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The New Year

Guest Willz

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6 weeks later after the aftermath of the 2006 finale which we saw Peter, Zoë, Colleen, Tracy and Corey died in an explosion. But life in Summer Bay is not always easy as it seems and with the local Stalwart Alf Stewart who owns the Diner and so a brand all new sign for an exciting 2007.

The Beach

Tony and Beth are walking along as they enjoy their life as Mr & Mrs Holden and it been 10 years since they first got married.

Tony: I love you Mrs Holden

Beth: I love you to Mr Holden

They both kiss each other as they continue on walking.

The Pad

Since the day Dr Armstrong arrived she has from the very first day of her arrival was held hostage, Drinking and but more than just 6 weeks ago just having her first baby with Kim in the 2006 season final.

Kim: Hey babe

Rachel: Hey I love you

They both hear Katie crying as Rachel goes to her room.

Summer Bay High

Mattie and Lucas have been through so much last year but they now decide to just stay as friends but they are more shock since the day their parents got married because they are now half brother and Sister much more to Lucas happiness.

Lucas: So what are you plans for this year?

Mattie: Um nothing but I want to drop out of school though?

The two friends both walk in their very first class for 2007.

The Bakers House

Mr & Mrs Baker are the most odd couple who seems wanting to get back together and then since Amanda tried to ruined their marriage and Dan mange to leave the Bay for 2 months since coming back in the 2006 season final.

Leah: I can’t wait to see VJ start school and Ryan staring intermediate ohh and Drew will be an yr12 boy these kids do grow fast

Dan: Yeh they do but now we got another on the way the house is a packed one, Haha

They both laugh as the kids get ready to start a fresh 2007 year.

The Pit

Since two years ago the four best friends got married on the same day, Robbie and Tasha who have one child who will be one in August and Martha and Jack who will celebrate their 2nd wedding annivertsy in June.

Jack: Hey babe

Martha: Hey to you as well I can’t wait what in store this year

Tasha: Haha same since me and Rob got one child and we decide that after Ella first birthday we might leave but in the mean time let just worry what we got coming up in the next two weeks

Robbie: Yeh ok everyone let get chopping chops and clean the house

As the four friends all clean the house and it all an exciting day.

The Caravan carpark

This house was once owned by Mr Stewart then Sal’s foster mum Pippa, but now it Sally and what she got is not much at all and since the day when Flynn Died she been feeling lonely and no one to chat with expect for her friends, Ric who dropped out of school at the start of last year and he decide that he will go to university soon, Cassie Turner who used to be a wild child but now tamed by Ric, She is now in her last year at high school since moving up a year in March last year.

Sally: Cassie please hurry up you is going to be late for school

Cassie: Ok I am just ready

Ric: Have fun guys

Cassie: Yep we sure will and have fun with Pippa

Sally: Oh Ric make sure Pippa gets ready for kindy ok

Ric: Yep

As Sally and Cassie are off to school and Ric is at home with Pippa.

The Diner

Irene and Alf have always had great friendship and but since the day and one thing that shock the bay, They kiss and now Irene is secretly married to Alf but Morag who left last year for New Zealand who she has a sister there and life for the newly weds Mr & Mrs Stewart.

Irene: Love will you come back

Alf: Of course I am just going home and then coming back

Irene felt so happy being with Alf and now that something might just come back or something might happen to either Alf or Irene.

With everyone having a great time and enjoying the sun and this year will be never forgotten as with some leaving and returning but that what 2007 have got plan this year so Summer Bay welcome to a fresh new beginning 2007. Everyone will be having big major storylines later on in the New Year and don’t think for one minute that Summer Bay will be having least dramas because I tell you it going to be a massive year for 2007 this will be updated each month and each storyline will end with a bang.

The very first update will not happen untill January 1st 2007, sorry if this too long but this one is like Bay Crush but it the oppsite, but it will finished right at the end of the year. Make sure that I don't loose this Fic ok. Sorry if there another update but Belle,Amanda and Brad are on Holiday.

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Please dont make me wait 3 months untill the next update.

I want to find out more about Rachel, Kim and the baby.


If you think three months, How many weeks are there left of term 3 and 4? (School time).

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I would love new Clothes :lol:

Desprate Housewives boxset season 2 :wub:

lol it soo exciting I can't wait to wake my sister up at 2:00am in the morning :D I am mad when iot comes to waking her up and last year I woke her up with the cat on her Pillow, I laugh when that happen, what about you?

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It nearly October now so only nearly 3 months away. oh and I planned to bring Josie back in January and also make her a main one, um there a sad fearwell to someone as I won't tell and this won't happen untill Late February/Early March 2007.

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