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Like Old Times

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Topic Title Like Old Times

Topic Description – Jack and Martha, bits of other cast too like Robbie and Tash, Rated T

Type of story: Short/Medium Fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Drama and Romance

Warnings: None.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Martha has left Jack, what will happen now, will they get back together or has Jack ruined it forever?.

Ok well this is my new fic, it's going to be a short one around 10 chapters. It start from when Martha leaves Jack, just like on the promo. Hope you enjoy oh and it may contain spoliers to people who arn't in Australia

Chapter 1:

“Martha pleaseâ€. Those were the words Jack remembered saying to her last. How could he let her go so easily, she was everything to him But his job had gotten in the way, he didn’t even think about Martha being hurt. He had made so many promises to her yet, he never kept any of them, what kind of husband was he.

There was no doubt about it, Jack loved Martha and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. They were married and happy, until now. She had packed all her stuff and walked out, he was never expecting that to happen when he married her, but in some ways he understood why she did it. He was being a complete jerk and was ignoring her, not on purpose but his job had just been so busy.

He hated coming home at nights when he realized he had broken his promise. He would always find Martha sitting in the dark by herself, he hated to see her like that and what was worse he hated it because he was the cause of the problem. During the nights, she wouldn’t even let Jack hold her through the night, every time he put his hand around her she moved away further. Jack would try to talk to her, but every time he did she would sleep on the couch.

Jack could tell she was hurting, she just never showed it, instead all he saw was anger. But the night when he arrived home, he had found her on the couch sitting down again in the dark. He had texted her saying he would be working an extra shift so he would be home late. He knew this would only make her angrier.

But what he didn’t expect was to find Martha packing her stuff when he woke up the next morning. Nothing he could say would stop her, he practically begged her to stay. But she didn’t all they ended up doing was having another argument. Finally Martha had told him she was going to be staying at Sally’s and with that she left.

He got up from his bed and headed towards the kitchen, the house looked so empty without her, sure Kim was there and even Rachael would be there most of the time, but it wasn’t the same. He wanted her back, he wanted her to be here with him in his arms.

He grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. Determined to get her back. He knew it would take more than one apology, but he was willing to fix it, first thing he needed to do was talk to her and he knew where to find her.


He stood in front of the Sally’s door. He was actually nervous, he didn’t know why, maybe because he knew what Martha’s reaction would be, they would probably end up in another argument and she wouldn’t listen.

But he had made it this far and he wasn’t going back. He finally built up enough courage to knock on the door and moments later Sally opened the door.

“Hey…um Jack†Sally said surprised to see him, Martha hadn’t been out of her room and she hadn’t spoken to anyone since she moved back in.

“Is Martha here†Jack asked.

“Yeah she’s in her room up stairs, but I don’t think this is a good idea†Sally replied, Martha had been down for the past days, she didn’t need to see Jack, she was still angry at him.

“Please Sal, I have to see her†Jack begged, he wanted to her how sorry he was for everything even though it wouldn’t fix it, it would be a start.

“I don’t know Jack, she is quit upset I don’t think she needs this anymore†Sally replied.

“I know I have been a jerk, but I really need to fix this up, I want her back†Jack replied, he was finding it hard to keep the tears back. He loved Martha and nothing was going to stop him from seeing her.

“Alright fine then, she’s upstairs†Sally said, she stood on the side letting Jack in.

He looked around the house, it reminded him of the special moments he and Martha shared in his house before they were married, how could it all change so quickly.

He snapped out of his thoughts and headed upstairs, he stopped in front of her door. He knocked on the door, waiting for her reply.

Martha rolled over on the bed facing the door, it was probably Alf or Sally trying to talk to her, they had come in a lot throughout the day, always asking if she wanted something to eat or if they could help her in any way. It was starting to annoy her she just wanted to be left alone.

She had also missed Jack, she hated it that she couldn’t spend any time with him, he was always caught up in his job to take any interest in her. She decided to move back to Sally’s, she knew it hurt Jack to see her leave. She still remembered the words he had said to her before she left, she just wanted to cry and she wanted him back.

“Come in†she said, expecting granddad or Sally to come in. But to her surprise it was Jack.

Tell me what you think so far

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Chapter 2:

She looked up at him, and all of sudden her eyes locked with his and she remembered how much she loved him. She could continue like this all day just staring at him, she was getting lost in his gaze. The first thing she did was turn around to face the other way, she couldn’t keep looking at him, she was afraid she would give into him, she wasn’t ready to do that, he was the one in the wrong and Martha wasn’t going to be the one running back to him.

Jack stepped in the bedroom and closed the door behind him; he was expecting this kind of response from her. He slowly sat down on the bed where she way lying. He let out a long sigh before he spoke.

“Martha..” he began as he touched her shoulder. She just moved further away.

“Don’t Jack” she spoke, she was still laying and facing the other way, she couldn’t face him right now. He reached out, trying again. It only caused Martha to move even further away.

He stood up from where he was sitting on the bed, he wasn’t ready to give up. He made his way over to the other side of the bed, which she was facing, he sat down there, looking at her, he continued this for a moment, before she turned around the other way.

Jack let out another sigh, but this time he placed him self on the bed so that he was laying next to her, he looked up at the ceiling, this was going to be hard especially because she was stubborn and didn’t want to listen.

Martha felt as Jack lay down beside her, she still didn’t turn around.

He slowly placed his hands around her waist, pulling her closer to him, he rested his head on her shoulder.

Martha could feel his hot breath on her and she could feel his strong hands wrapped around her, like nothing could get in their way, for a moment everything was perfect just like it had been before, but then she remembered it wasn’t, nothing was like before. She tried to move away from his grip, but Jack was to strong he forced her back until she was back in her arms.

Martha please..” Jack said, he was finding it hard to speak, he could feel the tears down his eyes, but quickly wiped them away, he had to stay strong. Every time Martha pushed him of and didn’t let him touch her it only managed to hurt him more.

“Martha please come home, I miss you” he spoke softly. Releasing she wasn’t going to say anything he let her go and turned over so he was lying back on his back. He hated the fact that he couldn’t touch Martha, he missed her kisses her hugs and everything about her. It had only been 2 days an already he couldn’t live without her.

“Can we at least talk then” Jack asked.

“Talk?, now we can’t do that Jack, you haven’t checked your phone maybe you have a missed call from that station” she replied sarcastically. It only managed to make Jack angrier.

He pulled out his phone from his pocket and turned it off before handing it over to Martha “Here have it, it’s turned off, now can we talk?” Jack asked.

Martha turned around to face him, she hadn’t seen Jack like this before, he was determined to get her back. She hadn’t seen him so upset before, last time she saw him was when she was packing to leave his house, she could tell she was hurting him, but staying at his house wouldn’t help either.

Jack put his phone on the side of the bed. He turned back to face Martha, who was finally looking at him.

“I’m sorry..” he began reaching out for her hand..

“Don-” she replied, but stopped when Jack moved his hand away. Jack looked away for a moment he didn’t want Martha to see how hurt he was, he then looked back at her.

“Why can’t I Martha, I love you ” he said “ I just want to hold you again” he added softly, Martha just laughed back at him

“You love me Jack, aww how sweet” she replied sarcastically.

“Why are you doing this Martha, you don’t even care what I have to say” he said to her.

“You’re right; I don’t want to listen but its funny how you tell me you love me now”

“What do you mean I have always loved you” Jack replied confused.

“Really I didn’t know” she said sarcastically, once again rising Jack’s anger even higher.

“Don’t do that Martha” he said, he was trying to be serious and all she could do was make it seem like it was all a big joke,

“Why Jack, I don’t remember the last time you told me that, you seemed to always be caught up in work, and we don’t even communicate anymore.” she replied seriously.

“Martha I do love you, I’m sorry” he began but Martha cut him of.

“Save it Jack I don’t care anymore, you know what go to work and stay there if it makes you happy, it feels like I’m the only one that wants to keep this marriage going” she told him razing her voice.

“That’s not true” Jack said, but once again Martha had cut him of.

“You know how much we have been through, our wedding was blown up by some psycho, then you had liver transplant, I thought I was going to loose you. Then came the helicopter crash, oh and you can’t forget Mumma Rose chasing us like some crazy women. Yet nothing has changed, it only got worse. So you tell me Jack when was the last time we spend quality time together?” Martha asked, raising her voice. Jack didn’t reply.

“That’s what I thought, get out Jack I don’t want to hear it” she added.

“Martha C’mon” Jack said.

“No just get out Jack” she repeated.

“Martha –“Jack began

“Now” she said but this time louder.

Jack stood up from the bed, staying here wouldn’t solve anything, it only got worse, but he wasn’t going to give up. He turned around to take one last look at Martha and he could see the tears coming out of her eyes, she had tried to hide it but Jack could tell when she was crying. All he wanted to do now was comfort her and hold her, but he couldn’t. He opened the door and exited the room.

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Here's the next chapter

Chapter 3:

Jack had finally finished a long shift at the station and he was headed for Noah’s. He hadn’t seen Martha since the last time he was at Sally’s which was 2 days ago. Jack had asked Alf if she was working earlier, Jack wanted to make it up to her, but didn’t know how. He knew he couldn’t spend all his time with her when work was so busy, but he wasn’t going to make any promises that he couldn’t keep.

He walked into the surf club and spotted her working and the bar. He stopped to look at her for a second, he had missed her, he wished she would come home back to him, but she never did.

Martha stood cleaning the same glass she had for the past 30minutes, not that she realized she was caught up in her own thoughts to realize what she was doing. Her life had only gone worse since the wedding not all of it was Jack’s fault, but he didn’t seem to make the situation any better. She felt like he didn’t care about her.

Besides all that, she still wanted him back, she had missed him. She hated waking up in the morning realizing Jack wasn’t beside her and when she was cold there was no one she could cuddle up to. She was distracted from her thoughts when she saw Jack coming towards her. She pretended to look away like she didn’t care.

“Hey” Jack said once he reached her.

“Hey” she replied forcing a smile “What would you like?” she was going to treat him like any other customer.

“Nothing” Jack replied he wasn’t here to get anything; he just wanted to talk to her.

“They why are you here?” she questioned him.

“I want to talk to you” Jack replied simply.

“Forget it Jack, you had all the time in the world to talk to me but you didn’t want to” she snapped back at him. “Now go” she added.

“Come to think of it I’ll have a beer” Jack said ignoring her past comment. Martha turned around to face the other way grabbing a beer. He would do anything as long as he was around her. He could see Martha was getting angry

“Here you go” Martha said. “Now you can go” she finished of.

“I think I might stay, until I drink this” he said as he took a drink of his beer, Martha couldn’t control her anger anymore, what part of go didn’t he get.

“Jack what do you want from me” she snapped.

“Nothing, I just want you” he replied.

Martha stopped for a moment, Jack could be so sweet and she just wanted to run back to him, but she couldn’t nothing was solved.

“You make it sound so simple, it’s not like that Jack” she replied back at him. “Granddad I’m going for a break” she added. Before walking out. Jack placed his beer down on the bar and followed her outside determined to talk to her.

Once she was outside, Jack garbed her hand making her stop and turn around.

“Please Martha why can’t we just talk-“Jack asked, but was cut of by his phone ringing. He saw as Martha turned around to walk away. He grabbed his phone and turned it off, placing it back in his pocket.

Jack ran after Martha until he reached her and stood in front.

“Martha I’m not going to give up” Jack said. Martha was glad to hear it, but didn’t show it.

“You already have” she replied.

“No please just listen” Jack said.

“So what I’m just supposed to listen to you, while you tell me how things are going to be different and who knows you might make another one of your promises that you can’t keep” she snapped back at him, tears starting to show

He slowly garbed her hand, pulling her in closer to him. She didn’t pull away, she just stood there. She had missed these moments.

“Martha” he whispered in her ear. He grabbed her waist pulling her even closer. He used one of his hands to cup her face so that she was looking at him. He could see the hurt in her eyes, like she was about to cry.

“I have been a jerk and probably any other name you can think for me, but I’m sorry, I hate the fact that I don’t get to see you anymore, I miss you Martha” he started.

He watched as she rested her head on his chest and began to cry. He held her tighter continuing to speak.

“My life sucks without you, I hate coming home knowing you won’t be there and I miss everything about you. I know I have been caught up in work so long that we hardly get to spend any time together and that we hardly have been speaking, but I need you.” Jack could hear as Martha began to sob.

“I know my promises haven’t been so promising, but I love you and without you I’m nothing” he said. “Can you at least give me a chance to make it up to you, that’s all I ask for” he finished of.

He could see her eyes shining with tears as she looked up at him. She couldn’t stay angry at him. but she wasn’t ready to give in that easily, they were words, how was she supposed to know that he wasn’t lying.

“I don’t know Jack” she began but he cut her of.

“Please” he begged, his eyes starting to swell up with tears as well. She looked up at him, then shook her head and walked of the other way.

‘Damn’ Jack cursed, he was so close, he knew Martha wanted to come back home, he just needed to convince her. He didn’t know how much longer he could live without her.

Next Time: Has Jack given up?

That’s all for this chapter, obviously the fic will be different to what is happening on the show, I haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet, so I don’t know what happened. Thanks for all your comments.

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Chapter 4:

“Hey Jack” Tash and Robbie said at the same time as they sat opposite to him at the diner.

“Hey” Jack replied still not looking up.

“What’s wrong?” Robbie asked, he had never seen Jack like this before, so upset.

“Nothing everything is fine” he replied, looking up at them forcing a smile. He didn’t really feel like telling them about the whole Martha situation.

“So where’s Martha?, I wanted to ask her about something” Tash asked looking around the diner for her but she couldn’t spot her anywhere.

“I don’t know” Jack shrugged.

“What do you mean, you live in the same house, of course you would know” Robbie said smiling; he had no idea what was going on.

“Martha doesn’t live with me anymore” was all he said; he looked down unable to watch their reactions.


Jack spent the next half an hour telling Tash and Robbie all about it, he didn’t feel like it, but it had actually helped to talk to someone. He hadn’t been at work for 2 days now, they were his days of and now he couldn’t spend it with Martha.

He wasn’t ready to give up, but he didn’t know what to do, this was the second time Martha had rejected him, he wanted her back so badly, but she just wouldn’t listen.

“So she just walked out” Robbie questioned.

“Yeah” Jack explained just thinking of the terrible memories.

“You can’t really blame her for doing it, she had the right reasons to” Tash added her opinion, she knew telling Jack wasn’t the right thing to do.

“Yeah I don’t, I have no one to blame but my self, I have tried to get her back but she just want listen.” Jack explained “I want to make it up to her” he added.

“Well maybe she won’t listen to you, but that doesn’t mean she won’t listen to Tash” Robbie replied an idea forming in his mind.

“What do you mean” Jack asked confused.

“Well what did you have in mind, for making it up to her” Robbie questioned him.

“I was going to prepare a romantic dinner for her, I want thing to go back to how they were, just like old times” he finished of.

“Well maybe if Tash convinces her to come over to your house, of course not to tell her that your going to be there, we could make something up like that Kim is having a dinner I don’t know” Robbie said throwing ideas around.

“We can’t lie to her” Tash said.

“Yeah I know, but as Jack said, she wants him back all she needs is a little push” Robbie replied.

“Please Tash can you do that?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to lie to her especially now” she replied.

“It’s not lying really, please Tash” Jack asked.

Tash looked down at her hands, she didn’t know what to say, could she lie to her best friend and make up some false story just to get her to come over to Jack’s. She knew how much Mac loved Jack, she had never seen her that way before and she wanted to make things right between them, maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

“I’ll try” she replied finally.

“Good, I’ll have it all set out by tonight” Jack replied, a smile began to creep onto his face her had a good feeling about this.


As she opened it she flicked through a couple of pages until she found it, she placed her hands over it, slowly running her fingers through the picture. They were so in love, like nothing could come between them. How could It have gone so wrong.

Martha was looking at picture of her and Jack on her wedding day. It had been one of her best days of her life, but is slowly changed from being the best to the worst after the whole explosion. She had nearly lost Jack that day as well. Bad events only seemed to follow, when she was stuck out in the bush, she had promised herself if she ever made it out alive she would never let go of Jack.

Tears began to run down her cheeks, why did everything have to be like this. Why couldn’t it be just her and Jack? Just like they used to be. It was all different now, Martha knew how much Jack loved his job, she just thought that he loved her more, obviously she was wrong.

She was distracted from her thoughts when she saw Tash walking through the door, she quickly wiped away her tears, changing the page on the photo album.

Tash saw Martha and tears she could also see Martha was looking through the photo album, no words were needed she just walked up and sat next to her, how was she supposed to lie to her.

Martha began to flick through the photo album slowly, once she reached the page with her and Jack on it, she quickly changed the page. Tash looked at her noticing what she had done. She stooped her and changed back to the previous page, putting the photo album back on Martha’s lap. Martha stared at the photo again, but she couldn’t tears had started to come out again.

All Tash could do was comfort her.

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just a short one more will be up tomorrow

Chapter 5:

“I just want him back” Martha sobbed, she and Tash were sitting down on the couch discussing it. The photo album was now placed on the table in front of them.

“You can have him back” Tash replied, trying to make her feel better.

“Tash, it’s not that easy there are so many things we have to talk about” Martha said.

“Well what’s stopping you, why don’t you talk to him” Tash asked curious.

“I don’t know” Martha said, as her voice trailed, she was unsure of herself. She wanted him back, but what was stopping her from sorting things out.

“Anyways I came to ask you for some advice” Tash said to her.

“What is it?” Martha asked.

“Do you think it’s ok to lie to a friend, if you know it will do them some good and could help them” Tash asked, she had made a decision to go with Robbie’s idea, she had seen how much Martha missed Jack and if she was able to send Martha to that dinner they could possibly work things out.

“Well it depends, I don’t know, it would be easier if you told me the situation” Martha replied, she had no idea where this was coming from.

“I can’t say, but don’t worry about it” Tash said cheering her up. “Listen Kim wanted me to invite you to dinner; me and Robbie are also going to be there.

“I don’t know Tash, I don’t fee like it” The truth was she didn’t want to run into Jack, incase he was there.

“Please Mac from what I have heard you haven’t been out in ages, this will be fun please?” Tash begged. “You don’t want me to be stuck with Kim and Robbie now do you?” Tash added smiling.

“Maybe” Martha said, she wanted to go, but wasn’t sure.

“C’mon Mac, you have to come, you can’t just spend every night inside, please it will be fun” Tash replied, trying to convince her.

“Fine, what time?” Martha asked, finally giving up.

“8 at Kim’s place” she replied, “I’ll see you there” Tash added smiling as she stood up to go.

‘Will Jack be th-“ she tried to say, but her vice trailed of, Tash had already gone. She didn’t know why she had agreed to coming. She stood up to go to the spare room she was using. All she had to do was to pick something to wear.


“So she’s definitely coming?” Jack asked hopeful, he had already planned the whole night.

“That’s what she said, this better work Jack I can’t stand to see her so upset” Tash replied.

“Yeah I know I hate it too, I’m hoping it does work, I think what we need is a long talk, I know she wants to come back and this will hopefully help her”

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Wow.. I can’t believe I wrote so much, this is quit a long chapter. Since the last one was short I decided to do a long one but never noticed it was this long. It was like 5 pages.


Chapter 6:

Martha was now standing in front of Kim’s and Jacks house. She was still thinking of whether to enter or not, what if Jack was in there by any chance could she face him. She knew she wanted to see him; it had been ages since she had seen him and she missed him, but what would she say?

She snapped out of her thoughts, Tash had told her that it would only be Rob and Kim, so she had nothing to worry about. She was already late; trying to figure out what to wear to a normal dinner was pretty hard. At the end she had chosen to go with a dress that flowed down to her knees, it was light blue. She had thought about wearing just jeans and a shirt but that really wouldn’t be appropriate.

Martha noticed that it was pretty dark inside, the curtains were closed but no light could be seen. She slowly knocked on the door, but there was no answer. She decided to try once more but the same thing happened. She pushed the front door and it was open, slowly walking into the house.

“Tash you in here” she called out. She heard footsteps coming from the room, a sign of relief filled her. It was probably Tash and Robbie.

“Tas-“she began to call out again, but realized that the person who had come out wasn’t Tash it was Jack. “You’re not Tash” she finished of.

“Really never would have guessed” Jack joked, hoping it would put a smile on her face, and to his surprise it did, not that Martha would show him, she turned around looking around the room. There was candles lit everywhere, the music was playing softly and the food was already sitting on the table and it looked delicious. She then noticed what was going on.

“Oh I see what’s going on” Martha began. Jack stood in silence waiting for her to say more, he didn’t know if this was good or bad, knowing Martha she would probably turn around and walk out.

“Let me guess, you and Tash set this up” Martha asked him, looking straight at him.

“Well it worked didn’t it?” Jack asked hopeful.

“Jerk” Martha muttered under her breath. Jack was about to ask her what she had said but knew it was probably something that he didn’t want to hear.

“So this is your way, make my friends lie to me” Martha snapped at him.

“It wasn’t like that Martha, I knew that if I had invited you, you wouldn’t have come” Jack responded, Martha thought for a while, it was true she probably wouldn’t have. She turned around to walk the other way, she didn’t know what it was but every time she talked to Jack he just managed to **** her of even more.

“I really don’t get you” She said before reaching the door. Jack ran after her grabbing her hand to turn her around.

“C’mon Martha, just stay” Jack pleaded.

“So then what, we could have a nice romantic dinner and pretend everything is fine” she said sarcastically.

“Where’s the harm in just you staying for dinner, eating nice food and drinking wine?” Jack asked.

“You know this isn’t going to solve our problems its juts a dinner” she responded. Jack was glad to hear that she was at least talking to him about it.

“It’s not supposed to, c’mon it’s just dinner” Jack added again. Martha looked back at him, he was right it wouldn’t mean anything just a dinner, but she didn’t know how she could handle being around Jack, she would probably end up back with him after the night was over and this wouldn’t solve anything.

“Fine” she muttered as she made her way over to the table.


“I am so” Jack replied defensively. Martha gave out a laugh.

“You Jack Holden organized I don’t think so” she replied, the smile not leaving her face. The past half and hour hadn’t been bad. They were mainly joking around and what was even better was that they didn’t even manage to have one fight. Martha was enjoying this.

“Whatever, that’s what you think” Jack replied smiling at her.

“And this is why I found a sock in your fridge, now how organized is that” she added with a smile, juts remembering the memories. Jack laughed with her, but all of a sudden turned the conversation serious; he knew he had to even though he wouldn’t like the outcome. He reached out to touch her hand, but she moved it away.

“Don’t” she said turning serious.

“Alright fine I won’t touch you” he replied moving his hand back, pretending not to be hurt.

“Good” she exclaimed.

“It’s going to be hard not to though” Jack joked.

“Please do continue what you were going to say” she said ignoring his past comment, he was doing a great job of sucking her back in, but Martha wasn’t going to give in that easy.

Jack prepared himself to talk, but realized he was lost for words; so many things he wanted to tell her but didn’t know how to start.

“Do you want to grab that paper quickly” Martha asked, Jack was confused.

“What do you mean?” he asked her.

“You know the one where you wrote your speech so that you would know what to say” she replied, with a smile on her face. Jack couldn’t help but laugh.

“As I was about to say” Jack began ignoring her comments. “I have been a jerk and I don’t really know what it’s like being married, as you can tell you are my first wife” he replied sarcastically.

“I guess I don’t think like I’m supposed to, I’m always doing the wrong thing and not thinking about you, always taking on extra work and not even telling you” Jack finished of.

Martha smiled at him; she had waited all that time to hear him say it.

“I don’t want you to quit your job” she began. “I know how much you love it, but I just want you to think about this marriage as well, communicate more with me, tell me what your doing, not juts go of and do things without telling me, I hate being like this and I hate fighting with you” she finished of.

Jack smiled at her, it was the first time they had, had a serious conversation and this time they were actually beginning to work things out. Maybe this was going to turn out good after all, Jack thought to himself.

“Do you want to dance?” he asked her. Him and Martha always used to do it, and if he wanted things to go back to how they were this is what he needed, he knew Martha wouldn’t be able to resist him for much longer. She hesitated for a second but then agreed. She stood up on the spot and so did Jack; unsure of what to do or how to react when he touched her. Jack smiled at her.

“You know we can’t dance like that when we are miles apart” he commented.

“Don’t get smart” Martha replied stubbornly. She moved forward wrapping her hands around his neck and he placed his around her waist, automatically pulling her closer. Martha slowly placed her head on his chest and they swayed to the music together.

She was finding it hard to leave him, she could stay dancing like this forever, and this is when she had realized how much she missed him, it was hard enough not seeing him, but not being able to touch him was worse.

Jack was pleased with himself, he had seen how much Martha had missed this, but he did as well.

“I missed this” Jack whispered into her hair. Martha not moving for his chest.

“Me too” she replied, not looking up knowing if she did she would loose all her control. He stroked her hair slowly beginning speak.

“Martha wh-“but he was cut of.

“Don’t” she replied, she knew if Jack had said something it could ruin the moment they were sharing now and there was no way she was going to let that happen, she didn’t want to let go, she held on tighter. Jack leant down and kissed her on the head, noticing she didn’t mind he tried once again.

“Martha I promise you if-“he began once again but she cut him off.

“Don’t use that word” she replied. Jack knew what she was talking about; his promises over the couple of weeks hadn’t been so promising. But he was willing to stick to this one.

“Ok I know that I haven’t lived up to my promises, but if you just gave me one more chance, I wouldn’t break it “Jack replied, hoping it would work. The only response he got was the grip of Martha’s hands around him it tightened once again, she didn’t want to let go. He removed his hands from her waist and used one of them to make her look up at him. He could see the tears in her eyes.

“I promise I won’t hurt you anymore, I will change I promise” Jack said still looking straight at her. Could she forgive him that easily, she wasn’t sure but right now she had no other choice, her body was telling her to.

“I don’t know” she said, unsure of why she had said it herself.

“Look if I break the promise, you can hurt me physically as much as you want” he smiled down at her. Martha laughed back.

“You know that if you do break this promise you will have a lot of black eyes” she joked, she watched as a huge smile appeared on Jack’s face. She couldn’t help but smile as well. Jack leant down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, before pulling away slowly. Making sure he had heard the right thing. Martha put her hand around his head, pushing him in closer. They shared a passionate kiss lasting for what seemed hours before Jack pulled away.

“See I knew you couldn’t stay away” Jack replied.

“You know I could be out of here in a matter of seconds” she replied seriously.

“Ok I’m sorry” he began. “Does this mean you are staying over?” he asked.

“Well what are my options” she smiled at him.

“Well you could go back to Sally’s house and sleep in that spare room in the cold, having nobody next to you, or you could spend the night here in my warm bed and not to mention you could have me there as well.” He replied.

“Well I don’t get my choice do I” she replied.

“Nope not at all, listen you go head of to bed and I’ll go do the dishes” he said as he pulled himself away from her. But Martha stepped back into his arms.

“I’ll help” she offered, smiling at him.

“No need, I can do it” Jack replied.

“But I want to” Martha exclaimed.

“I’m not letting you” he said, but before Martha could reply, Jack had picked her up and was heading towards the bedroom with her over his shoulder.

“Jack Holden” she screamed. “Put me down” she added. He placed her down on the bed slowly, still on top of her. Martha used her hands to pull him down closer so that he was lying on top of her. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“I’ll be right back” Jack promised, trying to get away. But Martha pulled him back down.

“No you can’t your not going anywhere” she said pulling him down again. Jack automatically kissed her, there was no way he was leaving, the dishes could wait she was more important.

Next Time: Someone gets a shock

Hope you didn’t get bored reading that.

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Chapter 7:

Jack slowly woke up from the sun shining through the window, from what he could see it looked like a beautiful day outside. He remembered back to last night, and what a night it had been, unless of course it was all a dream. He slowly turned around with his eyes still closed, reaching out for the space next to him. Usually it would be blank over the past week he hated waking up and realizing she wasn’t there, but this time she was. He opened his eyes when he had realized that Martha was sleeping peacefully next to him.

Last night might have been one of the best nights of his life, he didn’t expect the dinner to go so well, knowing Martha she would have walked out normally but she didn’t. They had talked about their problems and he still couldn’t believe she had decided to stay over. Not wanting to get his hopes up too high, he would ask her when she woke up.

Jack hadn’t been to work in 2 days, he hated the fact he couldn’t spend them with Martha, he wished he had gotten her back earlier.

The case he was working on now, was probably the most exciting one he had done. He wasn’t going to give up until he had found out who was framing Drew and who was after him. Now that Peter was gone, Jack felt like he was one of the top officers there and if he was to succeeded on this case, he would prove that to his boos.

The case meant so much to him and he hoped one day he could a detective or any other high job like that and now that he had Martha his life couldn’t get any better, he hoped that things would stay this way all he had to do was put a bit more effort and he knew if he didn’t live up to his promise there was no way Martha would still want him.

He was about to get up and make breakfast when he heard Martha call him.

“Jack” she said as she opened her eyes realizing where she was, she turned around to face him.

“Morning” he replied as he used both of his arms to pull her in closer. Martha snuggled up to his chest she felt so warm. Jack kissed her slightly on the cheek.

“How did you sleep?” he asked her.

“Pretty well actually, I haven’t slept this well in ages” she replied, that was true most of her night she couldn’t get to sleep until mid night, she was too busy thinking about Jack and their problems.

She also thought back to last night, had she given in to easily, Jack had promised her he was going to put in more effort, but was that really enough to make everything to go back to how it was before. She didn’t know what had come over her last night, how could she have run back to Jack as soon as he apologized and how could she have known this was going to work.

Jack leant down looking at her and smiling, she then realized why she had done this. She missed him and her life without him sucked. She had been waiting for this day for ages, waking up in his arms.

“Maybe it had something to do with the person you slept with” Jack joked. Martha laughed along.

“Possibly” she replied giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

Jack smiled down at her. “I’m so glad to have you back” he told her, wanting her to know how much he had missed her.

“Me to” she replied. “Do you have work today?” she asked him, hoping the answer would be no.

“I do” Jack said he watched as Martha’s smile turned into a frown. “But I don’t start till 12 and my shift finishes at 6, so when I get back what about we go down to the beach” he asked her, trying to make her happy.

“Sounds like a plan” she replied cheering up a bit.

“Good, I’m going to go and make breakfast” Jack told her.

“Not yet, stay a bit longer” Martha pleaded, moving her self so that she was lying on top of Jack, before he could reply Martha had captured his lips with a kiss.


“Morning Constable” Lara said from her table, she watched as Jack walked into the station looking a bit happier than usual “You look happy” she commented.

“I am more than happy” Jack replied placing his bag on the table and taking a seat. “It’s actually good to be back at work, what did I miss?” Jack asked.

“I’ll let McGrath tell you that, he wants to see you in his office” Lara said before focusing her attention back onto the computer.

Jack thought for a while, why would he want to him. Was there something wrong or had he done something wrong, there was only one way to find out.

He reached the door, waiting for McGrath to let him in and there he stood right at the door, Jack knew something was up and it wasn’t good.

“Sit down Constable” McGrath told him. Jack slowly took a seat opposite to him, afraid of what he was going to say.

“Where were you last night and the night before that?” he questioned him

“Umm…I was busy” Jack replied trying to remember what he had done, but why did this matter they were his days off.

“So I’m guessing that you didn’t hear that Drew got knocked over the head again and that he is in hospital” McGrath replied. Jack looked shocked, how could this have happened and yet no one told him, Jack thought he was the one working on the case, but he hadn’t been informed.

“What how come you didn’t call me, or how come I wasn’t told” Jack asked still in shock

“This is my point Constable” McGrath said razing his voice. “We did try to call you, like 10 times there was no answer, I thought you wanted to work on this case, but I guess I was wrong you let the kids life hang on the line.” He finished off.

Jack remembered back to the previous nights. He also remembered turning of his phone when he wanted to speak to Martha, he knew she hated it when they got distracted from work so he turned it off, but he hadn’t realized that they had called him. Last night he also remembered turning of his phone before Martha came to dinner, he had forgotten to turn it back on.

“I didn’t know” Jack replied, unsure of what to say.

“You didn’t know, that just makes it all better does it Constable? You are supposed to keep your phone all at all times you know how important this case is, Drew could have been killed” McGrath said razing his voice once again.

“I wasn’t working couldn’t you have gotten other people to do it instead of me, it was my 2 days off” Jack protested.

“We had no other officers, we sent Lara down but we needed more. You know that the rest of our police officers are currently working in the city” he replied.

“So who helped out then?” Jack asked.

“Well we had to ring a couple of them at the city to come back down to work here” McGrath replied.

“That would have taken ages for them to get here” Jack said.

“This is what I am saying, we had to wait four hours to have more police officers while it would have taken you about 2 minutes to get here” McGrath yelled at him.

“I..I’m s-“Jack was about to speak but was cut off.

“Constable you are of the case” McGrath stated.

“No, what you can’t do that” Jack said defensively.

“Why? What’s stopping me, why would we need you around if you aren’t willing to help, this is not like a meeting or some easy job Jack, peoples lives are in danger everyday” McGrath replied. “Now go, you will be doing paper work, till further notice” he added.

Jack stood up unable to speak, he returned back to his office not speaking. How could this go so wrong, he couldn’t blame McGrath for taking off the case, Jack had stuffed up badly. For all he knew Drew could have died, yet Jack was too concerned in his own problems to consider any of it. So much for becoming a detective Jack said to himself as he began to pick up a file.


“Hey your home early” Martha said as she walked in to the house. Jack was sitting down on the couch and wasn’t in his work uniform.

“Yeah, um I finished everything I had to do so I came home early” Jack lied; he had made a decision not to tell Martha about loosing the chance to work on the case. He wondered how she would react if she found out. The only reason Jack had turned of his phone was so that he could try to talk to her and to get her back, would she feel bad for what she had done if she knew that he had lost the case. He decided not to risk it, he had just gotten her back and wasn’t about to loose her.

“Are you ok?” Martha questioned him.

“Yeah I’m fine, juts a bit tired” he replied not looking at her.

“Aww, poor Jack” she said as she made her way over to him, placing herself on his lap, leaning down onto his chest. Jack used his hands to adjust her so that she was looking at him.

“How was your day?” he asked her, he would do anything as long as they didn’t talk about work.

“Yeah it was alright, I went over to Sally’s and look what I got” she said pointing over to the bags

“Does this mean your back living here?” he asked her hopeful.

“Yep” she nodded. Giving him a kiss on the lips.

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Ok well this fic is going to have more than 10 chapters, maybe somehwere around 15. I will be updating my other fic soon aswell. Here's the next chapter


Chapter 8:

Jack and Martha were walking along the beach; Martha had to practically drag him along. He was so lost in his own thoughts to think about anything else. How could this have happened, only if had kept his phone on it was one simple thing and he stuffed it up, which resulted in loosing a very important case. If he didn’t try and get Martha back he would still have the case, but he didn’t regret any of it

“Jack” Martha said, waving her hand in front of his face, she wasn’t sure if he was listening or not. Ever since he had come back from work, he was different more quieter than usual, and that wasn’t the Jack she knew, there must be something wrong she thought.

“Jack” she tried again, she let go of his hand which caught his attention. “Off with the fairies again?” she questioned.

“Huh?” Jack asked, he had just figured out Martha was trying to talk to him.

“Oh my god” Martha replied. “Forget it” she added, he obviously didn’t even bother to listen so why was she going to try. She stepped away from him.

Jack suddenly felt bad, he shouldn’t be like this, what was he thinking. If he continued acting like this Martha was going to leave for sure. So he was going to forget about his job for now.

“Come here” he said pulling her in. He placed his hands around her waist while she leant on his shoulder. “I’m sorry” he finished off.

“Are you sure everything ok?” Martha asked not convinced there was something definitely up, Jack just wouldn’t tell her.

“Everything is fine, don’t worry” he said kissing her on the cheek, Martha wasn’t going to push it anymore if there was something up, Jack would tell her.

“I was over Sally’s and she had told me what happened to Drew, poor guy did you know?” Martha asked him; since Jack was working on the case he would no more information.

Jack tightened his grip around Martha, “Umm yeah I did” Jack replied, not wanting to go into detail.

“Wouldn’t they have called you if anything like that came up?” Martha questioned him.

“Yeah I guess” Jack replied.

“You guess? Jack I thought this case was important to you, You always talked about becoming something more, I would hate to ruin it for you, I would feel so bad, I think anyone would since they all know how much you love your job” Martha joked.


The words “I would feel so bad, I think anyone would since they all know how much you love your job” were stuck in his head, he was so glad he didn’t tell Martha about it all


“I’m off to bed” Jack replied, he wasn’t in the mood for staying up, he kind of realized Martha knew something was up, but if he didn’t say anything she wouldn’t know. Things were just adjusting to how they were before, that’s the way he wanted them to be. “You coming?” Jack asked her, as he lifted himself from the couch.

“I don’t know, I might” Martha smiled at him. Jack picked her up from the couch and placed his arms around her.

“Well now you are” Jack said, placing kisses over her neck.

“No arguments there” Martha replied, he sure was in different mood now.


Next couple of days had gone past quickly, Martha had Jack and that’s all she wanted. Things were starting to become better, expect for one thing. Jack was still unhappy. Martha had no idea why, she didn’t know what she had done wrong, or what was the problem.

Over the few days she had tried to ask him what was wrong, but he always replied with the same answer “Nothing I’m fine” that’s all she managed to get out of him.

After work, he would get home and sit on the couch, every time Martha asked him about work or anything else he changed the subject, sure she was happy how things were going, but if Jack wasn’t happy then there would be something she needed to do.

“Hey” Jack said as he arrived home, work had been boring over these days; it was only paper work, nothing exciting and nothing new.

“Hey how was work” Martha asked giving him a kiss on the cheek. Jack wrapped his hands around her pulling her closer.

“It was ok, I’m just tired” Jack replied trying to change the subject. He really wasn’t tired all he did was sit at his chair in his office; it was more boring than tiring. Martha was sick of the same answer every day; she pulled him down onto a chair.

“Jack what’s wrong and don’t tell me it’s nothing” Martha asked. Jack looked up at her.

“But it is nothing” Jack replied.

“No it’s not Jack you seem un happy every day have I done something wrong?” Martha asked.

Jack grabbed her hand and pulled her down on his lap.

“No you haven’t, don’t worry about me” Jack replied.

“Jack I can’t, is their some kind of problem?” Martha asked him, trying again.

“Martha what’s with all the questions” Jack asked her. She stood up from his lap turning around.

“I just want to know what’s up, you seem so different Jack, over these couple of days you haven’t been yourself” Martha said raising her voice.

“So what I can’t always be happy” Jack snapped back at her.

“No that’s not what I meant, I-“Martha began but Jack cut her off.

“Martha I’ve been putting in an effort, coming home early, spending more time with you and yet still there’s always something wrong” Jack replied. He stood up from his chair and headed for the door.

Jack had been putting in an effort, and things did change for the better, but that wasn’t the problem something else had been bothering him.

Martha walked over to the couch, picking up the pillow she held it tight, as a tear fell on her cheek.

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Chapter 9:

Jack had gone to the surf club, to clear his head. He accidentally bumped into his dad. Tony always knew when something was wrong, so Jack had no other choice but to tell him.

“Well just tell her Jack” Tony stated simply, he didn’t see why Jack had kept this from Martha for so long.

“I can’t, the only reason I turned of my phone was because I was meeting up with her and because I wanted to talk to her, she hated the fact that I was always called up by work I don’t want her to think I’m blaming her, she doesn’t need this right now, I just got her back and I don’t want to loose her” Jack explained, Martha just wasn’t that simple.

“Oh and this is going to fix it Jack, keeping it away from her, I’m sure she will understand” Tony replied.

“Yeah and what if she doesn’t” Jack asked, he wanted to think of all the consequences before he had actually told her.

“Well convince her that you don’t blame her” Tony replied. Jack went silent; he had to think about this.

“Its only work she doesn’t need to know it’s not something important” Jack suddenly said.

“Jack of course she would want to know, she’s your wife and you have to tell her” Tony replied.

“I don’t know dad” Jack said.

“Well you don’t want to loose her right?” Tony questioned him.

“No I don’t” Jack replied firmly.

“Well then your risking it here, Jack she wants to know, she cares about you, if you keep this up the same mistake will happen again” Tony explained to him.

“I guess your right” Jack replied, giving up. What his dad said made total sense, he didn’t want to loose her Martha and if he kept hiding things from her it wouldn’t work for them.

“Thanks dad” Jack said as he stood up from the bar.

“Anytime” Tony smiled as he watched his son leave, he just hoped he would make the right decision.


Jack slowly opened the door quietly, it was quite late and Martha would have probably been asleep by now, unless she had left him once again, he hoped that she was still there.

He had made a decision to tell her all of it. He was going to leave it now and tomorrow when he arrived home he was going to tell her, he didn’t want to loose her.

He had already lost the most important case he had ever worked on and he wasn’t about to loose the most important person in his life.

He slowly opened the door, noticing Martha was still in there he smiled to himself. He had felt bad for snapping at her like that, he knew how much Martha hated it when he yelled at her, he hated it as well but he had no idea why he done it..

He noticed Martha was still awake. Her head was placed on one pillow and she had even stolen Jack’s pillow and was hugging it her arms. Jack chuckled to himself. He then looked closely at her and could see she had been crying.

He slowly closed the door behind him, Martha still didn’t turn around to face him, she couldn’t.

Jack got changed quickly and walked over to the other side climbing in, he hoped Martha wouldn’t kick him out and make him sleep on the couch, but if she did he wouldn’t be surprised.

He watched as Martha unwrapped her arms from the pillow and placed it on Jack’s side where she had taken it from. Jack smiled to himself placing himself so that he too was lying down.

As soon as his head met the pillow, Martha quickly moved towards him, snuggling in his chest. He felt as tears fell from her eyes onto his chest. He couldn’t help but comfort her. He placed his hand around her pulling her in closer.

“I’m sorry” Martha managed to say, she felt bad about everything, Jack didn’t deserve to be treated like that, he had been putting in such an effort for the past couple of days and she didn’t even appreciated it.

“No, I’m sorry” Jack replied, he used one of his hands and placed it under her head, positing her so that she would look at him. He leant down giving her a kiss.

“Don’t cry” he whispered, he hated seeing her so upset.

Martha wiped away her tears and forced a smile, Jack wasn’t angry with her.

“Do you think we could talk about this tomorrow when I come back from work” he questioned her.

“Yep, I’d like that” Martha replied giving him a smile.

Jack pulled her even closer, not wanting to ever let her go.

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Chapter 10:

Martha woke up to realize Jack wasn’t next to her. He must have gone to work early. today When they he got back, they were going to talk about it all. Martha really wanted to know what had been going on, she hoped it was nothing big.

She didn’t want to spend her whole day stuck in the house so she decided to go and visit Tash and Rob, she hadn’t really had the time to have a proper conversation with Tash and she also wanted to see Ella.

“Hey Mac” Tash said as she saw Martha at the door. She invited her in moving over on the couch so that she could sit down next to her.

“Hey, how’s Ella?” Martha asked her.

“Yeah she’s fine, just sleeping at the moment” Tash replied.

“Tash I’m sorry for everything, I have been too caught up in everything to even come and visit my best friend especially now that Ella is born” Martha explained to her.

“Hey it’s ok, I’m just glad you and Jack sorted everything out” Tash smiled at her.

“Yeah me too” Martha said sounding unconvincing.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Tash asked her putting a hand on her shoulder.

“I really don’t know” Martha let out a loud sigh


Martha had just left Tash’s place after their long conversations she didn’t know what to think. There was still something wrong and Jack wasn’t telling her, he had promised her he would, should she be getting angry at him.

She had decided to bring him some lunch at the station, after their argument last night she had felt bad. She hated arguing with him but she didn’t know how it could be solved; maybe the talk after work would sort everything out, if not Martha didn’t know if they could continue like this.

Even though Martha couldn’t imagine her life without Jack, she wasn’t ready to forget about all their problems.

She entered the station noticing Jack wasn’t there; the only person she could see was Lara. She gave out a loud sigh; he was probably working on the case.

“Hello Martha, what can I do for you?” Lara said with a smile.

“I was actually wondering where Jack was” she replied, looking around the room.

“He has gone on his break” Lara told her.

“Oh” was all Martha could reply, she was hoping she would be able to catch him.

“But he will be back in 10minutes, you can sit and wait if you want” she told her.

Martha took a seat on his chair, she would wait for him, it was only 10minutes. She was getting lost in her own thoughts when Lara distracted her.

“Jack must be annoyed when he lost the case?” Lara questioned her.

Martha froze, Jack lost the case and he didn’t even tell her. That’s why he had been unhappy all those times, but she still didn’t get it why wouldn’t Jack tell her, it was important to him so it was important to her as well. She knew how much he wanted to do well in solving this whole mystery with Drew and now he never got the chance. She suddenly felt bad for him; she didn’t blame him for acting so weird for the past days. But she still wanted to know how he had lost it.

“Uh, yeah, listen I just remembered I have to be somewhere” Martha said walking out of the station, why didn’t Jack tell her this.


She was sitting quietly on the couch, waiting for Jack to come home; she wanted an explanation to what was going on. He had promised her that he wouldn’t lie or hide things from her, she should have known better he had broken his promise before, she didn’t know why she had thought he was going to keep this one.

She had spent half an hour trying to figure out what had actually happened, how could he have lost this. He worked so hard on it and he didn’t let anything get in the way of it.

Her thoughts were distracted when Jack walked in.

“Hey” he said, leaning down giving her a quick kiss. “What’s up?” he asked taking a seat next to her.

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