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Fri 15 Sep 06 - "Words Of Experience"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Words Of Experience"

(Screened in Australia on Fri 15 Sep 06 - Episode # 4275)

Brad is way emotionally holding Emily’s hand as the ambulance officers arrive.

Sally & Rachel are at the hospital to greet Brad who enters by the side of Emily, ho is wheeled in buy the ambulance dudes. Rachel waaaaay hugs brad.

Cassie (van park house) is on the phone to ric – and she appears to be V uneasy as she talks. When off phone, Alf talk to cassei about the dinner party, and macca’s new g/f.

Cassei just can’t deal with this right now – so she bails.

Cassie is standing on some rocks near the ocean, when macca comes up form behind ands surprises her.

Cassei is v concerned about what is happening, and she feels worse when macca reveals that jack was confronted him about cassi/macca.

At hospital, bread waaay cries as he talk to sally & Rachel about Emily. When Rachel brings up the subject of Emily’s wedding ring, brad insists that he DEF wants to keep it.

Brad then goes into the room where Emily was – and hugs her jacket that is at the end of the bed.

Irene, Leah, Robbie & Tash (diner) chatty about brad/Emily. Btw, Leah is holding Ella.

Robbie then surprises thenal (esp. tash_) when he says that he not want to waste anymore time – wants to get Ella christened.

When Leah & Irene had walked away, Robbie talk to tash more about the christening, although she’s not so keen on an organised religious ceremony – although she does believe in a higher power of some description.

Macca arrives at Amanda’s mansion, and colleen waaaaaay acts all maidly when he arrives.

Amanda realises that macca wants to talk to her in private so she “suggests” to colleen that she should go & clean Ryan’s room.

As macca * Amanda chat about macca/cassei, you can tell that Amanda way sympathises with macca because of her own inappropriate feeling for drew.

Colleen, of course, overhears some of this conversation when she comes downstairs (but Amanda & macca don’t know that she has).

Cassi enters diner and talks to Robbie & tash about Ella. Robbie thinks that Cassie &* ric won’t have as perfect a child as Ella (normal 1-st time parent stuff). Robbie also says that he can’t wait to record Ella’s 1-st steps, 1-=st words etc.

Cassie goes to the counter where she gets a txt message form macca. Irene thinks that it’s from ric of cse (Irene merely heard that txt msg beep though). Cassie instantly deletes that message.

Brad goes to the cliff top where Emily passed away. He is waaaaaaaaaay, way distraught.

Sally, kimmy & Rachel (bachelor pad) are talking about how brad will cope with all of this.

Brad enters, and thanks sally for a comment that she made (about how brad will cope) as he entered. He says that she explains his current feeling much better that ever could. Sally insists that she could do that because of her experiences with Flynn.

Brad then shocks Rachel and co – by saying that he is going to bail form the bay.

Rachel tries to convince brad to stay but he is V keen to bail - too many memories here.

Sally joins brad at THAT clifftop, and also tries to convince him to stay.

When that fails, she give him the letter form Emily.

After sally bails, brad opens the letter and (as usual) we hear Emily’s voiceover as brad reads letter.

She knows that he wants to bail, but insists that all the friends that he has in the bay WILL way help him through this difficult time.

Brad is once more an emotional wreck by time he finish reading letter.

Colleen returns to the van park house, and colleen tells his about macca & Amanda’s chat about macca’s new g/f seeing him “on the side”. Alf is now way suspicious.

Macca & cassi are talk on the rocks when Alf just happens to start fishing nearby. Although Alf is reasonably far away, he can hear their discussions (as their voices are carries on the wind).

Later, on the beach, Alf approaches macca (who is alone). Alf confronts macca about Cassie – Alf wants to know what is going on (end of ep)


Martha walks out on Jack, and it looks like Drew/Amanda are getting R serious

It’s A Designer Label

GOLD – Cassie’s white * blue (with floral motifs) singlet top/pink tracksuit pants combo

SILVER – Amanda’s green halter neck top

BRONZE – Rachel’s apricot low cut top/sleeveless black jacket combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Tasha’s White spaghetti strap top; Leah’s yellow singlet top; Irene’s maroon (leafy motif) blouse; Brad’s black leather jacket

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