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Thurs 14 Sep 06 - "Nicely Understated"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Nicely Understated"

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 14 Sep 06 - Episode # 4274)

Bard & sally arrive at hospital. Rachel tells that that Emily only has hours to live. Rachel says that although Emily hasn’t been told yet, Rachel suspects that Emily knows.

When brad &b sally enter Emily’s room, she INDEED has worked out for herself (that she not have long to live).

As jack (bachelor pad) prepares the food for tonight’s’ dinner party, Martha is sceptical that something will go wrong.

Kimmy then answers the phone, and gets that bad news about Emily form Rachel.

Emily (hospital) starts talking to brad about a dream Italian holiday that she wishes that she was on. She continues by saying tat she’d loved to have been with child soon, with a daughter named Gertrude, although Emily rejects Brad’s thoughts about naming their male child Roy (she thinks that they should call their dog that (Roy) name.

Rachel is heartbroken as she listens in to hearing Emily/.brad lovingly chat.

Cassie & alf (van park house) talk about Emily and how sally will cope when she is gone.

Macca enters, and asks Alf for spare key to the toilet block. When Alf is out of the room, macca tries to kiss Cassie, but she resits, insisting that she is NOT going to chert on Ric behind his back.

Cassie wonders if macca is going to the dinner party, and he says that she is (she is too) as it would look suspicious if they don’t.

Alf re enters the room, and give macca the key. Thankfully, macca isn’t standing close to Cassie when Alf does this.

Colleen (diner) is pleased when Martha says that jack is doing on the coking for the dinner party tonight. Martha is just there to get something for dessert.

Macca enters and although colleen thinks Martha is wearing perfume, Martha realises that it’s macca who is wear aftershave. Martha drags it out of macca that he has a new g/f (macca of cse lies with the truth).

Sally (hospital) enters Emily’s room. Brad tells her that Emily has just drifted off to sleep. Brad gets waaaaaaaaaaaaay emotional, and sally gives him a comforting hug. Emily wakes at the moment, and she looks pleased that brad is in good hands.

Alf (van park house) notes that Cassie is wearing lots of perfume as she is about t go to the dinner party. Cassie then bails.

Tash, Robbie, Cassie & macca arrive at bachelor pad. Martha is intrigued that macca & Cassie arrived together – but they insist it’s coincidental.

Talk then turns to Emily – Martha & co asks kimmy what’s going on.

Emily (hospital) asks brad to get her fave book form their place. Sally offers to do so, but Emily insists that brad must do it.

When brad has bailed, Emily gives sally a letter which sallies is to give to brad (after Emily passes) when she feels that brad is ready for it.

Emily waaaaaaaaaaay asks sally to look after Brad.

At the dinner party, macca describes the new girl in his life – buoyed on by the likes & Robbie &Martha. Jack sees tat Cassie is uncomfortable.

Bard (hospital) & Emily are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay emotional as brad reads a passage from Emily’s fave book.

Rachel is clearly way affected to (as she turns to Kimmy for a BIG hug).

Outside the bachelor pad, jack confronts macca about Cassie. Macca tells him the keep his nose out of macca;s business. Jack isn’t keen to lie to Martha (until Ric returns and Cassie tell him what’s happening).

Alf (van park house) and colleen talk about Emily.

Colleen then comets about macca’s new girl & “perfume”, Alf is clearly intrigued.

After everyone bails form the bachelor pad, Martha thank jack for tonight – but she insists that they will need to work everyday on their marriage – not just have these VBIG happy days every so often.

Brad & Emily (hospital) reminisce about some of the most happy times of their live, incl once driving all night to the coast to see the sunrise – and subsequently having to work that next day after geeting no sleep).

Emily tells brad that she wants to relive that wonderfulness just one last time.

On a cliff top next morning, Brad & Emily see the sunrise – and Emily passes away. (Note 1 -end of ep. Note 2 – although this lat scene was rather quick, I kinda like that they DIDN’T try to top the TOTAL & COMPLETE awesomeness of when Meg Bowman passed away, also at sunrise, on April 3, 1992 !!!!!!!)


How will Brad cope without Emily?

Alf confronts Macca (about Macca/Cassie)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Emily's grey (with pink floral motifs and frily pink collar) jumper

SILVER – Tasha's gold (delibeartely ruffled gold dress/blue sleeveless jacket

BRONZE – Robbie's white (blue floral motifs) button up shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Cassie's green normal strap dress; Rachel's white (with blue swirly rmotifs) blouse; Emily's pink woolen jumper

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