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SB Racewall

Guest Stuart2006

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As the Mayor sat with hot coffee he unrolled a plan for SB. What was the plan?The plan was a Racewall for SB. A new police oficer walked in and sayed Mr Mayor Your car has been stolen and is at the surf club. The mayor run out leaving the plan. Eve pulled the police hat off and pulled the blonde wig off and looked at the plan. Exellant plan mayor Eve sayed. Boom it explodes she said. She looked at the mayors car keys and said That gave me looking time. She put the wig on and pulled walked out. She went home and took the police clothes off and put her Pyamas on. he racewall was built and Eve was quick to quit the police force and go in with the builders. She was incharge of inspecting the place. She pushed a bomb under a seat and smiled. She put a link to her secret location on the large screen and started filming.

will the bomb go off?

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Thanks for the comments :)

Episode 2

The rowdy crowds gathered and sat in the seats. The racing startred and then all a sudden the huge screen wents white and said THE STALKER RETURNS. It showed Eve standing outside the racewall gates and she said The gates are locked and you are locked in. I will personnaly murder anybody who moves i can see you all on my tv. A young boy called Sean smiled and she said SEAN WATCH THE SCREEN NOW!!!! She said i will do another broadcast soon and By the Way all police are locked in a cell so watch youre step. When the screen went back on Eve sat in a mystery location and a set of buttons sat in front of her. Move and i will blow youre seat up and you. Their is a huge bomb somewhere and if you don't find it in 1 hour it will explode. See you in 1 hour. she said. When the camara shut off she looked around and said 20 mins until the broadcast i will set the camara up now. She pressed Record. Hi,Everybody it's me Eve on I have Returned. I see nobody found it so i will detenate it in 10.....9......8......7.....6.....5.....4....3...2..1..............!!!.........

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Episode 3

As Macca looked under his chair he seen it. He picked it up and said IFOUND IT. He tryed reading it then BOOOOOOOOM it exploded.Eve looked around and heard sireens. She quickly opened her door and droved away. The police chased her and they were driving around SB. Rachel gave Macca CPR and got him breatheing again. Peter and Tracey walkedc up and said I seen Eve and she thought we were dead her face was long. Good we faked our death. A ambulance raced to the gates but they were locked. They called the fire bragade to burst them open but they were unbreakable. Macca was losing blood quickly and so they ambulance crew climbed over the gate and then raced to Macca. Some stayed in the van and they got ready to bang the van into the gate.

Meanwhile, Eve was getting chased then in the middle of Summer bay a car drove up the side of her and Eve jumped into the car. As the driver turned around it was Fouly(The doctor/ in the wards worked with her. Before meeting Sarah) The driver came to a suden stop and Eve got out and Run for her life. As she run the crew were runing after.

Also, The van just banged into the gate then it over turned and ................

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