.


Tasha was sitting on the sofa at the beach house when Robbie walked in. Robbie stopped in his tracks and saw Tasha sitting there with bruises all over her.

"Robbie I...I'm sorry about everything and i know we could never be the way we were but i want to try and make things up to you. when Mumma Rose realised that Ella wasnt Jonah's baby she skitzed and tried to kill us_"

"Wait, Jonah isnt Ella's dad?" Robbie asked, his eyes widening and tears streaking down his face.

"No Rob, you are." Tasha replied starting to sob.

"Tash" Robbie said as he walked over and sat down next to you. "My only hope was that you would come back to me and that i was Ella's dad. I love you Tash and always will and if we can give this another go then lets try for Ella's and our sake.

Tasha was balling by this time as Robbie reached in and hugged her so hard like he was never going to let her go.


Matilda and Lucas had just finished watching Romeo and Juliet when Mattie's phone went off. Mattie reached into her pocket and looked at her phone where one received message was waiting so she pressed open only to find the most horrifying message.

Mattie, meet me at the diner in 20 minutes or im ringing Luc and telling him you kissed me not the other way around you heartless bitch. if i cant have you then niehter can he. Ric!

Matilda got to her feet when Lucas looked at her.

"Where are you goin?" Luc asked as Matilda slid her phone back into her pocket.

"Diner, Cass messaged me and somethings wrong. Be back soon."

Mattie kissed Lucas on the lips and sprinted out the door as fast as her little legs could carry her.

10 minutes later she arrived at the diner panting, her flowery green shorts sticking to her legs and her green bonzee just above her belly. Mattie pulled her top down and walked in to see Ric sitting there smirking with a chocolate milkshake, Matilda waltzed up to him, grabbed the milkshake and threw it in his face as just there were gasps and people turning around to look at the commotion.

"How dare you, you lowlife piece of scum. you know what! TELL Lucas because who would he believe, ME or you. Stay the hell out of my life and dont EVER talk to me again. Got it" Mattie screamed as Ric looked around starting to blush and watched as she turned and walked out the door. Ric got to his feet and took off after her. By the time he reached her he grabbed her hair which made her jerk around.

"Ric, what are you doing?" Mattie cried as Ric started dragging her to the surf club boat shed. Ric threw her to the ground once they were inside and jumped on top of her. Mattie started screaming as he covered her mouth with one hand and ripped her top with the other and also pulled her shorts and pants down.

Matilda started crying, trying to force Ric off her but nothing was working as he was alot bulkier then she was.

Ric unzipped his pants and pulled them down as he lets go of Matilda's mouth and she started screaming again so he grabbed her by the throat, spread her legs with much difficulty.

Mattie was now pleading Ric to get off her when suddenly her eyes widened she she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and all of a sudden stopped moving.

20 mintues later Ric was standing up doing up his jeans when Matilda jumped up pulled her shorts up and bolted out the doors as fast as she could run. she could hear Ric chasing after her so she started sprinting and after 5 minutes of running she knew Ric had given up chase but she kept running and finally she realised she was outside her house. Matilda walked up the drive and in the front door when Lucas looked at her ripped top, the hand print on her neck and the bruises and dirt on her thigs.

Lucas's eyes widened at the tears streaming down her face and Lucas only had to look at her and Mattie knew that look.

"What_?' was all Lucas could get out of his mouth as tears appeard in his eyes.

"R_Ric r...raped me" she stumbled out as tears started streaming down his face. He rushed over to Matilda and grabbed hold of her just as her legs gave way. Matilda tried pushing him off but he wouldn't let go. Mattie hit and punched him as tears streamed down her face but eventually gave up because she knew...Mattie knew she was safe now.

Lucas just held her until she stopped crying and only sobb's were left...


right guys now your probably wondering if i'm going to make a second story to this by the way it ended and yes i am but it will have to wait until i get home which wont be long now...HOPE YOU LIKED IT :rolleyes:


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